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  1. Saints game flexed

    3 games in 12 days and now they add 3 hours to a 10-day break. 
  2. James vs. Newton

    Not if swinging to the other side or  suicide is an option. 
  3. Adding insult to injury

    True Story--My son and I were moving into his room at UNC, where names of his suite mates were posted on each door.  We were organizing his things, and a male student entered the room to introduce himself; he had a very disturbed, concerned look on his face.  After exchanging formalities, he took my soon to his room where he pointed to the name on the door that was to share a room with him.  The roommate had already moved in, but he had not met him yet.   He looked at my son and said, "How would you pronounce this?"  The name on the door was A-N-A-S (we later learned that he was of middle-eastern descent).  My son said, "Dang.  We all wonder if our roommate is going to be an asshole, but your roommate is actually named "Asshole."  It gets better. His new friend said, "you have not seen the worst part yet."  He opened the door and he had a giant Tony Romo poster on the wall and a Dallas Cowboy comforter on the bed.  The moral of this story?  I think you have figured it out by now. I swear, this entire story is true.  (Anas--pronounced uh NAS) turned out to be a pretty decent guy who was rather obnoxious about the Cowboys.  He texted my son after the NY Giants game in Dallas this year, a game he attended---The same game the Giants blew with terrible clock management--"Cowboys win.  Super Bowl 50 bound!"       
  4. Panthers cut long snapper Aiken

    Awesome job keeping up with movement at the bottom of the roster---very important to this team's development.  I would love to go back and see the "Superb owl" comments after we signed Norwell, Remmers, Coleman, etc.
  5. James vs. Newton

    You have to think King James doesn't want a piece of Superman. Cam is almost as tall. 
  6. James vs. Newton

    Pay attention to the background--- Forgive me iif this has been shared.  
  7. Panther Nightmare

    What does Jones know about reality?
  8. 19-0 is more like it. My dream is to face NE in the super bowl--both undefeated at the time.
  9. I'm in Thailand. HELP

    You are safe.  Even terrorists are afraid of Thailand. 
  10. 10 reasons the Panthers are 10-0

    I have been thinking about your statement, Donald,  #10 in many ways, is the sum of the other 9 parts, but perhaps the most important variable in the equation.  Great comment.
  11. From Fox---Someone gets us. In my opinion, #3 should be #1, but I digress.
  12. Personally, I think the Panthers beat the Pats, assuming the balls are inflated properly and Bill B is not filming our practices.
  13. Hint:  Panthers are on the list.  
  14. It could be dubbed the "Redemption Bowl"---New England's second chance to run the table by winning the Super Bowl and Carolina's opportunity to avenge their loss to the team that defeated them in their only Super Bowl appearance. The Panthers have six games left, and winning in Dallas with Romo back and the chance to make the playoffs is going to be tough--if they make it, they would be mirroring the team that did nearly the same thing last year on the field.   Carolina has Dallas, NY Giants, Atlanta twice, and Tampa Bay left on the schedule, all will be playing desperate football trying to back door the playoffs.  They also play Brees in New Orleans, a task many feared tremendously not long ago.