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  1. I understand if you don't. I have done this before and it is challenging. Perhaps I should have started with a word search. Panthers O O N A T Z E L Y N D X E J L U R Z R Z C L K R E V H Q P I G K O L A E O X R W S B H X L V H N E R O A W E T T I K I A S T C K S M G Z B O C E V T K A C C E D K D N D N D M U A R T O L E U M A S A S R R C X D C X Y E P I I E R I N K S H N F U N C H E S S B E M O V U G Z Q N W U F P Z R E A P U X K P P U M U C C P L N J D U I L N W I X B U J A E N K Q X Y A N G A T T V X M N R R C D H H O L U K E X N F K Z S S Q J L T S W G O L E Y X N X Z J Y S BRADBERRY CMC COCKRELL DAVIS FUNCHESS KALIL LUKE NEWTON PEPPERS SAMUEL SHORT TURNER
  2. I fully expect there to be a bunch of Fasanis. I am just going to try to avoid it. Should be fun. If I whiff, I will bear the Fasani in my sig.
  3. CAROLINA HUDDLE STUPID DRAFT GAME Here is the draft game I invented for those of us with no reason for living, beyond Panther football: (setting myself up for some constructive criticism) RULES: You predict players to be drafted by round, earning points if you are correct. Here are the very specific yet simplistic rules: 1. In the first round, you predict one player. If you are correct and the player is chosen 24th overall, you get 24points. If we trade back (to pick 30, for example) and the player is selected, you get the number of points aligned with the rank he was selected in the draft. In this example, 30 points. (If he is picked in the second round, no points awarded) 2. In the second round, you get to select 2 players, because it is harder to predict second rounders. If either is picked, you get the points. For example, if you select Hurst and Ragnow in the second and we select Hurst at #55, you get 55 points. HOWEVER, If we select Hurst in the first round, however, you get ZERO points. 3. In the third round, we currently have 2 picks. You still may only select three players—you simply get 2 chances to be right. 4. There are no fourth round guesses unless we acquire a fourth rounder before the draft. In the fifth round, you select five players. You get 6 guesses in round six, and seven guesses with two chances in round seven. If we trade out of a round, we all lose. I have created a form to help ease confusion-if our draft picks change for any reason BEFORE the draft begins, make corrections, submit this info to this thread before the draft. 1. First Round____________________ (For example, if you are correct and there are no trades, you win 24 points) 2. Second Round____________________, __________________ (If either is selected and we pick at 55, you get 55 pts). 3. Third Round ____________________, __________________, _________________ (3 guesses 2 picks if no trades) 4. Fourth Round Xxxxxxxx (skip—even if we pick up a 4th rounder during a trade) 5. Fifth Round____________________, __________________, _________________, _________________, ____________________ (a chance for 161 points if any of these players picked in 5th round) 6. Sixth Round____________________, __________________, _________________, _________________, ____________________, __________________ (hopefully, by now, you get the idea) 7. Seventh Round____________________, __________________, _________________, _________________, ____________________, __________________, _________________ TOTAL POINTS:_____________________ HONOR system. I am not counting your points unless to verify the winner. Complete entries are due before the draft begins. At the end, lets say you got the first round and the fifth round right. Add the points together and post your final score on the thread after the draft. PRIZES: You get to use a pretty awesome image as your image or in your signature on the Huddle for 1 full year: (see below--and I have not sought approval for this contest--nor will I.) That is, of course for the winner. And the LOSERS will not go away empty handed: For the last place finisher(s), or the people who get no points whatsoever, you must include as your image or in your signature “The Fasani”. Randy Fasini will long be remembered as the only Panther starting QB in history to finish a game with a 0.0 quarterback rating. You have apparently chosen to carry on the tradition. Please let this brand be a reminder, at least for the next 365 days, how much weight others will give your opinions. Just trying to have some fun. If you do not like the idea, do not play. If nobody plays, I shall wear the crown.
