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  1. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    ohh thats right, because every MOCK draft is right....got ya
  2. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    my guy is telling me that right now he is early second to late first...... we shall see but he is usually spot on
  3. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    hahah does a jump shot matter? MKG went where with what Jump shot? Theo Pinson will be drafted and maybe at the end of the first round
  4. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    the value where he was taken was a good pick, and I believe most would agree.... Theo is a better person than PJ.....he actually wants to make it in the league
  5. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    I think putting Theo at PG would be a great move..... and it will be going well when and if it happens
  6. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    I believe other teams will see what Theo can bring to the table and he could sneak into the late first.....
  7. tarheelfan23

    Theo Pinson

    Im starting to think Theo in the second would be a steal of a draft pick. Once he gets to the NBA and the court opens up he will be a hybrid between Rondo and Lance Stephenson.... He could potentially be our starting PG to put a long side Monk. This will help with size and defense plus Theo is a damn good passer of the ball. In the NBA he will be able to get to the rim at will, and his drive and kick ability will have Monk firing threes wide open. Thoughts??
  8. tarheelfan23

    Shaq on Charlotte: "Coach Needs to be Fired"

    i think we should hire @rhyslloyd as the hornets next head coach....heard he has a nasty J...might could teach MKG how to shoot
  9. tarheelfan23

    Hornets vs Magic

    we need to let Rivera take the panthers over and let him get his guys in there....Rivera is not the problem at all
  10. tarheelfan23

    Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    overreaction there a little bit.....we brought guys off the street last year that were pretty damn good....these are long lean INT machines that the HogFather has drafted. Lets let this play out...I have a good feeling HogFather will be getting slurped off in his nipple high shorts this time next season with this move
  11. tarheelfan23

    Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    4.37 here...but i like his start and stop ability
  12. tarheelfan23

    Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    but if we were to get Cpat he would blow all them off speed wise
  13. tarheelfan23

    Newton's instagram continues to be unique...

    can we just cut him and get it over with.......lets roll with DA
  14. tarheelfan23

    Cpat or Cobb we need one of them

    Bump......now with Cobb gone and Cpat on the block looks like things are heating up.......expect us in the conversation
  15. tarheelfan23

    Cpat or Cobb we need one of them

    rhyslloyd will you start a petition for me to become mod?