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  1. Daeshon Hall

    He was a prototype athlete prospect that Dave took a gamble on in the 3rd knowing it was okay if he didn't make an impact as a rookie due to the depth of our DE group last year. Let's hope he IS ready to make an impact next year.
  2. Haley fired

    Don't be surprised if Reid scapegoats someone too.
  3. Haley fired

    Yeah, Tomlin. For some reason I still had it in my head that Haley was still in KC.
  4. Haley fired

    Reid meeded a scapegoat. Kinda like when he fired McD in Philly making him available to us.
  5. As much as I love Jake, if Smitty had the luxury of playing with a legit top QB he would've put up even bigger numbers. Ot pains me to admit it, but the biggest difference between Smitty and Antonio Brown is Jake cam Big Ben.
  6. The factors you mentiomed are more important at the college level than Xs and Os. The NFL is all about Xs and Os. Every team has talent. The talent level is a lot more varied at the college level. If you can consistently lure top recruiting classes and develop that talent you don't have to be a great game day coach to consistently contend. Dabo is a great college coach. I doubt he'd translate to the NFL.
  7. Yep, who knows how much longer Saban will coach. I don't think he's said anything about even considering stepping away soon. Bobby Bowden was at FSU until he was 80. If Saban coaches another decade and Dabo keeps it going at Clemson, the number will likely be a lot higher than $15M.
  8. Much like us, the Vikings are finding success despite Remmers not due to him. In this past weekend's game he gave up a QB pressure then got a long run (I think it may have even been a TD) called back due to a blatant hold on the same drive.
  9. Drama in Steeler country?

    Might impact Mike Mitchell's status? We desperately need safety upgrades.
  10. Drama in Steeler country?

    Firing Tomlin seems insane to me especially now that so many teams have a head start on you in the hiring process. He's far from perfect but he's definitely better than most and you could do much, much worse.
  11. He's a Bama alum and they'll back up a caravan of Brinks trucks at his house when Saban retires. Not sure I'd leave either, but Bama is going to come after him HARD.
  12. Dabo is building a monster at Clemson. It'll be interesting to see how much $$$$ Bama throws at him when Saban retires...
  13. It's Quiet. Maybe a Little Too Quiet.

    The Browns would make that trade in an instant. The Panthers would be fools to do it. We know what we have in Cam. Every draft pick is an unknown risk. There's a reason why franchise QBs almost never get traded in their primes. They're just too damn hard to find.
  14. Sad..

  15. It's Quiet. Maybe a Little Too Quiet.

    With the playoffs still in full swing and lots of head coaching vacancies, the Panthers making a change at OC is hardly newsworthy at all. Rivera has never struck me to be one about fanfare to begin with and at his age and with his experience, I doubt Norv wants some red carpet type treatment. They're both seasoned pros. I think they just want to quietly get to work.
  16. This won’t happen, but if it did.....

    Even though he's a Saint I honestly feel bad for the young man. He's a good player, he's a rookie, and he blew what could ultimately prove to be the biggest play of his career. Snatched defeat right out of the jaws of victory.
  17. I won't believe that a Blake Bortles QB'd team beats a Tom Brady QB'd team in the playoffs until I see it actually happen.
  18. Sunday Divisional Round Games

  19. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    I hope the Vikings aren't pulling a Chiefs.
  20. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    So THAT'S what happened. He got knocked the fug out.
  21. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    What happened to that guy? The play was still going on and he was down and out. Not moving a muscle.
  22. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Aikman might literally start crying if the Saints keep getting rekt. This man is devastated.
  23. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    I'm quite enjoying this football game.
  24. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Mike fugin Remmers...