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  1. A deeper look at David Tepper

    Seems like a complete prick who would embarrass himself like Dan Snyder. No thanks.
  2. The Glazers are terrible owners so I dont get the comparison.
  3. A little ownership news

    That's generally who is in line to buy an NFL franchise.
  4. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Next Gettleman move - sign Thomas Decoud to bolster giants secondary.
  5. One of the few games where we ran creative plays and kept the pressure on with our offense.
  6. That's because we drafted luxury picks or were forced to overdraft at a position and panic thanks to dumpster diving Dave.
  7. Drunk and Bored Here Ya Go

    And he STILL flew back without signing a contract.
  8. "Vikings spear New Orleans in the taint"
  9. Don't call the guy out, he's just trying to meet the incentive bonus in his bounty contract.
  10. Taysom Hill: The Future

    I think his cock is still lodged in Joe Buck's mouth from our second game with them.
  11. "Vikings spear New Orleans in the taint"
  12. I can't think of a finer way for our rivals season's to end the last 2 years.
  13. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Thomas Morstead has torn his vagina.
  14. Turner's Staff

    I wouldn't expect changes beyond what have already been made. This was clearly a move designed for Cam, thus Rivera fired the OC and QB coach. Everyone else is probably safe if they want to be.
  15. Wilks as a Head Coach?

    The front 4 didn't generate much pressure during the super bowl year either. We signed Jared Allen on his last legs in midseason as a desperate attempt to get more pressure. The secondary was remarkably better during that season of course. Bradberry has no business covering WR1s and Worley should be around for depth only.
  16. Time to clean house part 2

    There's no point in even watching the NBA until the conference finals due to the predictability. The regular season is an 82 game exhibition along with the first two rounds of the playoffs. The league has a good product as evidenced by tv ratings, but I don't know why players or management on a team like the hornets would even bother put in more than average effort when everything they do is meaningless anyway.
  17. Wilks as a Head Coach?

    His plays do suck at times but I'm more interested in fixing the secondary that Gettleman ruined.
  18. Would be a horrible waste of money to throw a huge contract at this guy. If we aren't going to pay Norwell there's no reason to break the bank on a guy who gets like a 1/2 sack per year.
  19. As long as they aren't named Russell Shepherd it will be an upgrade.
  20. This game has saints victory written all over it unfortunately. If Brees is going to make throws like he did yesterday, their defense can do enough to win.
  21. Its going to be close. Im worried about Keenum. The best QB usually wins this time of year.
  22. We're picking 24th in the 1st round

    Hurney will do well in the first round. Lets just hope he doesn't trade is 2nd, 3rd and 4th to New England so that he can draft a punter from San Jose State.
  23. Russell Shepard

    Gettleman's free agent signings are what prevented this team from being a legitimate super bowl contender.