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  1. Amini

    You had to pay attention to understand Amini's problem. First, he would constantly check inside to Kalil or Gross while walking to the LOS--translation: He did not know the plays. This could also give the play away if they were watching, and I am guessing they were. For example, a question to Kalil may suggest a running play, Gross questions were likely pass plays---just a hunch). Then, when pass blocking, his head would (at times) go back and forth--inside and outside--quickly. That usually indicates that he did not read the defense to know where the pressure would be coming from--that suggests he did not comprehend film sessions and/or he did not know enough about the game to understand that every gap is usually filled and if the your man goes inside, then.... In college, Marty liked him because he could throw (like a bear) his man to the ground. I watched film, and his technique was terrible. Amini looked as if he never played, but could by on sheer size and athleticism on the small-school level. Finally, you also have to pay attention to what the front office has done lately. They draft smart players. I have reason to believe through this circumstantial evidence that Amini was dumb as a doorknob and could not think fast enough to play the game. (Based on my time as a player and a high school offensive line coach for about 4 years-you learn a lot watching kids struggle when you have not coached them up enough to step up to the level of competition. Head movement is usually a sign of confusion--especially if the feet stall at the same time. Amini did it a lot.)
  2. Ties?

    Trick question. They would be eliminated for misspellings on the application. Of course, that won't stop them from going to the Souper Bole this year.
  3. well below a 4 with 2 TE sets makes sense because it is common on short yardage situations. However, I am not surprised because Dickson can't block.
  4. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    2-piece meal deal, 1-year football deal.
  5. I know-he just seems to be one of the Rivera-type players--like Harper was--frankly, I think it would benefit the offense more if we replaced him with Byrd.
  6. OTAs start Tuesday

    They really are. I am not as worried about SS as most people. We have a free agent, Boston, and with either, I think we are better off.
  7. OTAs start Tuesday

    Holder. Will the new punter (who was also a kicker) know how to hold for Gano? I need a holder update.
  8. Lou Young CB..a closer look

    We did not use him last year, instead, opted for McClain and Finnegan. Was Young not ready? He has the tools, I agree.
  9. Hmm. Good points. Like the comparison to WR---I might even throw TE into that mix too--on a smaller scale. I think Dickson is gone. Olsen, Sandland, and .......but it won;t be Dickson (mark my words!)
  10. Nice Stuff Dawg. From what I am reading, the Panthers never expected to find Worley sitting there in the third, and they new Philly wanted him, so they moved up and yanked the second CB off the shelf. I would have stopped there, and I think that was the plan, but when you do a lot of research on a position, as I am sure the Panthers did, you probably had a late third or early fourth-round grade on Sanchez--and he is sitting there at the bottom of the fifth round. Boykin was a stop-gap signing. He is smallish and not physical, as you mention. I really like Bradberry. I think he will be our #1 CB by next year. To assume Bene is the #1 (if anyone is) might be a bit presumptuous. In fact, with his injury history, we could have 3 rookie CBs on the field at the same time.
  11. Tragic news for Ted Ginn

    He's a dick.
  12. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    Jeremy, Did you find this easier to do than in the past? To me, we are going to leave a lot of good players out there for other teams. If Hill makes the roster, do not be surprised in Garrett does not suffer a season-ending injury. I think the TE position is going to change--We want one that can block (Since the super bowl was not enough motivation for Dickson) and we want one that can play from the backfield. Do not be surprised to see Dickson cut.
  13. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    I know. All the fuss over TE has me thinking 5 WRs. However, we keep guys like Teddy Williams, Colin Jones, and Mayo for special teams reasons. If we could replace Williams with a position player, for example, we could carry fewer CBs and a sixth WR. I really think we go: Benji, Funchess, Ginn, Brown, Garrett, Byrd. We may stash Garrett on IR, depending on what he does during Preseason. Funny, but we are suddenly loaded at WR--or we should be.
  14. 8 CBs

    Makes Cut: Benwikere, Richardson, Sanchez, Worley, Bradberry
  15. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    I think we keep 5 on the roster, unless a 6th has ST skills.