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  1. Slot WR?

    its cool man....just keep it up...you can be big and back on the keyboard.....
  2. Slot WR?

    and i feel like you try to come in here with your virtual big dick and try to bully people around....back the fug up...aint happen here bro
  3. Slot WR?

    i really feel like "YOU ARE" the bad on
  4. Slot WR?

    ur is not a word....and whats vertical mean?
  5. Slot WR?

    it does when your broke
  6. Slot WR?

    those are good...but i am low carb atm
  7. Slot WR?

    whats english?
  8. Slot WR?

    your a racist fuger......
  9. Slot WR?

    The HogFather himself is here
  10. Slot WR?

    but i really like the voices...they are nice to me
  11. Slot WR?

    Hartline is a bad dude....he would bring toughness to our team
  12. Slot WR?

    Thats just over kill and really not necessary at all. I am just choosing logical options to make our panther team better
  13. Slot WR?

    i guess its possible
  14. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    Cam Newton Kawaan Short Luke Turner Tre Boston TD Olsen KB Ealy Stew
  15. Slot WR?

    with the release of brian hartline today do you think we could give me a look? he could be are hard nose slot WR that cam could use for a safety blanket...and always a plus is he is a white WR