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  1. What evidence is there of this "loyalty" in recent years? Other than re hiring hurney the last bad "loyal contracts" came in 2010.
  2. They most certainly knew as they would have been parties to any legal action and as business partners probably would have had to approve an organizational settlement.
  3. It is far more complicated, of course, than just increasing a minority share. Richardson's share of the team is held as a partnership which contains many incorporated entities within the partnership. The two main incorporated entities are Richardson's LLC which owns the majority share and the second LLC which is made up of the several individuals owning minority shares in different proportions. Levine appears to be the largest minority owner within the minority LLC. The Belk family appears to be the third or fourth in terms of size of minority owners, owning about 5% of the franchise.
  4. He would need to increase his share to become a majority owner. I'm assuming Richardson's kids and wife aren't going to sell their minority shares and that no other owner will sell their share either.
  5. That would make sense, Belk has been a big part of the team over the years. Sponsoring Cam, signs around the stadium at one point, etc.
  6. Smith family is the best possibility for anyone who cares about the team staying in Charlotte long term. Marcus is young and is a Panthers fan. It's unlikely he would look to move barring an unforeseen event.
  7. I don't remember reading this, but it appears as though there was smoke before the season about selling the team. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article140987518.html
  8. Pretty much this. Richardson stayed out of running the team for the most part. People will miss him if we end up with someone terrible like Jimmy Haslam.
  9. Also remember this is a guy whose own family won't even talk to him.
  10. Now I think we know why the Vikings player grabbed his crotch while standing over Rodgers after the broken collarbone hit. Dude is an arrogant piece of poo.
  11. I will never understand why the offense shuts down once they go up by more than a score.