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  1. What position did you play?

    Funny, I had the same comment.   I was buried on the depth chart as a junior in high school.  Got hit by a car, had mono, pulled both groins, and played 3rd string QB (had never played football before).  Almost quit.  I asked for a position change at the end of my Jr year, so he put me behind a guy getting recruited by every damn college in the country (ended up at Wake).  After 5 games, I was a rotational player, with 1 catch for 18 yards (I was mainly a defensive player).  Then the guy in front of me missed a practice.  I finished the season as the starter--with 445 yards on 22 catches. I got scholarship offers, and went to WCU.  At an awards banquet at the end of the season, my coach talked about how I came on "like gangbusters" at the end of the season.  We had a few sentences (The Wake guy and I were the only 2 players to get scholarships).  I threw my statement away.  I said , "Thanks coach for recognizing my ability before it was too late.  To be successful, you have to have 3 things: 1. Talent.  I think that I proved  I have it,   2) Opportunity.  I needed to be in the game when my number was called.  3) A coach who understands the first 2." It was a backhanded insult, but they clapped as if I was giving him a compliment.  I am glad now that they took it that way, but I had learned to hate him when I was pond scum in his eyes--funny how he changed but made it sound as if I had.
  2. What position did you play?

    That is quite a lineup.
  3. What position did you play?

    I was a TE and DE/OLB (played both ways) in high school, and I actually played TE and OLB (not at the same time) in college.
  4. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    That is the edge we need.
  5. Nassib is who I want--realistically.
  6. I did address that, but I am not sure I am right.  Who is going to pay $10m per to a DE with 1 sack in his previous season and a recent injury history?  He may get some play, but it will not be anything near his current salary, and $11m of his remaining $15m is not guaranteed.  He has already made over $50m.  Stay and win a (nother?) ring.  Let's not forget that Ron and Dave went to CJ's mother's funeral. There is a family atmosphere here.  If I am him, and I get a 4-year deal with Buffalo for $30m with $12 guaranteed, and the Panthers extend my deal 3 years at $25m (total deal)  and guarantee $14m, for example, I go with the Panther offer.  RIngs, family, and more guaranteed.  I am not an expert here, Gin, just trying to create a situation where his departure is not a given. 
  7. Not sure about Johnson, and I will tell you why---(I disagree with the article, by the way, suggesting it is unlikely). Gettlemen will not lose a starter without trying to work it out.  Johnson's numbers and age may be prohibitive as a free agent---a one-sack 2015 at age 30 could make his salary very reasonable in free agency.  Let's say he is cut--he gets $4m from the Panthers, and probably signs a 3-year deal in the $20m range.  By not agreeing to an extension, he gets approximately $8m per season to play for a team that may not have a shot at the Super Bowl. So Gettlemen will sell the Panther family to Charles, asking him to take a pay cut to stay with a winner.  Instead of losing the $4m and overpaying him $15m to keep him, I think Gettlemen will offer him a similar deal--over the next three years, Johnson gets $25m or so.  That costs the Panthers $8m per season, which is basically cutting his salary in half. Why extend Johnson when his productivity has waned?  Well, he needs a force on the other side.  Hardy gave him that.  Secondly, Johnson has shown signs of being back--after a 1-sack season, he has 2 in the playoffs, one a forced fumble. Johnson is 29 and in his prime.  The Panthers are not in bad cap shape at all--$24.8 million under right now.  Once they cut Jared Allen, which is a given, that number drops to $32m under the cap.  Throw in the Johnson savings, that number falls to $39m below the cap. Now lets draft a DE and spend $14m to re-sign Norman, while giving Star and KK a pay raise (costing about $15m).  That leaves $10m for free agency (including signing the draft picks)--the way Gettlemen finds talent, that is going to be a DB or two.  Personally, I hope CJ sees the light and signs an extension at a reasonable rate.  If so, it gives us more options to address other areas and gives us time to develop a draft pick DE.     
  8. Marty Hurney

