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  1. I like how he used a quarter in place of a jacket button.
  2. I hate it Tepper seems like a total prick who won't think twice about moving the team if something seemingly better comes along. This is going to be a major culture shock and I think he was probably the worst choice of the four candidates.
  3. The Giants fans have to be thrilled that Gettleman is in charge now.
  4. BIGH2001

    Shaq on Charlotte: "Coach Needs to be Fired"

    Everyone said the same thing about John Fox when he left the Panthers - he would get another job immediately somewhere else. Well, he did. And the same flaws showed up at his new jobs too until he finally fizzled out of the league slowly. It's time to move on from Clifford. He is like Fox in that he wasted a talented rookie all season to play a terrible vet like MCW in mostly losing causes.
  5. Good one. Unfortunately none of that is true. The seatbelt thing isn't going to make a difference in this case, it doesn't change the fact that the injuries occurred because Shaq was inattentive. Like someone else said, this case will settle and will never see a courtroom for numerous reasons.
  6. I'm an attorney. The seat belt thing probably won't matter because it didn't cause the accident. If Boone had actually done something that contributed to the cause of the accident his case would be a lot shakier. If he's just driving down the road and not wearing a seatbelt but someone crosses into his lane and hits him then he's not legally at fault for the accident.
  7. Anyone is better than Cho. The man who thought it was a good idea to bring in Miles Plumlee at the trade deadline last season.
  8. Its actually regulated by state law.
  9. Would be surprised if gettleman tags Norman. I think he only does it if Norman won't agree to a fair but cap friendly deal first. To me Gettleman seems to negotiate deals with long term interest of the team as his #1 priority whereas Hurney just blindly threw cash around. with that in mind, I think he's looking to lock up a good player in Norman for 3-4 years at reasonable prices.
  10. BIGH2001

    One Carolina

    fug NCSU, don't even want them on board.
  11. BIGH2001

    One Carolina

    like most things on the net, you are better off not reading the comments
  12. BIGH2001

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    why does Collinsworth make so many stupid noises? uhggghhhh, ohhhhhh, woooowwwwww, errrrmmmm
  13. BIGH2001

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    burfict and pacman shouldn't even be in the league
  14. BIGH2001

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    lol yeah maybe if it wasn't the dirtiest player in the nfl whow did it
  15. The first mcclain series sure looked shitty
  16. Why the fug are starters in
  17. Tillman is looking done for the year and his career
  18. Damnit. Way too slow getting the snap off
  19. Remmers is getting absolutely destroyed out there
  20. Had lots of momentum before the stupid challenge