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  1. Eric Washington video

    I agree, but the problem--in my expert opinion--was that we were blitzing a lot with zone CBs and our Safeties were not good. I would like to see less blitzing and more pressure from the front 4, or get some CBs that can man up.
  2. Eric Washington video

    Funny--I was going to start a thread about Cox Jr. Since Horton stepped up, Addison is solid, and Peppers seems poised to return to a situational role, Cox and Hall could be fighting for a fifth DE spot---I am assuming we bring in a FA or a draft a DE early.
  3. 100% agree. If we do not sign Star, a NT could be added (or we move Butler to NT and grab a 3 tech DT). We will probably add a TE and OT project late. With Wilks gone, maybe we do not blitz as much, which may make DE our priority going into the draft. With Wilks, II might have guessed a top CB.
  4. I watched this twice, and one thing that he says COULD suggest that we will not overhaul the WR position as some of the posters here want. He mentions that he needs continuity and to develop relationships with his WRs. I think this is why he relied on Benjamin to such a degree, it could have led to the trade. In addition, he had surgery and missed camp, Samuel was hurt a lot, and he ended the season with Byrd, Bersin, and Sheperd---a new WR suffering from hand and finger arthritis or something that looked like it. The point? Cam will have OTAs and the summer to get on the same page with the WRs he has---while I think we add a vet, that may be it. Timing and familiarity are important, and Norv will be repping what we have, but I do not see an overhaul.
  5. I was--did not want to fill your thread by pasting the quote again, so I cut it. Good stuff.
  6. This is SPOT on. Turner gets that Cam is a running qb--but what you are going to see is better decision-making---that will help Cam's feet, which will help his accuracy. Our OL should be happy to hear this.
  7. I think the kid from Oklahoma Mark Edwards is the best TE , and he is probably a second rounder. I would not be surprised to see Hurst fall into the later rounds. There are about 5 TEs I would take before Hurst.
  8. I am a Gamecock fan (Dad played for USC and I was born there during his playing days) so I have a curious alliance---and I played TE in college, so that makes me dangerously unaware of the position today. However, I can say that Hurst is not a first-round talent and will be about 26 when his rookie season starts. But he is ready to play now--he is a big athlete with good body control and he is a gamer. I liked his open field blocking better than on the OL--he rarely got down in the weeds. This is a pretty good year for TEs. I (as if I know) would predict a 3rd round grade on him. Nobody needs to set up a board before the combine.
  9. Yeah--The Rooney rule can be a bit cruel--you never know if that is the case if you are a minority. .. We need to revamp the secondary if we are going to blitz so much--we need some man CBs and 2 S I think Bradberry is great vs the #2, so we could be getting a solid CB soon...in a perfect world.
  10. I would like to see Worley moved to SS. He has the skill set to face the LOS and he comes up and makes tackles well. He can't cover that well, but vs. a TE or back, shoot. I think he would be good in the deep half too. Radical? Not really. Corn and Capt. for a year at nickel. Bradberry vs. the #2 is a better fit. Some have bashed Bradberry and compared him to Worley--not a fair comparison. Bradberry has not been that bad vs. some very strong WRs this year. Draft a FS and sign a veteran CB. Draft a CB--the draft has a few decent CBs. If we are going to blitz every down, we need man corners. Personally, I think Seymour is good depth. These guys are young and we put a lot on this with our blitz packages. Just 1 opinion vs. hundreds of possible moves..
  11. None. That would make him of the wrong persuasion.
  12. Bingo. If you were paying attention and have a good memory, there is a pattern of circumstantial evidence that proves this.
  13. CAROLINA PANTHERS news and talk. Please see top of your computer screen.
  14. Good point. I think a first rounder is the pick if Hurney releases Stewart, which is probably something he should do if you look at production. However, that usually means Stewart will get a 6-year extension at $8m per and join Jake Delhomme and Charles Johnson in the HURNEY RING OF HONOR.
  15. Thanks for the information. DT, Dominique Easley WR, Allen Robinson, Jags WR, Marquise Lee, Jags' CB, Kyle Fuller, Bears S, Tre Boston, Chargers DE, Ezekiel Ansah, Lions OT, Cameron Fleming, Pats First, with Fangio returning and a glaring need at CB, I would think Fuller will be locked up by da Bears. Why am I thinking Mike Wallace is headed to Carolina? I don't like it because WRs are supposed to be able to catch, , but I would be happy with either of these Jag WRs. I doubt Boston returns. We like tackling safeties. I do not think (if you look at contracts only) we address C or T in free agency this year. I think we are likely to draft a T and C later in the draft to develop behind the Kalils. I think we draft a young DE if Peppers signs for another season. Ezekiel Ansah has been fighting the injury bug and did not heal over an entire off season,. Red flags. He would be a great gamble, but not at a big number. About Easly at DT--love the player, but he has had 3 torn ACLs in just 4 seasons. A nice addition if the price is low, but dang, that is scary. Please, no Thomas Davis references. One exception does not make a case. Big men with knee issues are like horses with broken legs.