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  1. tarheelfan23

    I took this photo of Cam Newton

    you take a lot of pics of cam...who cares
  2. our 3rd TE is hurt.......FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK
  3. is this a personal attack? can we get a warning please?
  4. i like white pants
  5. tarheelfan23


    i dont have 20 years...i have now.... #GOAT
  6. tarheelfan23


    tear down jerry and put up tepper now
  7. tarheelfan23


    do we have the best owner in the league?
  8. he has two wrists and a throat
  9. figured you would cut Ron
  10. in before can he play LT
  11. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    classic saying.... i guess i wouldnt expect you to be original
  12. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    Nets just got the best deal of the draft..... time will tell but he is better than damn bridges
  13. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    this will be the time they get it right
  14. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    just wait until you see his name called tonight...will be a difference maker