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  1. Riveras Response to Giving Up Big Leads

    I don't care what Ron or anyone else said. We were sitting on our lead. Does anyone really believe our playcalling would have been the same if it was close throughout?
  2. Tampa won't be a cake walk....

    Everything about our O looked off today. The play calling was vanilla, nearly all our passing was 5-10 yards (maybe because of the pressure), the o-line was very average, etc. This was a very uncharacteristic game on O and that concerns me much more than the D.
  3. I lost A LOT of respect for Tom Coughlin

    I lost respect for him as well. No, given the circumstances, he couldn't bench OB, but he should have at least pulled him aside early in the game and chewed his ass. Him doing nothing was unbelievable.
  4. NFC South hate

    Saints, closely followed by the Saints, with the Saints slightly behind. Teams like Atlanta, D.C., Dallas and a few others are not pleasant either.
  5. PFF Showing Cam some MVP Love

    That's when you know it's time to re-think your metric.
  6. If you're worried about the Cardinals

    Those of you pointing out how they led at the half last year with their 3rd string QB may be forgetting Bersin's "contributions". Without his fug up's, we would have shut them out.
  7. PFF Showing Cam some MVP Love

    PFF says, "While Brady and Palmer may be the best quarterbacks this season...". They should have said "...the best passers this season...". Cam has been the best quarterback this season, period. No contest.
  8. NB and a true #1 WR. I know Greg O. is awesome. He would be just as awesome with a true #1 on the field. As for NB, I thought Bene played decent, but man, Colin is getting torched consistently.
  9. You and p55 both touched on what I also believe to be true. With KB, of course, we have more talent on the field. But his absence has forced both Cam and Shula to be more flexible and adaptable. The nice thing is once we get KB back, with a now better-developed QB and OC, we will be even more deadly.
  10. "[Matt Ryan] doesn't have many weapons"

    This speaks more to me about coaching quality. Our staff has done a masterful job getting the most out of some average-talent players, like Ginn, Cotch and Philly. Even guys like Dickson have contributed from time-to-time. Atlanta has enough talent to be better. Not great, but better. They just haven't been able to get the most out of what's there. We are very well coached on both sides of the ball.
  11. Has Devin Funchess earned the starting spot?

    This is one of the most ridiculous posts I've read in a while. What is this body catch  thing? Are you confusing Funchess with Philly? Or maybe you didn't like the draft pick. It's time to get over it.
  12. What are saints fans saying? - (they arent)

    It's a mini-bye and people get bored. I won't post anything, but be sure to check out the "Cam is the only undefeated QB" thread. It serves up a few gems.
  13. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    Damn. And here I was thinking we had a chance.
  14. Given the horrible officiating and the arbitrary fines and penalties handed down by RG and company, it may indeed appear they are striving for parody. I'm pretty sure though they are actually trying to achieve parity.