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  1. MHS831

    Tepper seen tailgating w/fans

    Oh, hey look, everyone. Let's give free food and beer to the needy billionaire.... Well. Someone had to say it.
  2. Two TE sets brings a S or LB into the box. The game is 11 on 11---the defense will exploit weaknesses. You can't really hide a LT.
  3. MHS831

    White pants

    Oh, WHITE pants---my bad
  4. After a bad start last week, Gilbert settled down. He also has the arm strength advantage.
  5. He is probably not going to step up until year 3--With a few exceptions, that is the year CJ, Hardy, etc. became good. He needs some reps now though.
  6. I actually feel good about the TE position.
  7. I think Hood will go to the PS, but I would not be surprised to see him make the roster...RBs start declining at 27 and Barner and CAP are over thei hill--CAP was 24 or 25 when we picked him.
  8. MHS831

    Obada to the 53

    If you read this forum, you would think that we are keeping 6 DEs, 5 DTs, 6 CBs, 7 LBs, 5 Safeties. That is 29 players. Basically, each side of the ball gets 25 with 3 specialists. We will probably keep 5 DEs, 4 DTs, 5 CBs, 6 pr 7 LBs, and 4 or 5 safeties. That is 24-26 players... Offensively, I see us carrying 9-10 OL, 3 RBs, 1 FB, 5-6 WRs, 3 TEs, 2-3 QBs. That is 23-26 players.
  9. Here are some "bottom of the roster" players that have been pleasantly surprising so far-without reiterating what has already been said: LB: Jermaine Carter: The "other" rookie out of Maryland. He has been quietly making plays and seems to be a very smart player. I hated the pick, but we needed OLB depth if you think about it...with TD suspended and old, who do we have after Thompson? Jacobs, Mayo, Norris, Smith---all seem better suited to play ILB. LB: Jared Norris: He has been playing fast and physical. He has 9 tackles so far in 2 preseason games in limited action. A solid special teamer too. He is only 25, fwiw. QB: Taylor Heinicke: While he only stands 6-1 and weights 210, he is illusive and an accurate passer. He has thrown for a combined (approx.) 200 yards this preseason. I like his poise and he seems to take care of the ball without taking risks-pretty disciplined for a guy trying to make a roster as a young QB. DE: Daeshon Hall: While he is not making an impact on the stat sheet, he is developing nicely and playing fairly fast for a player with no experience. The Corn interception was due to a forced pass caused by Hall. He looks lean and fast for 265. He reminds me of a young Mike Rucker, and is not that far behind where he was at this time in his career. TE Evan Baylis: I watch TEs a lot, and every time I saw a good block by a player wearing an 80s jersey, it was 85. Not to be confused with Wesley Walls because he was blocking. With Ian Thomas stepping up as a two-dimensional TE, maybe we could use a good blocking TE. RB Elijah Hood: I did not think he would make this roster, but he might win the numbers game. Artis-Payne is 28 already and has not shown that much as a RB or special teamster. He is on the down side of his career without ever having an upside. I think Barner has a shot, but he is 29 and is limited as a RB--more of a scat back. Hood is a young (22) RB who has shown to be effective on the goal line in preseason. At 230 lbs, he is intriguing. CB/NB Corn Elder: Elder is a gamer, and it shows in his tackling so far. He is around the ball a lot, and when the light comes on, I think he will be a player. The INT should carry him in terms of confidence. Of course, I did not mention Van Roten, Samuels, Thomas, etc. because they have been getting some buzz--
  10. MHS831

    I love this pic

    Thought that was a banana peel at first. No reason for sharing that.
  11. Here is what I saw-- Olsen has lost a step or two--but he never gets up for pre-season games. What I saw in terms of blocking from our third and fourth TEs was impressive. Thomas, by the way, may be the gem of the draft. He will be a star. The Corn interception was caused by Hall on an inside stunt. Looked promising when I watched 94. I am hoping both players step up this year after injuries. When Williams returns, we will have 2 Tackles. Van Roten has shown us that he deserves the LG job. Who saw that coming? SIrles is the depth and Mahon to PS--probably. The Moore turnover was not really his fault--it was the QB's fault. If you throw that pass, he has to clear the first down marker so he can catch and duck; since he needed a few yards and had not cleared the DB, he had to stay on his feet (3rd down, I think). It would not have been a fumble had it hit the ground. I question having a starting WR in the game at that point. Defensively, Jackson has no business playing deep zone CB with a 10-yard cushion. Not sure if they were doing that intentionally or not. Hope Searcy was OK. Not that he is that good, but Gaulden is that raw. Poe and KK are dangerous together. I caan't think of too many DTs better than either. Butler is going to be an OK pro. Love is really better than advertised, and a bargain. I have been VERY impressed with the LB from MD--Carter. Norris has been a beast, and Mayo seems like he is all over the field. Does playing with Luke and TD make that much of a difference? That is about it---on defense, I am most excited about the glimpses of the future I saw at DE--Haynes, Hall, and Cox were solid. On offense, I was impressed with our depth at TE and RB---and Samuel. We have weapons. Just need to get the OL to gel. Concerns? Matty Kalil, Safety.
  12. Van Roten is 28, which sucks, but most OL peak later than other players. I think LG in our system is easy if you can pull and seal. We do not need a $12m player there. LT, however, is a different story-we need to find one. If that was healthy Matty K, then I am not liking the investment there. Turner quietly played well on the other side, and Moton did not suck. It seems to me that it is likely that both Kalil brothers will be out of football in 2019.
  13. Then they would have to change the name to "Bad won't" (see what I did there?)
  14. That Scooter's gas mileage inexplicably drops dramatically when he wears that jersey. That Moped's GPS is probably routing to a Krispy Kreme--like Benji, it only knows one route and takes a long time to get there. Benjamin's Panther jersey comes with a Quarter Pounder and an ice pack (not shown in photo). That scooter is a transformer--becomes a Robo paramedic with bad hands. Out of bullets.
  15. A Panther 13 has never traveled so fast.