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  1. LinvilleGorge

    The Super Bowl is going to stink. Amiright?

    Halftime is for grilling, eating, and consuming irresponsible amounts of alcohol not for watching whatever shitty halftime show they have planned.
  2. LinvilleGorge

    DB depth is looking scary

    Tweaked his hamstring. Doesn't sound serious, but those are sometimes some tricky injuries to manage.
  3. LinvilleGorge

    DB depth is looking scary

    I wish Tepper would go to Hurney and just say, "Listen, just in case it was potentially on your mind, I don't have an issue with signing Eric Reid."
  4. LinvilleGorge

    DB depth is looking scary

    Seems like OL depth and DB depth has been an Achilles heel of this team forever.
  5. Maybe he'll analyze the effectiveness (or rather, the lack of effectiveness) of playing the DBs 10 yards off the LOS against teams game planning to get the ball out quickly.
  6. LinvilleGorge

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Bell is set to make $14.5M under the tag and Brown has a cap value of $17M and neither is willing to show up to work. It'd take SEAL Team 6 to keep my ass away from work for far less than that. LOL!
  7. LinvilleGorge

    Curtis Samuel

    True story.
  8. Even the all-time greats have an off day occasionally. Even on an "off" day, Luke still had 8 tackles. Even when he's bad for Luke, he's still better than just about anyone else.
  9. LinvilleGorge

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    Yeah, ultimately the plan should be for him to learn every position so we can move him around to create favorable match ups, but part of "bringing a rookie along slowly" is not piling too much on him too early. Let him focus on one role for now and he can grow from there as his comfort level allows.
  10. In general, I strongly agree but it looks like we might have a good one in Moton.
  11. LinvilleGorge

    Score one for Eric Washington

    Oh, it's definitely a Rivera thing. We're had what, 3 different DCs? And that has remained a constant fixyute of our D.
  12. LinvilleGorge

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    A head coach and/or GM need at least three years unless there's extenuating circumstances necessitating an earlier move.
  13. LinvilleGorge

    Score one for Eric Washington

    Norman and Bradberry on the outside with Jackson at nickel? Yeah, now we're talking...
  14. LinvilleGorge

    Score one for Eric Washington

    Good first step. Now let's stop playing 10 yards off the LOS against teams that are game planning to dink and dunk us with quick hitters.
  15. I think there's a lot of truth in this. Early on, his draft picks performed really well and his bargain basement veteran free agent acquisitions were pretty much perfect Then, well... not so much.
  16. LinvilleGorge

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    The Steelers certainly seem to be imploding from the outside looking in. Their star RB is holding out, their star WR is pissed off, their OL is trashing aforementioned star RB for holding out, their QB is aging and likely already over the hill, their D just gave up video game numbers to the Chiefs... it ain't looking good.
  17. LinvilleGorge

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    We're two games into that trade. A bit early to be throwing a parade declaring total victory in that one. I'm a UNC fan, but if Trubisky doesn't start playing better they're going to miss those two 1st round picks.
  18. LinvilleGorge

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    The Steelers would love to field that offer. They'd be able to get laughs for years recollecting that joke
  19. I'd like to see the average time Ryan held the ball. For the most part, I think the ball was coming out fast enough to nullify the rush, especially early in the game when their plan was specifically to get the ball out quickly to tire our pass rushers.
  20. I'd trade Butler and next year's 1st for either Thomas or Deion Jones without hesitation, but the Saints and Falcons would laugh in our faces.
  21. LinvilleGorge

    Monday Night Football: CHI vs SEA

    LOL @ this ass clown spiking the ball like he just won the Super Bowl. Might wanna check that score and time remaining, buddy.
  22. LinvilleGorge

    Monday Night Football: CHI vs SEA

    What did he have to gain though?
  23. LinvilleGorge

    Monday Night Football: CHI vs SEA

    How is that not a safety? He established possession in the field of play and was them downed in the end zone. What in the fug was Lockett thinking either way? What possible good could've came from that?
  24. LinvilleGorge

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    LOL @ the broadcast crew stumbling over themselves to cook up excuses for Wilson.