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  1. Ironic since I honestly think there's a decent chance that Gettleman may have made it known that he'd like Rivera to can Shula and that may have played a role in why Gettleman is no longer here.
  2. The owner doesn't hire the OC, the HC does. At this point, Shula's failures are Ron's failures. He's made it clear Shula is his guy. He not only condones this, he WANTS this.
  3. No Speed On O

    CMC - 4.48 Samuel 4.31 Ed Dickson 4.59 No speed. Okay...
  4. Do they suck or have they not been coached properly and not been put in position to succeed? I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt at this point because I've long since decided that Mike Shula is fuging trash.
  5. That's why CMC and Samuel were drafted. We gave him a top 10 pick and a 2nd rounder for that exact purpose.
  6. Shula has to be fired after this. All hope is lost if he isn't. I'm almost certain all hope is lost.
  7. If Shula were to be fired...

    Rivera has already done what he always does. He blames our poor offensive performance completely on the execution of the play by the players. Shula is evidently untouchable.
  8. If Shula were to be fired...

    I'd honestly take anyone over Shula right now. The winner of a "Be the OC for the Panthers for a Day" contest on the Huddle would be a better option than Mike "2nd and 12" Shula.
  9. Gettleman warned us of what was coming in the offseason when he frustratedly said that evolution wasn't the right word for the changes that were coming. I really get the feeling that he wanted Shula gone and that may have played a role in why he ultimately got fired.
  10. Other Games Thread

    Honestly just don't care. The way we're playing right now the only teams we might be able to beat played yesterday.
  11. Exposed

    What player has performed worse than him than he has with another NFL offense? Don't worry, I'll wait.
  12. Exposed

    The offense lacks any imagination, we don't have a WR that scares anyone, and our OL is trash. And we have the worst OC in the NFL with a HC who just sees offense as that portion of the game that gets in the way of his defense.
  13. What a weird thing for Rivera to say

    Unfortunately, as long as the Panthers' organization and the NFL are financially sound and the Panthers are seen as a organization ran like a family and not a business, JR will be happy.
  14. What a weird thing for Rivera to say

    If Hurney fired Ron and Shula mid-season I'd actually be willing g to give him another shot.
  15. I'm close to being here as well. It's just deflating watching this team flail while Rivera acts clueless and Shula... well, fug.
  16. This. If he still defends Shula then he can follow his ass out the door. Tired if this fuging moron doing nothing but blaming the players for poor execution while never acknowledging that maybe, just maybe his staff had the team poorly prepared and called a piss poor game.
  17. Shula can't be retained after this one. If there's any chance of salvaging this season we have to pull the trigger mid-season.
  18. Mike Goatla Appreciation Thread

    I'm honestly not surprised that Shula is posting on the Huddle mid-game.
  19. It's getting close to the time for fans to boycott until Shula is removed.
  20. Official Panthers at Bears Gameday Thread

    Shula has to be fired and it has to happen mid-season. This is beyond absurd.
  21. Official Panthers at Bears Gameday Thread

    Sometimes you just gotta laugh to keep from crying.
  22. This game is essentially nationally televised

    Nevermind, I'm hungover and jumped the gun
  23. Samuel was one of the fastest guys in this draft. Tyreke Hill is one of the fastest players I've ever seen in an NFL jersey. Possibly THE fastest.