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  1. Ron gets outcoached regularly. Imagine how good Cam would have been with a real coach--like Bill B. or Mike Tomlin or (the best QB mentor ever--)Joe Gibbs.
  2. Has Rivera Quit on the Team

    Rivera was never the leader of this team. Think about it--and please do not tell me that Cam is a leader--Ryan Kalil, OUT; Luke OUT; Olsen OUT; The only leader we had on the field was TD--and the D played lights out.
  3. This is what 10 days of preparation looks like. Nice work Ron.
  4. Good luck today

    Glad to get yall early--we have seen your qb play well without experience first hand at UNC--when he starts getting it, I think you will like the trade up and the pick. We are not going to embarrass anyone, btw. We tend to blow leads and play not to lose.
  5. Not trying to be smart, but we are our biggest competition in the division this year.
  6. If everyone in the area would check the stalls in the Golden Corral Men's room in your hometown, we can find him. I think I saw his picture on a milk carton, but it was sour and out of date--verifying that it was probably him.
  7. Sanchez back, along with new lb

    Sanchez is a gambler, and that cost him. Do you know another 5th round CB who was benched for gambling? (Pause for dramatic effect). That is right.
  8. Worley

    Difference between Norman in year 2 and Worley: Norman was used to gambling, something a superior athlete could get away with at Coastal, but not in the NFL--he had to change his instincts, and that is hard... Norman was a third-round pick drafted in the fifth. Worley was a 5th round talent drafted in the 3rd. Not a good pick. He is what he is. Not good, and his ceiling is low. A career backup. I even thought he might be released this week--I imagine they are scouring some practice squads... Gettlemen addressed CB---Elder will be a good one and he grabbed Capt. and drafted Sanchez with Bradberry. Seymore is also only 23, by the way, and I see more potential in him than I do Worley.
  9. The dumbest Panther signing since Marty gave Jake a lucrative contract as he was laid up after Tommy John surgery.
  10. who backs up Mayo?

    Jacobs , I think.
  11. Rivera post-game presser

    Actually, the point was that he has a strong leg and the fact that he can do that is evidence of it. I do not think I suggested that he try 70 yarders. I used to be friends with an NFL kicker (played college ball with him) and he could not kickoff 75 yards without wind behind him. The point was leg strength, and maybe I did not make it well. He should have been given a shot at a 58 yarder. As they say on Wall Street and in poker, "scared money makes no money." Why was Rivera scared of that kick?
  12. I agree. Cowher called it. Watch the game again. Turner was abused the entire game. Defensively, we looked bad up front compared to the past. Star was not good. KK was average-we dont pay him to be average. However, if it were not for 2 deep turnovers, we win the game. Thanks Stew--don't let the damn ball hit you in the numbers.
  13. Rivera post-game presser

    If y'all do not know it yet, Rivergoat sucks. Just watch the last play of the first half and think, Gano hits the uprights on a kickoff--that means he is capable of kicking a ball 75 yards through the goal posts. From the 35, a kick travels 65 yards to the goal line, and then add the 10-yard endzone. His leg is that strong. Instead, when we could end the half with a 58 yard fg attempt when there was no wind, we decide to throw a 20-yard hail sally from the 39 yard line. If Gano hits that FG, we are 2 points down late--not 5. Big difference. I could not believe that we did not kick a FG there. That was more than stupid-- Strategically, we are not beating anyone. Game management, we will always come in second. This is embarrassing.
  14. I wish this were true, but DSS will probably not take his child because a child was not harmed. He will be arrested though. I am not with DSS or child protective services, but I have researched it.
  15. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    UNSUNG HERO---Shepherd