  4. CB: Bradberry#1 and Worley #2 and Captain (n) < Cockrell #1 and Bradberry #2 and Captain/Corn (n) Point? We are already better. DT: KK and Butler and Star and Love < KK and Star and Poe and Love in terns of pass rush. Point? We are already better. Where did we NOT improve in the offseason on D? LB (we are worse--Davis is old and we are getting hi for 3/4 a season), DE (have to play Peppers less, but we get Hall, a question mark), and S (Coleman and Searcy a wash). So if we upgrade CB with the mindset that other positions are not going to be upgraded, it is not as simple. Yes, adding a first rounder at CB makes us better, but we have a starting-level CB (Bradberry or Cockrell) who sits on the bench a lot. I think we will draft a CB in the first 2 rounds, but if a player falls to us we are OK at CB and should not draft CB just because we want to motivate Bradberry. WR is the area of the team that should worry people. We don't have that big time target--like Smitty or Julio Jones. We have Funchess and some role players.
  5. Glad you asked... Kalil has played 14 games in 2 years and his contract is ridiculous and, for the first time in a while, unguaranteed. Tyler Larsen had a decent season. We could cut him, and he knew it...So he gets loud about this being his last season, letting the fan base know he plans to return. That makes it more difficult for the Panthers to cut him. Take away his grande finale? Marty is already unpopular. Kalil is a smart person. He was playing the crowd---possibly. About Olsen-alll we have to go by is the media, and players and teams use it to their advantage when they can. I do not think he was playing the media thing as much as this--He knows we are drafting a young TE. So if you wait until the season is over before negotiating a 2-3 year deal, there is less incentive on the part of the team to give you big money. Olsen wants a deal based on the last few years' performance, not one with a young successor waiting in the wings. Most likely, his role will be reduced to the #2 WR by 2019, when Olsen is about 34 or 35. These guys are smart. They have families. They are doing what I would do--but I sense they and their agents know Hurney and they are playing the game. Kalil knew that he was a cut candidate and would lose $6m or so if cut; Olsen wants a new deal forged as a starter so he gets more up front, guaranteed money. If he goes into the MNF booth next year, they will void his deal but he could be angling to get more guaranteed. Just speculation, but it is what I would do as his agent.
  6. Call me crazy, but I am still racing Jacksonville for the first ring.
  7. How about this for an expert analysis? Details, reasons, support, and evidence are so overrated.
  8. If people are accusing you, they are not necessarily "falsely" accusing you. An accusation is what it is. The accusation hurts confidence in the player, increasing the risk. To assume the accusation is false and to find excuses to overlook the potential wrongdoing is EXACTLY what the players are used to. Think of these athletes--they are treated like gods from the time they are 8. They do something wrong, the coach "handles it." So if there is only 1 accusation, then maybe there is only 1 that got through the double standard. I had teammates who got away with murder and the media and fans treated them like choir boys--it sorta made you sick . Finally, someone complains and is not silenced or intimidated and people like you say, "This only happened once." Bullshit. People mature--but if you assume, without any inside info, that the accusation is false because there was only one episode, you have never been on a college team. Assume that there are more than 1--you would be right 90% of the time.
  9. Looks like John Gruden and Greg Olsen's mom had an evening in the mid 90s.
  10. Panthers 1st round big board.

    Thanks for the analytics, Panther4life--- I am not as confident about Landry being top 15, and I am not sure a QB is not in the second nine---I think there will be 5 QBs drafted before we pick.
  11. Mike Mayock's Final Position Rankings

    Since you know, shall we call you Nostra Dumass? Hurst would be a mistake in the first.
  12. Just sayin Sorry if this has been posted. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/nfl-schedule-2018-predicting-every-teams-record-and-the-super-bowl-liii-champion/ss-AAw7ngL?li=BBnb7Kz#image=35
  13. Mike Mayock's Final Position Rankings

    I would be surprised if the pick is not a WR or DB in the first round.