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  1. Hornets vs Magic

    we need to let Rivera take the panthers over and let him get his guys in there....Rivera is not the problem at all
  2. I know from a couple personal conversations that the players love him and that he is a great coach
  3. at his salary he needs to go...he has lost a step and cant stay healthy... we need some fresh faces around here any way
  4. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    completely agree with Wallace...if the jags resign Lee and we could get Wallce and ARob, that would be a dream off season for the WR position
  5. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    For me I think going and getting Allen Robinson as the number one would be a great move. Then for a cheap deep field threat we could get Mike Wallace... Arob Funch Wallace Samuel Olsen CMC looking better already
  6. as soon as they hire him we should promote washington to DC
  7. We dont need science to know this is not panther related
  9. Is this panther related?
  10. get Eli and put Worley at safety.....i think he could be a good one
  11. or would he be the best tackle in the league if Trai would start playing the way he can?
  12. Gameday Menu

    omw... that was what we had the night of the Seahawk playoff game? or do you remember that night?
  13. Your favorite thing to eat when drunk

    that night was a little blurry..but i think you are right
  14. Your favorite thing to eat when drunk

    I thought it would be a bbq sandwich with ranch dressing....