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  1. excuse me, friend. Can I have a moment of your time to tell you about our new Savior, Matthew "Golden" Corral? Repent, for the dark times of the offseason is nigh
  2. What the hell am I looking at? When does THIS happen in the off season? Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that's happening now, is happening now. Go back to then! When? Now! Now? I can't Why? We missed it When? Just now. When will then.....be....now? *soon*
  3. his enthusiasm and leadership abilities will separate him from the pack. Those are two traits that Baker and Darnold simply do not have.
  4. Maybe the real Baker Mayfield was the online arguments we had along the way.
  5. If absolutely nothing else....that first game vs. the Browns would be instant "must-see tv." Like how does that not get bumped to Prime Time? I'm really conflicted on this. A lot depends on what we would give up for him, what happens with Sam (see ya) and how my dude Corral progresses. I'm not ready to riot....because I think that Baker would instantly give us the 2nd best QB in the NFC South. And this is behind a completely revamped O-line, with a healthy CMC. The only way I get pissed at this is if we give up anything higher than a 4th for him.
  6. Best case scenario for us is that Corral comes out and lights it up during TC and preseason. Erase all doubts. I'm preparing myself for the absolute worst case scenario though, because that's the Panthers Way.
  7. just don't give up any better than a 4th round pick. I don't care about the cap space. FFS if we hadn't drafted Corral I would be on board with Baker. Now my dude is 3rd on the depth chart and never gets a chance to shine this season. Package Robby Anderson in the deal too. If you can somehow trade Darnold away (highly unlikely) you obviously do it.
  8. yeah the Corral one is personal hahaha. He's my dude. Like I still feel like this is a fever dream and we are still a week before the draft, I can't believe he's a Panther and we snagged him in the 3rd. I haven't gone balls deep and bought a jersey, but its coming...
  9. There are lots of "ifs" still, but I do like his style. If Icky and Corral hits, all doubts are evaporated
  10. Sorry I'm late to the poo slinging fest, but here's why I voted "yes" (besides the fact that I'm already stoned) I like Scott Fitterer and his last two drafts. I like the wholesale assistant coach changes we made this year. If Icky and Golden Corral "hit," then we just got our LT and QB for the next decade. I like that Matt Rhule's leash was severely shortened. Should we have already fired him? Probably. But screw it lets give him one last shot before we pull the plug. Tepper as a person is what rubs people wrong. He talks when he's not needed and when he's needed, he's no where to be found. He effed up royal with the Rhule hire....but who here doesn't have an ex that they just about immediately regretted asking out hahahaha. Bring back the grass field. Stop effing with "Keep Pounding" and whatever few traditions we actually have. Figure out the practice facility stuff. Most importantly JUST WIN, BABY. wins cure everything. and more of ya'll should chill out and take a puff. It's the freakin offseason and watching Panthers fans fight each other is about as cringe as watching Star Wars fans fight each other. (yeah I went there)
  11. I REALLY wish Baker would go to the Seahawks just so we can finally put all of this behind us. And the 49ers would be fools to let Jimmy G go, especially given what people are saying about how Trey Lance has progressed. This clickbait Baker bs needs to end.
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