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  1. Stats are for losers. 
  2. Welcome back man, your spot on observations are welcomed leftovers.
  3. Yes, as was most of the guys signed that year.  I'm sure Ron and Dave knew it was a temporary, meaning one year, fix.  It just was more temporary than was expected.
  4. They weren't.  Most don't get that.  You pick the best you can afford to hold down a spot until you either draft or are able to sign a longer term starter.   I think Fat Bastard has done a tremendous job plugging holes as he goes.  It's a process.
  5. I hope he can hold up cause this defense needs a good nickle corner badly now that Tillman is sidelined.  Jones is a good backup safety but is in over his head covering the slot.  Our opponents now know this and will attack us relentlessly until we shore it up.  I'm hoping mighty mouth can back up his talk on the field or this undefeated streak will be short lived.
  6. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Getting ready for Arizona and/or Seattle in the playoffs I see.  Shrewd move by Fat Bastard to bring in more DB help and get him acclimated to our system just in time for a deep playoff run.  
  7. Matty Ice is melting....

    Matty Melt.
  8. Along the Sidelines - The book

    Put me down for one!
  9. friday morning schadenfreude

    Coleman hit Witten in the chest, that's why they didn't call it.  He did leave his feet and it was very close to being a helmet to helmet shot but it was by rule a clean hit although on the razors edge of a penalty.  I was surprised it wasn't called a foul anyway.
  10. A Proud Mother

    That's her baby, of course she's proud.  Great photo by the way!
  11. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    Right in the feels.  Davis Sr. is a man among boys.  
  12. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    WTF!!!  How do you not put the bong down after you have been caught before dude?  He gone.
  13. Tillman Most Likely Out

    With who signing?  Did I miss something?
  14. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    The Bills are getting job in this game.  Expect the Panthers to get the same treatment Thursday.