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  1. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Biz is a free agent   

    This. And, if we knew we weren't going to be extending it to him, why not trade the guy? Clearly he has a valuable skill for the league so at least try to get a return on your bad investment.
    That's two top ten picks gone in the span of a couple weeks. If this doesn't work out, we are so low on young assets at this point that when Cho gets the boot we should be deconstructing back to the infamous 7 win season again.
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  2. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    Winslow fits perfectly with what the Heat are trying to do in replacing Deng. In this system, he'd be playing out of position and be stuck behind Batum. Had we known Justise would be there, the Batum trade probably doesn't get made.
    It's all a matter of where the franchise is in the rebuilding process. I really think winning the ASG is what changed this whole process. All of a sudden "just be flexible and keep your potential high" turned into needing to make up for lost time.
    Ironically what ended up happening last season is the fanbase began accepting that we had bad luck with injuries and the like that led to last season and held on to the fact that we still had flexibility. Had we wound up with an "all in" roster like this last season we'd all be stoked!
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  3. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Biz is a free agent   

    Acquiring players that can actually play offense. Cliff can scheme to minimize defensive inefficiencies. He can't make Biz catch those entry passes.
    Frees up 4 million dollars. Dump Cody and Marvin and go after Trillsap.
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  4. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Greg Monroe meeting with Hornets...   

    This thread is the thread Charlotte deserves, but not the one it needs right now...
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  5. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    The whole idea surrounding trading MKG on draft night was under the assumption that we were still trying to get up to pick 4 if D'Angelo Russell fell in the draft. No one on the team is untouchable IMO but if we give up MKG we better get a surefire All-Star in return.
    Where the pick is on the board and the ultimate impact of the player is irrelevant if the draft isn't very good as we saw in both the 2012 and 2013 drafts. Past Davis, you could argue MKG has made the second greatest impact to his team in that draft, since without him we would be right there with Minnesota and Philly.
    Rich Cho's drafts to this point outside of the Kemba pick were built off the promise of the best potential available and look where it got us. Unfortunately, time is running out. The ASG is coming and Curry is going to be a free agent in 2017 on a championship caliber squad. We can't wait around for that potential that may never show itself.
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  6. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Greg Monroe meeting with Hornets...   

    Not sure how this would work unless we shipped out Al, since Monroe would be looking for money similar to what Al is making this season. We would be getting the best player in the deal, so you're looking at shipping out another asset for the future.
    I understand trying to reshape the roster and getting proven players over potential, but this and the Batum move will box us in to having to overpay two borderline all-stars and put us right back on the 2010 treadmill unless we just let all these players walk in 2016.
    The only positive I guess is that between this and the Kaminsky pick it sure seems like we are looking at life post-Al Jefferson.
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  7. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: The Reason we didnt trade with Boston   

    They broke this down on the radio this morning and it made sense.
    Sullinger following the Hornets that afternoon was no coincidence, and our backing out at the last minute is why Ainge decided to direct his anger our way in his press conference instead of all the other teams to which he allegedly offered the deal.
    If a trade was agreed upon to the point the Celtics told Sullinger he was headed this way that afternoon, there's only one way that was pulled back later in the evening: Michael Jordan is back in the GM driver's seat.
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  8. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Expectation of Batum..   

    The expectation for him is that he is the defensive stopper/do it all wing player we hoped to get out of Lance Stephenson, and he actually has a track record of doing that, unlike Lance, who we all expected to just break out despite numbers that suggested otherwise.
    The biggest thing this and the Kaminsky pick give the Hornets is the roster flexibility they haven't had in years, and that's a big proponent of why I'm hesitant to blame Clifford for the debacle last season with a roster that was flawed structurally and offensively challenged literally from the get-go. It's crazy that this might be our most complete roster since the Wallace-Jackson era, yet you'd never know it if you talked to Hornets fans after our recent moves.
    With Batum on the wing, Clifford can now move MKG to the 4 on occasion in a Draymond Green-esque role where he can defend the rim with Al or Frank down low and be closer to the basket where he excels offensively. Batum also can play the 2 and the 4 if need be, and if we wanted to go full-on defensive stopper mode, bring in Lamb/Batum/MKG for great perimeter length.
    The cult of Bismack Biyombo won't like this, but it's part of the transformation of the roster into a "new" NBA that just saw the Warriors win by running the Cavs ragged with small ball. Biz's defensive prowess is valuable, but he is so limited offensively he's almost a luxury at best with a team that has as bad an offense as the Hornets did last season. Clifford can mix and match schemes so the loss of Biyombo is minimal (he's been making a team that starts Al Jefferson into a top ten defense since he got here) but what he can't do is ensure Biz can catch an entry pass.
    With Kaminsky and Hawes, the Hornets now add perimeter threats to their big rotation to go along with the defensive combinations on the wing. If you want to see what having five offensive threats on the perimeter looks like, watch the Atlanta Hawks. Also, with Frank or Hawes not clogging the paint and pulling out the interior defense, it allows MKG or Kemba to drive to the hoop, accentuating the best offensive attributes of those two. I expect us to move on from Al and focus on having Frank as a stretch five, because Al is obviously the odd man out in these scenarios putting an emphasis on spacing and versatility.
    The Hornets have a roster that, on paper, can do some great things on both sides of the court, most importantly improving an unwatchable offense. The onus is now on the coaching staff to find the right combinations and the players to help maximize the strengths of the roster effectively.
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  9. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Okay this is bad: Boston offered 6 picks for the 9th overall pick   

