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  1. Today's presser: Cam, Ron and Getty

    Dave Gettleman - "bup bup bup bup bup"
  2. WTF was that trick play yesterday?

    it was 10-7, 2nd down from the 50 and that is the play call.  hard to imagine
  3. probably new england vs denver
  4. Mike Remmers

    remmers is going to go down with Kasay in Panthers super bowl lore. Unlike Kasay, I doubt he will stay with the team after this performance.
  5. I hope we follow that model.  it's just very hard to do.  I'm very disappointed that we blew it last night against probably the worst offense in super bowl history.
  6. Roman Harper

    who knows if they were actually penalties since the only replays we saw were oher and remmers getting beat. I'm skeptical 
  7. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Remmers has to go and we need a defensive end.  re-sign Norman and try again
  8. The media seems to get it

    re-read and then delete your thread title please 
  9. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    make playoffs, lose.  we blew our chance.
  10. I hope DG learned something tonight

    he will just promote from another teams practice squad again 
  11. We'll be back in the Super Bowl next year folks

    yep.  Aaron Rodgers has only made it once.  Brees once, Flacco once.  It took manning 10 years to get to his first one and almost 20 to win 2.  How many teams only make it once before going through a whole cycle and having winidows close and maybe making it back a decade later.  the 04 team should be everyones example here.  we wasted a huge opportunity tonight and odds are against making it back
  12. Draft and free agency

    who cares 
  13. you guys suck.

    yeah we are all thrilled that we just lost the super bowl to a team with a high school offense.  this was a golden opportunity wasted.  who knows when or if it will ever come along again.
  14. Cam Post Game Presser

    flashback to 2012 maturity issues. I had hoped he overcame enough adversity to leave those days behind but I guess not.