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  1. Head Scratchers in the Draft

    Moving up to draft a kicker in the second round. That was a humdinger!
  2. Offensive Line

    There was not an OT in this draft that can handle Von Miller. Nor is there one in FA so please spare us the whinning. Remmers or Williams will do for now until we find exactly the type of Tackle they are looking for.
  3. Offensive Line

    Who knows, Dave will address it the best he can like always. I ain't even worried. The godfather got this.
  4. Show Of Hands...Who Loved This Pick...?

    I neither loved nor hated it. As Dave puts it these guys don't come out ready to go from the jump anymore. They all take time to develop so thinking you have a stud or a bust on media grades is nothing but idiot banter. It takes at least a season or two to know whether the player will be valuable to the team or not.
  5. The only thing I'm calling out is the idiot bitching that is going on in here. I'm not throwing out anything, you're assuming history is a guarantee that the situation will play out that way. I'm just questioning that logic. And apparently your biased view can't accept that.
  6. Again, what has normally been the case does not equal what will happen. Because Dave didn't want to assume things will play out as "recent history" would indicate does not mean he fuged up. That is your opinion and only that. It was a choice that does not cripple the team in any form or fashion. You're just bitching because he didn't make the same choice you would have.
  7. That has absolutely nothing to do with the contract negotiations between Norman's agent and Dave. You can't assume it will be the same. To do so is only speculation and a gamble that Dave apparently was not willing to take.
  8. I'm not the one on here stating my opinion as fact. I have no knowledge of exactly how the negotiations were going so it would be idiotic to speculate one way or the other. The only facts we know are that Dave decided that it was in the teams best interest to move on and not drag this out any further. End of story.
  9. You know this how? Are you his agent?
  10. I didn't know we had so many scouting experts on this board. You YouTube scouts make me laugh. The arrogance of some you amaze me to proclaim one way or the other anything about any of these prospects.
  11. Hardy wasn't thrown under the bus, he stepped right out in front it himself. Stop blaming everyone else for Greg's inability to control himself and his choices.
  12. Norman was not under contract! Stop spreading misinformation! He didn't sign the damn tag and I'm sick of seeing this bullshit spewed in every thread complaining that Dave could have forced Norman to play here this season. Enough with the crap, he's gone, get over it. Secondly, all of you critizing these picks please give us your qualifications as a college scout. How many years have you been evaluating players for NFL teams? If you're not a scout please spare us all your bitchfest.
  13. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    Anderson considering retirement maybe?
  14. That's my QB..

    NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!!!!!! More please.
  15. Your final predictions (#30)

    You'll have to ask someone else about the technical poo around here. I had to beg him to take my money to be All-Pro a few months ago because I had trouble signing up myself. Think he's filtering out the riff raff or something.