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  1. It is nice. The thing that pisses me off about this board is this--we NEEDED another 3T DT. He gives us versatility. We can play him at NT on passing situations with KK at the 3---he is that big. We can use him to sub for KK and not lose the middle pressure--great pick.
  2. My early depth chart of the Panthers atm

    When speculating about the future, you don't prove or disprove anything by talking about last year= You are arguing aganist a bold guess that I think could unfold based on a few facts that are not represented in your statement of the obvious. Ginn was our #1 by default. Our WR corps dropped more passing yards than any other team in the NFL. Ginn was #1 in that area also. Do you know what QBs do when you drop passes? They don't throw your way. Ginn was Cam's only option last year. Want to praise Ginn without mentioning Cam Newton? Go ahead. The reality is this--Cam had no choice--Benji was out and Funchess was a raw rookie. Brown dropped everything except weight in the preseason. Cotchery was old and slow. Yes, Ginn was the #1 WR, the same player who couldn't crack the rotation with 3 other NFL teams. At the end of the season next year, Garrett will be used more than Ginn as a WR. Watch.
  3. The Black Luke Kuechly...

    I heard this on the radio (WFNZ)) this morning--Luke is the #1 cover guy in the NFL-----regardless of position..
  4. My early depth chart of the Panthers atm

    You over-estimate Ted Ginn.
  5. My early depth chart of the Panthers atm

    Here, cash goes to LB (nobody saw this at the time). Sounds like they are intent on getting him to 225 and playing him at WLB. If so, I would possibly add Robinson (SS experience at Washington) to his S spot. I don't like position players who can;'t play a position but play special teams---Teddy, Colin---no backup value. I think we could have replaced them in the draft/UDFA signings. I would speculate that Cash has an above 50% chance to make the roster--we really have no true OLBs after Shaq and TD. Klein is a liability in the flat, and is best at ILB (We could trade Klein for a T--my boldest prediction) OLB: Davis, Thompson, Cash Klein MLB: Kuechly, Mayo, Jacobs Keep Klein, Jacobs gets cut. Trade Klein, Jacobs' family eats this winter, we get a Tackle of decent quality
  6. My early depth chart of the Panthers atm

    I imagine Ed Dickson could lose his job and be cut in camp. We have 3 young TEs who can give him a run. We save about $1m per season by cutting him. Since we do not need the cap room or roster spot, no sense doing it now---but I predict we do by the end of preseason. Prediction: Garrett, KB, and Funchess are the top 3 WRs this year.
  7. "He (Odell) is trying to steal my bologna...." might be an understatement.
  8. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    Interesting that you list Garrett #1. He is my first thought as well. I am interested in Cash as well. McGee and Sandland at TE. Obviously, the three CBs--the information I would want is: Which CB looked the best? Thanks for asking.
  9. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    I think I saw somewhere that we brought in another (2) TEs in the UDFA pool, but the total was seven. It could be Bonnet--some list him as a TE, others a FB. Seriously, if you get one UDFA to make the roster, you have done well. I seriously think Cash and Garrett will make the roster. The WR Stoshak FAU has a chance as well because he is different from the others on the roster. He is a lot better than people realize, according to a relative who knows that conference/team. I think McGee has a shot as well. I hope this ends the Dixon experiment, and we have 3 TEs when the dust settles. I think McGee winds up on the PS, fwiw. Devon Johnson also has a shot to make the roster--he is more than a FB, like Tolbert. Finally, the lack of linemen is noticeable. I imagine that we use some of that cap $$$ to sign a few free agents after cuts.
  10. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    For those of you who do not get this pick, Sandland is a lockdown Tight End. Seriously, WIth Sandland, Mc Gee, and Simonson --please tell me we can cut Dickson now.
  11. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    He will be the talk of the NFL one day. Again, we will place at least 2 udfas on the roster. I think 2-3 others will make the PS. Not bad when you only bring in 6. I wonder if we only brought in 6 because we offered Garrett and Cash more cash that others to sign. However, Beaston, you have to look at these 2 players, Maybe the TE from Florida too, as part of the draft. If you do that, we had a very good draft. About Cash--we needed an OLB for depth and special teams--the roster has a lot of guys best suited for MLB in reserve, but not any solid OLBs. This was a great move in so many ways. I see him at 220-225 getting it done.
  12. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    His fall makes no sense....He is smart and fast. I dont get it.
  13. Gettleman eating

    Stickem is illegal but maple syrup for you and the connas is not.
  14. Gettleman eating

    He probably won't because that is a picture. :) of those dumb comments I thought would be funnier online.
  15. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    He is 100% in the box. I think Duke ran a weird D--like a 4-2-5 or something, which could be why so many clubs passed on him. He is going to make this team.