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  1. 19-0 is more like it. My dream is to face NE in the super bowl--both undefeated at the time.
  2. I'm in Thailand. HELP

    You are safe.  Even terrorists are afraid of Thailand. 
  3. 10 reasons the Panthers are 10-0

    I have been thinking about your statement, Donald,  #10 in many ways, is the sum of the other 9 parts, but perhaps the most important variable in the equation.  Great comment.
  4. From Fox---Someone gets us. In my opinion, #3 should be #1, but I digress.
  5. Personally, I think the Panthers beat the Pats, assuming the balls are inflated properly and Bill B is not filming our practices.
  6. Hint:  Panthers are on the list.  
  7. It could be dubbed the "Redemption Bowl"---New England's second chance to run the table by winning the Super Bowl and Carolina's opportunity to avenge their loss to the team that defeated them in their only Super Bowl appearance. The Panthers have six games left, and winning in Dallas with Romo back and the chance to make the playoffs is going to be tough--if they make it, they would be mirroring the team that did nearly the same thing last year on the field.   Carolina has Dallas, NY Giants, Atlanta twice, and Tampa Bay left on the schedule, all will be playing desperate football trying to back door the playoffs.  They also play Brees in New Orleans, a task many feared tremendously not long ago.    
  8. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    without looking at the others-- 1. Dallas  They are not even Texas' team anymore, but since they were flashy in the 70s.....The Aikman beer commercial about living in the past is applicable to all Cowboy fans.  Nobody calls you America's team anymore except you.  I can say that they have the most ignorant fan base in existence.  2. (TIE) New Orleans and Atlanta.  Win and fans become arrogant, brash, bragging morons, lose and they disappear.  However, when winning they are intolerable.  4. Philadelphia.  They are the most unethical fans in the NFL.  Peeing on visiting fans from the upper deck, calling children wearing opponents' gear profanity-laced names--I am guessing they took the "brotherly love:" thing too far, because they are missing a chromosome or two. In fact, the Philadelphia public school system does not own a long bus. 5. New England.  They are arrogant and brash.  Used to getting calls and winning super bowls.  I hate them because they are hard to beat and they know it.   I would trade places with them in a minute, however.  I think that is in the works. Honorable mention:  Seattle---I want to tell them, "Act like you have won a game before!" but then I remember, they haven't.  
  9. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Reality check for Cowknuckle fans: Even if we lose, we are 10-1, you are 4-7. And don't use the injury excuse.  We can win with our second-string qb because we are not being run by an idiot.  Our GM has vision, Dallas' has ego and surrounds himself with yes men. During our 14-game win streak, we have had injuries too. Don't believe me because we were 14-0?: 1. QB (First-rounder Cam missed Tampa Bay last year at the end of the season following his accident) 2. MLB  (First-rounder Luke missed several games this season) 3. NT (First Rounder Star missed the first few games with a foot injury) 4. WR (First rounder Kelvin Benjamin out for season) 5. RB (First rounders Stewart and or Williams missed games during this streak) Let me stop there--how many teams have 5 first rounders on their roster?   How many games were we at full strength? 6. DE (Charles Johnson spent half a season on IR) 7. RG (Norwell out for multiple games mid season) 8. CB (Tillman was out last week) And there have been others, but this is not widely known because we didn't make excuses--oh, wait--we didn't need to. So don't hand me the BS about your WR and QB.  We have had more injuries to our core and didn't miss a beat. 
  10. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    I liked Moses, but saw the value in Ealy.  I am rather certain I do not know more than what the people who know nothing write.
  11. B of A now haunted?

    Illustrating your point?
  12. B of A now haunted?

    It is located on an Indian burial ground. Seriously, this team just keeps getting better. I would like to note that Cam's mechanics are better.  Less back foot throwing, better accuracy.  (sorry for starting another substance-less thread, but I am fired up)
  13. So this happened on the way to Charlotte

    How rare is it to prove to complete strangers that you are a brainless moron without even showing your face or opening your mouth?  He is probably listening to Justin Beiber and sporting a permed mullet. 
  14. Pretty windy on the field.

    I hope that the wind does not impact the TV reception.
  15. Punt question

    By the way, my son is a UNCW Seahawk.  Loves it there.  We do to-thinking of moving there when I retire.