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  1. Thursday night football is probably the worst idea ever. Lose half the team to injuries
  2. Packers Defense

    How does Dom Capers still have a job?
  3. I'm worried that the Packers will be very rejuvenated. They are still a big long shot for the playoffs but they have met their goal of being 7-6 when Rodgers returns. If he's back we will need our best effort to win. This defense's performance against Brees this year does not have me optimistic for their ability to stop Rodgers.
  4. What is the percentage chance of a 3 and out on our first drive of the second half?
  5. This team isn't going anywhere. Just go ahead and lose out.
  6. How much dick do they suck to require him to play so much?
  7. Lol Kevon Seymour should not even be in the league
  8. Keenum looks like Russell Wilson's bastard son
  9. Safety playing 20 yards off on 3rd and 7
  10. This little prick is slippery
  11. This looks like the Jimmy Clausen offense.
  12. Zeller out with torn meniscus

    This guy is hurt all the damn time.
  13. Hornets vs Bulls

    We have lost to a 4-20 team twice. What we are doing is clearly not working.
  14. Hornets vs Bulls

    Everyone should be traded, including Kemba, for as much as they can bring. There is no reason to continue with really anyone on this roster.
  15. Worked well for them last year and was the beginning of the end of our season.
  16. We have too much ground to make up to win the division. And the toughest schedule of the 3 teams in play by far. Tonight was a bad result if we want to make the playoffs.
  17. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    eat poo and die Payton.
  18. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    Brees doing his best Matt Ryan impression. We might be fuged for the playoffs now.
  19. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    Has anyone heard from Taysom Hill tonight? Or is his dick still in Joe Buck's mouth?
  20. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    Thursday Night Injury Fest. When will the NFL do away with this awful idea?
  21. Steelers at the End of the 1st Half

    What exactly gave you guys any indication that we would have moved into field goal range at the end of the half yesterday? It was like pulling teeth just to pick up a damn first down.
  22. Bradford has been hurt his entire career and only played 16 games twice, both with the rams. In those seasons he won 7 games both times. Get Zimmer's balls off your chin, you're acting like he's the second coming of Lombardi.
  23. Lets not forget that mike Zimmer's team started 5-0 last year and missed the playoffs.
  24. No reason to get so mad. Lots of people around here whine about rivera when objectively he's been one of the best coaches in the league since 2013. Just because he doesn't scream and put on a good show for the cameras its mistaken as hes stupid or doesn't care. The problem with this team is that the former GM put together a roster with gaping holes at LT, CB and WR. His failure to address these positions over multiple offseasons has resulted in inconsistent and at times downright bad performances.