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  1. Not sure what to think about this...re:Davis, Hardy

    I didn't say he said it, I said he made it clear that he believes that.  Do you think Thomas Davis, Mr. Man of the Year himself, would go on record to support him and say "it's his word versus hers" if he thought Hardy did it?   Hayull no. And if he did think Hardy did it, he wouldn't have phrased it as "needs to make better decisions".  Actions like those Hardy was accused of are not decisions, they're reactions.  Choosing who to hang out with is a decision.
  2. Not sure what to think about this...re:Davis, Hardy

    Was just coming to post this. Davis makes it clear that he, with more insight and knowledge about Hardy and firsthand account of the situation than any of us, the media, or the league, believe that Hardy didn't do it, but needs to make better decisions ( aka who he spends his time with.)
  3. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Juses Crust, Frank.  adios.
  4. Panthers Get SI Cover

    Though it looks more like he's ball room dancing with the guy heh
  5. Panthers Get SI Cover

    Nice to include Trai on the cover, give our young nasty OL some love too.
  6. Tillman Most Likely Out

    I like Peanut, but this could be a blessing in disguise.  Bene's younger legs might be able to keep up with WRs better on the outside.  I saw Peanut should be the slot anyway, let him punch away at short underneath passes.  Seems he'd be more useful there than covering guys wide where his most formidable weapon isn't usable most of the time. edit: I mean when he comes back, of course
  7. Deion, I still love you, but COME ON MAN

    The Bucs have no better of a chance to beat us than the Jets, Dolphins or Bills have of beating the Patriots.
  8. The Stupid Double Standard in the Media

    The "market" in this sense is the group of people who are buying your product.  The product is the Panthers.  The people buying the Panthers are the fans of the Panthers.  Ipso facto, small fanbase = small market in regards to this discussion.
  9. GIFs from the Redskins game

    And the third gif from the bottom is just begging for tons of memes to be made from it.
  10. GIFs from the Redskins game

    Also, I hope this puts to rest the mystery of the gender of the ref Cam was clowning around with to rest lol.
  11. GIFs from the Redskins game

    Bene blowing up that screen was beautiful.  Stewart stiff arm of doom on Culliver was beautiful.  Tolbert ragdolling that lineman on the intentional safety was beautiful.  Norman not backing down from a guy that looks like he eat him, digest him and poo him out in one breath was beautiful.  Damn I love this team.
  12. Deion, I still love you, but COME ON MAN

    And like I said, if that had been his angle I wouldn't have had a problem.  But it wasn't.  It wasn't that "the odds are against a team doing it again", it was "it ain't gonna be the Panthers".
  13. Deion, I still love you, but COME ON MAN

    Yea, of course if it's either/or I'll take the SB.  But we're playing so well in every facet of the game (I guess you could argue our ST's has been merely above average overall) I truly think we have a good shot at 19-0.