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  1. and then there was only one.

    Oh well can't have too many we are the best team in the league for a change threads WHOOO
  2. And then there was only one....thread 18

    hahah wow everyone is wet for this
  3. And then there was 1

    LOL everyone was waiting for this poo eh
  4. PIE as the Patriots are defeated!!!

  5. We are the only undefeated team left

    Yup the experts can finally be right hahaha.....worst undefeated and only undefeated team suck it.
  6. Last man standing pie!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHA Got beat by The Oswilder psh we pick off backup QBs for the win... 11-0 last man standing pie indeed :)
  7. The delicious tears of NFC South rivals...

    Yea I  got you...can't call Funchess a bust and compare him to KB when that draft was very special at WR...the Shula thing is still more Cam to me but yea he hasn't been as bad as his other stops so even I have given him his credit lately but I do think there are better options.... For this team and continuity yea it works for us and I'm fine with that, especially since Cam can make calls and audible I'm less concerned with Shula and his flaws. We also clearly had execution problems such as drops and terrible OL problems which made Shula look worse than he was. But yea we have our share of crazy overreactions but we also have people who point out legit issues without being all crazy about it and they get mixed in with the crazy overreaction posts. Either way I'm damn happy to be wrong about Shula...11-0 poo..  
  8. The delicious tears of NFC South rivals...

    Yea but it's not as if those "people running this team" have had a standard of excellence or history of winning or back to back winning seasons still(which will be taken care of for sure) and an overall losing W/L record...anyone doubting had more than good enough reason to doubt. The hiring of Gettleman is the greatest hire in the history of our team and will go down as such easily. That said it was the right call to have patience and let things develop with Rivera but it was also the wrong call to keep Hurney for as long as we did after he kept trading and squandering picks....we also lame ducked(wasted) the last season with John Fox. So yea thank god this franchise finally brought in someone with some football sense....but I forgive people for doubting since the Panthers had precious little before that. The fact that the rest of the NFCS is crumbling around us (with the exception of the Bucs)(but they are like our little brother) is icing on the cake.    
  9. Matty Ice is melting....

    Yea just "Matty"  Sup Matty
  10. Dear Mr. Ryan - from a concerned Carolina Dad

    lol well played sir well played TBH...gonna start  a race war I know but....Teddy Bridgewater was hit with some late hits that would most definitely have been called against Ryan or Brady, or Peyton....seriously the reffing bias
  11. Agreed and it's not even a question. If you get a big lead like we have in some game's I'd defintely put like DA in and rest Luke, TD, etc...but that's different.
  12. Panther's should fear Bucs

    HAHAHAHA Bucs just lost to the Colts backup QB...worry bout dat first fellas they aren't on our level GTFO of here with that poo. They beat a team that gave up on it's HC and they are a threat now?   Like Cam himself said "Who you? You ain't no threat"
  13. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    LOL Dan Quinn is like damn why did I leave Seattle...can't turn a bunch of marshmallows into stone....another poo hire proving IMO that these coordinators get over fugin rated way too damn much...yea you can call a defense when you got all word players...that makes you HC material how? lulz oh well at least they are in our division and the owners/leaders from the other teams in the NFC South are bumfug retards who suck...3 peat going to turn into flat out domination Pats style...that's right rest of yall fight for 2nd from here on out cuz yall can't see us.  
  14. Yea I've said this before but I remember when the "experts" said they didn't even know if we were the best team in the division. Oh yea and that new one about Brian BullshitBilick talking about we should watch out for Tampon Bay...yea they should worry about the Colts with their fugin Backup a dick bilick and get back to us.
  15. Norman's Trash Talking

    I voted good...if he can take players out of the game just by talking that's a good plus. We're just missing Smitty to do it to the other team's defenders....damn what a combo that'd be....oh well Cam seems to get under the skin of the defense just in a different way.