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  1. Gameday Menu

    omw... that was what we had the night of the Seahawk playoff game? or do you remember that night?
  2. Your favorite thing to eat when drunk

    that night was a little blurry..but i think you are right
  3. Your favorite thing to eat when drunk

    I thought it would be a bbq sandwich with ranch dressing....
  4. Let's say KB doesn't play. Who steps up?

    Or maybe even Gilbert Grape
  5. Let's say KB doesn't play. Who steps up?

    What if its DA getting the ball to Samuel??
  6. Thoughts???

    I know your being a chad, but might not be a bad idea if you can get something.....Cam might miss a few...just wait for injury report today
  7. Thoughts???

    Keep your LOL for when cam sits this Sunday we need to be on the phone with Romo....You seen what happened with the Cardinals last weekend when they brought in a veteran
  8. Thoughts???

    I got a text from a very reliable source stating Cam is hurt we are just not sure how bad.... And even if we do release Kaaya why pull up Gilbert, do we really need 3 qbs? Smells DA stats Sunday and Gilbert is the backup
  9. Thoughts???

    Farve is not coming back and if he does it is to Green Bay...Thats logic not trying hard
  10. Thoughts???

    well favre could be in consideration but i assume if and when he does come back it will be for Green Bay....and his health issues at his age were worrisome
  11. Thoughts???

    With this promotion of Gilbert made me start thinking about when Cam ran the ball and dove for the endzone....I believe he is hurt and the coaching staff knows this. With kaaya being a rookie and not knowing the play book we will need Gilbert to back up DA this sunday. So with that why dont we look at bringing in Kap or maybe even Romo....If cam needs to sit (like i suggested he sit thursday night anyway) I would really love to go grab Romo.... @rhyslloyd
  12. Gameday Menu

    @bigdog10 whats the menu
  13. we all seen the first couple of games....so i mean it wouldnt be bad plus making sure we keep him healthy.....would be a very smart move by the coaching staff