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  1. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    Cam Newton Kawaan Short Luke Turner Tre Boston TD Olsen KB Ealy Stew
  2. Arian Foster?

    where did i say sign? it was a exploratory question that could deliver good conversation about FA running backs ....instead Douche bags on here that jump at the first chance to hammer a thread....yall are more the problem than anyone else
  3. Arian Foster?

    yea, that is true...we have a great locker room and def do not want anything mess that up
  4. Arian Foster?

    should i put the beating a dead horse up for you? your the only one that keeps come back...its like an all you can eat buffet
  5. Arian Foster?

    only person cluttering anything is you coming into a thread and acting all big and bad like your some kind of message board police....... if you dont like the thread or the content pass the fug on...no one wants you in here anyway
  6. Arian Foster?

    i get that...Arian was just the first guy to pop into my head....when cuts roll around and more players are out there we could have more choices.... but adding a veteran back wouldnt be a horrible idea
  7. CPAT!!!!

    just need to wake him up....being with the panthers would be the wake up call that he needs
  8. Arian Foster?

    idc who that "kid" is this is me and i will be me....not going to change for some internet bully you are trying to be..... its ok people can have different ideas that you...you need to grow up
  9. Arian Foster?

    so basically what you are saying is this whole message board is useless? right? isnt this what fans do, talk about what we could do to make our teams better? sorry for throwing an idea out there....maybe your period will stop today and you will not be so damn moody... good day!
  10. Arian Foster?

    Maybe it does not have to be Arian, but a vet back that can help with stability
  11. Arian Foster?

    nice input to the RB discussion
  12. Arian Foster?

    there are douches in every category..... just douche and repeat to get rid of em
  13. Arian Foster?

    I could get down with that...I really liked the idea of Matt Forte but knew he would cost to much.... but i agree with you...we need to add something to have some confidence if stew were to go down
  14. Arian Foster?

    how is adding known talent to a team not knowing football?
  15. Arian Foster?

    yes he had a great year...not taking anything from him...just trying to add some stability to the backfield and a guy that can catch the ball out of the back field.....not sure how that hurts anything