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  1. Interesting concept, but I would say it is unknown at this point. Did they address the weaknesses? Yes. Worley was a dog--should have been a S. Bradberry was always on the opposiitiion's #1--a zone CB on Julio Jones most of the time. Crazy. So what did we do. Coleman out (good riddance) and Searcy in. I think that (believe it or no) is an upgrade. Then we added Gaulden, and he is a good player that is probably not ready--will he be ready by midseason? Probably, but ideally they want him to learn this year, and i think a major reason is Jackson. I think they expect him to play a lot this year. And nobody has high expectations for Seymour, but I think the Panthers feel they have a solid man CB in him. Not a star, but solid. I think we would have signed another CB or drafted one if they were not high on him. So, we can provide different approaches--a man-man CB defense, a zone-man CB scheme, or a zone-zone. Do not underestimate Seymour. If you have ever heard the term "developmental player" it applies here. Jackson will be on the field a lot this year, and he will bring some swag to the defensive backfield. Bradberry? He is no worse off than Norman was after 2 seasons.
  2. I think he is a major tool. He should have been suspended for this:
  3. You all are not reading the tea leaves..If Seymour starts... 1. What are Seymour's skills? 2. What does that mean in terms of what we could be doing defensively? 3. If you did not come up with "man coverage" and "run more man coverage", repeat 1 and 2 until you do.
  4. Maybe, but Beason was rookiie too and played a different position, so I doubt it was as bad. I saw Smitty berating Jarrett so loud every player on the field could hear it--and it went on all day, it seemed. I was standing in the shade drinking a bottle of water with Mike Craft (nice guy), and we commented on it. He smiled worriedly and started shaking his head. Jarrett was a kid then--maybe 21--and I wonder to this day if he did not take some big role in Jarrett's demise.
  5. Al Capone gave millions to charities. Hitler strongly promoted animal rights.
  6. Hoover~~~~~~~~~Not first, but honorable mention.
  7. Smitty was always a selfish . I watcched him humiliate Dwayne Jarrett at OTAs when Jarrett was a rookie. Was he trying too develop him, or was he running off the competition? Who knows?
  8. I agree. You have been able to say that since you were 2.
  9. "What about Amini Silatolu? --RR
  10. Here is the bottom line---you get open, you get throws. You catch throws, you may get some when you are not so open. Benjamin's maturity was an issue when we drafted him--I am not sure he understands how the world works yet.
  11. MHS831

    DJ Moore is smoove

    Ouch, but on point. It is as if we took Cam's cap guns away and gave him his first assault rifle.
  12. MHS831

    Cam to CMC for 6

    That is what impressed me--even though the decision might have been, "throw it to CMC or throw it out of bounds." Still, the short pass timing has always been off. That was perfect. Love the route and understand the coverage.
  13. MHS831

    Cam to CMC for 6

    Come on- the only way to stop it is to grab jersey--CMC made a good move and Gaulden whiffed. Ball had to be perfect and on time.