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  1. Can Cam be a good backup though? Dude has been so used to being "The Man" since dominating at Auburn, can his personality and ego take the hit of not being a starter? It's unknown territory. I mean he's been on the sidelines with a clipboard before....but that was because of injuries. I'm not questioning if he's a good teammate (plenty of evidence he was always good to the squad) but can the dude handle being demoted?
  2. what'll it cost, man? what'll it cost?!? a box of these.... (why do I always get a warped one?!?)
  3. Robbing the Texans with that last 3rd was just the icing on the cake. Have we completely made up for the Darnold trade? Does anyone care about that 2nd anymore? We are playing with monopoly money now. Everything has changed. And we fought that change at first because getting effed in a 2nd round trade is built in to our muscle memory. And then the results started coming, and the picture came together like a Bob Ross Saturday afternoon special. My God. Its beautiful.
  4. bah hahahahaha I never said that Ole Miss academics were worth a poo. D'oah!!!
  5. Elisha Moore is a freakin' burner. Put that dude in the slot and he is an immediate threat. With DJ and Robby on the outside, Moore could do a LOT of damage vs linebackers and safeties. Here he is vs. South Carolina last year with a 91 yard touchdown bomb (the play was so good that Lane Kiffin threw his clipboard 30 feet and took off running down the sidelines while the ball was still in the air...) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w1qWaBXd_Q ....and yes I went to Ole Miss so pardon my homerism ....also I personally apologize for both Greg Little and Greg Hardy (maybe we shouldn
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