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  1. Too good not to share--Norman tweet

    My wife has one of those for when she wants me to bring home 2 dozen eggs.
  2. Response to Trent Dilfer in his own words

    Good job Rum.  The Panthers have 3 players who fit that description ("Game changer for the organization).  Luke, TD, and Cam are the torch bearers.  
  3. Thanks for this.  It is interesting.  I was kinda hoping that we would not be the only unbeaten team--I was hoping New England and the Panthers would both be unbeaten at 18-0 in the Super Bowl.
  4. You all wanted respect.  Now buckle up because there is a lot that comes with it.
  5. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    Arizona might be the only team in the NFC that could beat us.  We are not the only NFC team that can beat Arizona.
  6. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    He's Tremt Dilfer,  Relax.  We do not intimidate people on paper. This is the season for rematches.  I think it is more than a coincidence that we could play the team that beat us at home in the playoffs in 2008 to go to the Super Bowl and then the team that beat us in the Super Bowl  in 2003. Karma's a bitch.
  7. We are a small market team that is like a gnat swarming around your head on a hot summer day.   You don't really notice it at first, then you try to swat at it unconsciously.  Then it gets your undivided attention and killing it becomes your #1 objective.  When you can't, you realize that was a formidable gnat.  It is only after the fact that you realize that gnat beat you.  It ruined your picnic and made you hate being in the heat.  You go inside, where there is no heat and definitely no gnats.  And the next time you go outside in the heat, you hope the gnat doesn't find you.  You are now afraid of that gnat.  That is how a small market team earns respect in the NFL.
  8. 1 year anniversary

    I can't believe this was not already posted--so if I missed it, I apologize. Today's date--November 30, 2014--- was the last time the Panthers lost during the regular season.
  9. My new favorite NBA player

    He certainly LOVES the Panthers.  Life is good in Pantherland lately.  
  10. Panther's should fear Bucs

    First , let me say that Michael Robinson should be fired for his idiotic comment.  Seattle may not make the playoffs and if they do, they will not be at home any.  Homer. Secondly, I see where BB is coming from—the Bucs have played well of late.  However, here is what they have done—Blown a huge lead to the Redskins.  Got drubbed by the Giants at home, then they beat the Romoless Cowboys at home, and they blew out the listless Eagles who are rebelling against Kelly.  Most of those teams were bad when they played the Bucs.  Tampa Bay plays us at BOA and would be facing the Panthers at 15-0.  It is doubtful (but possible) that they would be playing for a playoff spot by then, but if they are and the Panthers have long secured a playoff position, I see this as a trap game x 2.  I do not think the Panthers want to lose, but they are most vulnerable during that week. The NY Giants in NY is the most likely loss if the Panthers have to select one.  On the road, cold, etc.  The Giants will be fighting for their playoff lives. 
  11. I respect the man for his dedication to his principles.  
  12. Saints game flexed

    3 games in 12 days and now they add 3 hours to a 10-day break. 
  13. James vs. Newton

    Not if swinging to the other side or  suicide is an option. 
  14. Adding insult to injury

    True Story--My son and I were moving into his room at UNC, where names of his suite mates were posted on each door.  We were organizing his things, and a male student entered the room to introduce himself; he had a very disturbed, concerned look on his face.  After exchanging formalities, he took my soon to his room where he pointed to the name on the door that was to share a room with him.  The roommate had already moved in, but he had not met him yet.   He looked at my son and said, "How would you pronounce this?"  The name on the door was A-N-A-S (we later learned that he was of middle-eastern descent).  My son said, "Dang.  We all wonder if our roommate is going to be an asshole, but your roommate is actually named "Asshole."  It gets better. His new friend said, "you have not seen the worst part yet."  He opened the door and he had a giant Tony Romo poster on the wall and a Dallas Cowboy comforter on the bed.  The moral of this story?  I think you have figured it out by now. I swear, this entire story is true.  (Anas--pronounced uh NAS) turned out to be a pretty decent guy who was rather obnoxious about the Cowboys.  He texted my son after the NY Giants game in Dallas this year, a game he attended---The same game the Giants blew with terrible clock management--"Cowboys win.  Super Bowl 50 bound!"       
  15. Panthers cut long snapper Aiken

    Awesome job keeping up with movement at the bottom of the roster---very important to this team's development.  I would love to go back and see the "Superb owl" comments after we signed Norwell, Remmers, Coleman, etc.