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  1. doghead28 added a post in a topic Training Camp   

    Thanks guys
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  2. doghead28 added a post in a topic Aside from LT, we dont have a single weakness on this team right now.   

    LT is the obvious position. I'm concerned about Short and Lotolulei if their problems persist that is going to be a huge problem. Safety could be issue also. I am overall excited about the team though. If they can stay healthy this team can be pretty dang good.
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  3. doghead28 added a post in a topic Running behind Trai Turner...   

    Trai is a beast. I'm excited at what Gettleman is putting together.
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    Training Camp
    Taking my nine year old son to his first training camp practice Sunday. He is pumped and hoping to get some autographs. Is there a good chance he will get an autograph or do I need to kind of gently get him mentally prepared for the fact he may not get one? I could care less about getting one but when you are a nine year old boy it can be the world to you, any tips appreciated.
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