    Yes. And I completely understand why we rejected it, if it was true.
    Unlike the NFL, where you have 70 or so roster slots and you win via depth over the course of the season, in the NBA, you only carry 12 guys on the roster, so by the law of averages a single draft pick has almost seven times more impact on the team performance than in the NFL. As such, you want that player to be as talented and impactful as possible, depending on where your franchise is in terms of building a team.
    In terms of the draft, typically the most impactful players lie in the first ten best players of the draft. Beyond that, the success of your pick lies in the skill of your scouting, the fit within your system, etc. This is why the lottery was instituted and why a team like Philly is purposefully trying to wind up with the best odds to be in that "impact" range every season.
    In terms of this deal, Boston spent years tearing down their championship core to get future picks in hopes of packaging them for various core assets to help their rebuild in the future. The problem is all those picks they accumulated never wound up in the typical "impact" range of assets, leaving them with a bunch of late-firsts and 2nds that built them a young and flexible roster, but ultimately one with no star power. Ainge saw an opportunity here to try and steal Winslow, the problem is he grossly overestimated the value of those picks which he accumulated, and now they're still stuck drafting role players, the fans hated the picks, and Ainge is having to try and save face by throwing the dunce cap on the one guy everyone loves to mock when it comes to management.
    If you're Charlotte, you are looking for an impact player now so you can have a decent team on the floor by the time the NBA and the world descends on the city in 2017. I hate they passed up Winslow and via the trades gave up a ton of future potential, but in that sense I understand why they did it, and Kaminsky is a guy that will be able to compete from day one as opposed to any of those picks Ainge was offering.
    Saw this on Twitter, but Ainge is basically that guy offering you Fred Jackson, Mercedes Lewis, Ted Ginn and the Bengals defense in fantasy football and is upset you won't give him Adrian Peterson.
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  10. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Feelings on the Lakers pick?   

    Love it for the Lakers. Russell was the best player in the draft. And they screwed Hinkie, which is great.
    Only thing I'd caution you with is we saw the highly touted, big point guard on a bad Ohio State team in Evan Turner and look how that turned out, but I think Russell is a star. Definitely front runner for ROY right now.
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  11. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: We have Frank. Time to nickname the trio   

    Bust City
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  12. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    It's well known by now that this was a Jordan move, but he's not responsible for the selections of all the players. 
    Augustin - the story goes that we had Brook Lopez on the phone, but Larry Brown pitched a fit about needing a new point guard, so Augustin became the pick.
    Biyombo - Cho was so enamored with this guy he traded up to take him.
    Zeller - So began Cho's love of Big Ten bigs
    Vonleh - see Zeller
    The franchise's futility in the draft owes as much to Jordan as it does to the folks he hired.
    Look at JR's record before and after he hired Gettleman.
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  13. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    The Knicks have Carmelo Anthony and at one point had Amare Stoudemire before his knees gave out.
    The best player this franchise has ever had came from the expansion draft and had one all star appearance. It's been 11 years and we're already on a 2nd owner, 3rd GM, 5th coach, 2nd name, about 5th different brand and have 0 wins in the playoffs.
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  14. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    Well I think it goes back to the whole "distraction" thing. New colors, new name, new era only lasts so long. And more than anything this is the pick when we finally realize nothing has changed, and that's why folks are so distraught.
    Never forget, the Warriors three years ago booed the heck out of Joe Lacob at Chris Mullin's jersey retirement ceremony after years of letdowns. This is our Chris Mullin jersey retirement ceremony. 
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  15. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    The reason players drop is because front offices do not know what they're doing.
    I don't remember the reaction to the Zeller selection, but I've never seen Hornets twitter this unanimously and vehemently so upset over a selection. The one thing we weren't supposed to do, and we did it.
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