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  1. Move from 24 to 15

    That would be a steal according to the draft value chart. Teams don't like giving away steals. #24 plus one of our 3rds gets us up in the #18 range.
  2. Move from 24 to 15

    Yep, probably our 2nd or both 3rds.
  3. There are going to be surprises, but that would be a shock. Then again, Star at #13 was a shock too but a lot of that had to do with his heart scare at the combine. There's been no such red flag with James.
  4. Is it me or has CMC bulked up?

    Pretty much impossible to tell from a single picture but I’d love it if he’s added to 10-15 pounds. 205-210 seems ideal. I know he weighed in at 202 at the combine but I’d be willing to bet that was tanked up with as much water as he could hold.
  5. Undrafted Free Agent Wish List?

    First we need to know who's gonna go undrafted... But, based on possibilities, I'll say Ricky's son Austin Proehl.
  6. Top 3 players you want in the 1st

    1. Harold Landry - best pure pass rusher in this draft IMO. He'd be a blue goose at #24. 2. Calvin Ridley - I still don't think this is realistic but evidently quite a few "analysts" do. 3. Josh Jackson - best ball hawker in this draft. We currently don't have anyone in our secondary who creates turnovers and that's what this guy does best.
  7. I very seriously doubt there are going to be any significant changes on team's draft boards between now and Thursday excluding the potential for prospects making an incredibly stupid mistake between now and then.
  8. 1. Ultimately I think we stay put. 2. Not sure who, but I think it'll most likely be a CB just based on our needs and this draft class. We still have a need at CB and there are probably four guys you could argue would be potential picks at CB at #24. I just think the odds are pretty good that the BPA on our board will he a CB when we're on the clock. 3.Based on the #24 pick alone, a third will he convinced we're Super Bowl bound, another third wi'll be convinced that we'll be lucky to go .500 and the other third will be somewhere in between.
  9. Jackson is definitely a better runner at the college level than RG3 was, but unfortunately for his NFL projection RG3 was a far more efficient passer.
  10. Surely I'm not the only person who thinks the JJ Watt comparisons are absurd. Watt had double the tackles, triple the tackles for loss, and double the sacks in two seasons at Wisconsin as Bryan did in three at Florida.
  11. Does Anthony Miller know something we don't?

    Maybe so. All I'm saying is that I've seen a lot of black people outside of NC and I've never seen any of them wearing a throwback Hornets jersey.
  12. Ludwig 3 round mock

    Truth. Everyone always makes all of these definitive statements about who will go where and every year come draft day there are surprises with some guys going well before most predicted and other guys going well after. I really like Chubb, but he's a pure power back who has a torn ACL in his medical history and doesn't add much of anything in the passing game. In today's NFL it honestly wouldn't be much of a surprise at all to see a guy like that slide to the 3rd round. A lot of teams are going to view him as a two down RB.
  13. Does Anthony Miller know something we don't?

    I can honestly say that I've literally never seen one outside of NC.
  14. Does Anthony Miller know something we don't?

    Interesting. Could mean something, probably means nothing. But, KB posted this picture leading up to the 2014 draft...
  15. It's that time of the year for me.

    You don't understand. Cam's second best passing season is his best because his "best" was a fluke.
  16. It's that time of the year for me.

    What reaction? I'll shrug and that'll be it. Then I'll hope that he becomes as good as Olsen and that we don't miss a beat when Olsen hangs up the cleats. People like you struggle to understand how real fans think. We always ultimately hope that the moves we make prove to be what's best for the team even if they're not the moves we would've like to have seen at the time.
  17. It's that time of the year for me.

    Don't confuse him with facts.
  18. What time will 24th pick be?

    Teams don't have to use the whole clock. Gettleman always made his pick VERY quickly. Some teams will use the majority of the clock, some picks will be made almost immediately, and everything in between.
  19. Taking a developmental backup #24 overall when you have a 29 year old franchise QB would be dumb as hell. You start looking for you QB of the future once your established starter is mid-30s. We should be 4-5 years away from that. I'll go with Kolton Miller as my wildcard. No one is talking about OTs for us this year for the first time in just about forever, but Matt Kalil just isn't all that great and who knows what type of contract Daryl Williams might command.
  20. It's that time of the year for me.

    Why would I leave the Huddle if Hurst is the pick? You'll leave the Huddle once you get banned when poster traffic picks back up and the mods start policing again. Of course, you'll be back again with a new user name because that's one aspect our mods completely fail at policing.
  21. It's that time of the year for me.

    Is this guy another sanjay alt? Obsessed with TEs? Check. Constantly stating opinion as fact? Check. Hung up on one topic and spams every post he can find with that opinion? Check.
  22. Reviewing this years pre draft visits

    Yeah, I think that's accurate as I recall.
  23. Its going to be a cornerback

    Historically speaking, our defense under Rivera generally protects CBs. We rarely ask our CBs to man up on an elite receiver and hope for the best. We did more of that last year and we all saw the results of that. We're probably going to have a defensive system in place that a quality rookie CB prospect could likely enjoy immediate success.
  24. Its going to be a cornerback

    I think it's highly likely simply due to this draft class. There are several CBs who could potentially fit the bill at #24. Josh Jackson, Mike Hughes, Jaire Alexander, and Carlton Davis all come to mind. That's four CBs who we could potentially draft there and all have a decent to maybe even good chance of being available. At WR, I think there's only two guys draftable at #24 and they are Calvin Ridley and DJ Moore. Given team needs above us, I don't see 23 picks being made and those guys not being taken. If one of them is there, pick him. I just don't think it's likely that one will be there. The wildcard here is Christian Kirk. There's been talk that we really like him. Do we like him enough to take him at #24? If not, do we like him enough to pass on the CBs and try to trade down and snag him a little later with one of the CBs as the backup plan? Safety? I like Reid, but he's admittedly a bit of a reach at #24. I wouldn't be mad if he's the pick, I just doubt he will be due to our organization's value on the safety position. I think there would have to be a steal of a safety available for us to take one at #24 and the only guys who fit that bill are Minkah Fitzpatrick and Derwin James. Both very well could go top 10. TE? Eh... I just don't love any of this years TEs at #24 and Olsen just made a statement that he's thinking about playing 3-5 more years. Let's say Olsen plays 3 more years. Do we really want to spend yet another 1st round pick on a guy who's going to be in a reserve role for at least his first two seasons? Let's please stop that madness. OG? We spent a 2nd round pick last year on Moton. It's time to put him out there on the field. DT? I'll fuging break something. We have Short who is one of the best three techniques in the NFL. We just signed a high level FA. We have another former 1st round pick still waiting for an opportunity. We absolutely do NOT need another 1st round DT. DE? If Harold Landry is there, I'm picking. Period. I think he's the best pure pass rusher in this draft but he probably needs some grooming and weight room time to hold up against the run. That's fine. We have the luxury of basically being able to use him as a situational pass rusher this year and then he could take over as a starter next year after Peppers retires. RB? We just spent the #8 overall pick on a RB. Enough said.
  25. Tarvarius Moore

    Reid and Harrison seem to dominate talk, but Jessie Bates, Armani Watts, and Deshon Elliott all interest me quite a bit. Probably in that order of preference.