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  1. Wilks on Luke's condition

    That would explain a lot
  2. He's about to be a two time felon when he picks up an assault inflicting serious injury charge
  3. Wilks on Luke's condition

    Person is just hoping for a story. He has appointed himself the concussion detective. Even Ron called him out on his BS last year or the year before. How hard is it to write a damn story and not put in your own opinion.
  4. As much as it pains me to say it, I think tonight might be it for him.
  5. So would a head coach who had any idea how to manage a game.
  6. -7

    The other teams receivers usually have about 5 yards of separation from our DBs
  7. Is Kuechly done?

    He's taller than lynch. I think he just play with such reckless abandon that he's at higher risk for these injuries. Also, once you have the first concussion the subsequent ones tend to happen with less force.
  8. 4-2

    Its also unacceptable that Ron continues to be the worst situational coach at any level of football
  9. 4-2

    I'm sure most of us would have taken 4-2 at this point with the schedule we had. What is unacceptable is that we are 1-2 at home.
  10. Great call on 3rd and 1

    Line up in the damn shotgun and run QB power. I'm sure they could have managed a fukking yard.
  11. Does this entire coaching staff have CTE?
  12. No they aren't. Get the fug out with this poo. They were gifted points and incompetence by our coaches.
  13. Great call on 3rd and 1

    I'm sure kyle shanahan loved the 3rd and 1 pass
  14. Does this entire coaching staff have CTE?
  15. Terrible 1st and 2nd down plays led to that
  16. Time to plan for football life without him
  17. Wentz targeting the wrong CB
  18. Bradham has been acting like an ass all night
  19. This is what being outcoached looks like
  20. You didn't want to see what they would have run on 4th down...
  21. Romo is amazing at calling out these plays lol
  22. Why is anyone running a 2 yard route
  23. Another run to the left that goes nowhere