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  1. Here's the thing, we could've easily lost several games too.  Both Saints games were competitive, especially the second one and we could've easily lost the Colts, Packers, and Giants games despite having commanding leads in all three.  But, we didn't and that's all that matters.
  2. ^^^^ None of it matters.  They're the #1 AFC seed, period.  They beat the #2 seed to get to the Super Bowl.  They earned it. I'm not going to get into the business of downgrading our opponents.  We've endured the toughest road possible in the playoffs to get a crack at this Lombardi.  Let our detractors knock our opponents.  They will.  They've been doing it all season long.
  3. How did they "sneak" in?  They were the AFC's #1 seed.  I agree we're the better team, bit it's not like Denver was some wild card team that barely made the playoffs 
  4. Neither of our OTs are great against speed rushers and the Broncos have two very good speed rushers, so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried at all.  But, we all know that we're going to establish the run and force Denver to account for that and that's a big part of our plan to slow down their pass rush.  You can't pin your ears back and go after the QB when the other team is pounding the rock down your throat.
  5. Todd McShay Mock Draft 2.0

    I'll start thinking about the draft after the Super Bowl.  My ideal pick would be a DE, but a DT wouldn't completely shock me.  Our rotational DTs are old and it's no guarantee that we'll hang onto both Star and Short.
  6. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    There is no "home team" in the Super Bowl.  Sadly, the Super Bowl has become such a huge event that the vast majority of tickets are bought up by corporate interests and the wealthy.  There aren't many actual fans at the Super Bowl.  They're there for the event, not so much the two teams on the field. I will say that living out here in CO, shortly after the teams were decided, most Broncos fans didn't think they had a chance.  They were just hoping to avoid another Super Bowl embarrassment.  That tide has turned.  They're hyped now.  They're gonna be crushed.
  7. One hour before kickoff, Broncos announce Osweiler QB

    There is zero chance of that happening.  You don't ride a QB through the playoffs to the Super Bowl and then make a change.  Manning isn't playing great, but they're in the Super Bowl.  
  8. Pro Football Talk

    The people who want to discredit us will continue to invent reasons.  Prior to the playoffs, they were all saying that the Seahawks were the hottest team in the NFC and the Cardinals were the best team in the NFC.  We beat them both.  However, according to those idiots, we only beat the Seahawks due to turf conditions (even though both teams were playing on the same field) and we only beat the Cards because of Palmer's finger issue that he'd been playing with for several weeks.  After we beat the Broncos, they'll say it's only because Peyton Manning is old and over the hill.  Meanwhile, we'll be 18-1 Super Bowl champs and they can eat a dick.
  9. Looks like I'm not the only one

    There it is.  You're dressing like that to get attention.  Don't be mad about it when you get it.
  10. What is our gameplan with T.D.

    At first, I figured we might try to keep him out on short down distances when they line up heavy, but honestly I doubt it.  If he can go, he'll go.  If he isn't effective then we may try to just limit him to obvious passing downs.  Can't see him being limited in coverage, but I could see him having a little trouble holding up against the run. Then again, this is no normal man we're talking about here, it's Thomas fuging Davis.  I don't think he knows how to be limited.  He'll go until that thing snaps again and if it does he'll still finish the play.
  11. Hey! Here's some random thoughts

    I live out here in the mile high too, well I guess I live more like a mile and a half high but anyway, yeah it's our time.  I have a lot of respect for Elway, Manning, and the Broncos organization, but it's our time.
  12.'s Albert Breer: Cam Newton's origin story

    His origin story?  I don't really need nor want to know how that went down between Mr. and Mrs. Newton.  Seems a little personal.
  13. JR is paying for EVERY SINGLE Panther employee

    Well done, Mr. Richardson.
  14. Broncos Fans Saying We Aren't Ready For this Stage

    I live out here in CO and most Broncos fans I know are just happy to be there.  They're expecting to lose and hoping not to get embarrassed again.