    Marty SUCKED.  He paid too much to retain players from 2-14 and 6-10 teams. His draft performance in rounds 2-7 was terrible.  When he felt that his job was on the line, he started trading away first rounders---the only round he seemed to understand--to pick busts. His record for drafting or signing talent at key positions like Wide Receiver, Defensive Tackle was terrible. Marty was deemed a success early on because he inherited a very solid core.  Steve Smith, Jenkins, Moose,  etc.  
  9. The Top 50 Panther's Players

    Right now, I can give you the top 53 that matter most.
  10. Heck, I didn't like him when he came here, something that caused a lot of heated exchanges here.  I claimed he was not mature and he could not lead us---people here got pissed and called me a racist.  The media agreed with me for the most part, and his teammates refused to make him a captain---truth be told, I don't think they liked him much.  Now some of my adversaries during that time have made comments to me about how wrong I was--I still do not think I was.  In his first year or two, Cam was not roaming the bench, talking to teammates, cheering for the defense, sitting with his coach looking at the tablet---he was not a leader.  he was good, but he was not making everyone around him better. Now?  My god---he makes Remmers, Ted Ginn, Oher, Philly Brown, etc etc look like pro bowlers.  He has matured and stayed true to himself.  I think this is more than a Super Bowl--I think history will show that this Super Bowl was Cam Newton's coming out party, the game where the world watches him take his rightful place on stage with football's immortals.  Do I think Cam Newton is the prototype of the future NFL QB?  Not unless he picks up the pace as a breeder.  There just aren't Cam Newton's sitting around to draft and develop. Cam's only issues were between his ears.  I think his leadership and character flaws were based on his impatience--nothing more.  I think he entered a toxic, losing culture--one he had never known---and could not change it alone.  His bravado was almost mocking his teammates (without intending to do so) as he must have given off the vibe that he is the franchise savior--the icon and entertainer, if you will.  Five years later, that is exactly what he is.  But he had to learn the culture first. I teach a course in a doctoral leadership program at an area university.  Next week, we are discussing Cam Newton's growth as a leader--I will share what the class says about his leadership development. 
  11. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    I will.  Reason?  I do not want to entertain or pretend to be interested in what some fair-weather, wagon-loading, "fan" who has no friggin idea of the hard draft research, emotional sacrifice, and professional compromise I have put into that moment--the pinnacle of fandom, an event that rivals only the births of my 2 boys (now that they are Panther fans) and my marriage to my wonderful wife.  Nobody is going to skip into my moment with brand-spanking new Panther gear from Penney's because it is the next social thingy in town and pretend to sit as my equal on a sofa and make ill-timed comments about players whose name and complete professional biography he does not know.   If you are there for the food and the commercials, you are going to my hell and I will gladly send you there if you as much as think about depriving me of one second of this climactic moment by breathing the same air I am breathing--air only intended for those who are true and blue Panther fans and have been since before October----1995.
  12. SI Article About Broncos Pass Rush

    How to stop Denver's (undersized) pass rushers Norwell, Turner, Kalil, Oher, Remmers blocking for Stewart. When they bring LBs up, play action passing. Denver was not that impressive all season--why start now?   Remember, these journalists make $$ by creating stories. 
  13. Broncos to Wear All White

    Here is what we do----Blue jerseys, black pants, silver helmet.  Optional cape.  I think the black jersey is our best look.  I say let's do it.  
  14. 5.5 Favorite over Denver.. Thoughts?

    The Broncos will not be able to put 20 on us, we will put more than that on them.  Panthers 27 (in our lowest scoring game in some time) Broncos 16
  15. What to do with confetti?

    I will pay for a piece of it.  My son got Cam to sign his Cam jersey this year, and he has been collecting Panther stuff to go in the frame all season.  That would be awesome.   He could not be at the game--nor could I---but let me know if you would do that.