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  1. Fox007 added a post in a topic Is Phillyb a Traitor?   

    2) Pump fake. Seriously, pump fake all day. Josh Norman is a boss but he's so turnover hungry that he's liable to telegraph coverage jumps that can be exploited.
    Careful now don't want the Norman entourage after you.
    I love that too...our thoughts clearly have actual impact right...yea no.
    I swear we'll hit every FG as long as I lean to the right a bit.
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  2. Fox007 added a post in a topic So that bobby guy   

    Our run game has stunk vs much worse....and Sherman isn't all that fast honestly we've had success throwing against them when Cam has had time.
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  3. Fox007 added a post in a topic Who's Going To Be The One To Do This To Sherman?   

    KB would be the only one to come close...or Cam if he ever somehow got near him 1 on 1 like in a run or something. Thing with KB is he usually gets flagged or looked at harder since he's so much bigger.(seems that way to me anyway)
    Cam is not like any other QB and mixes it up in the scrum when things break out which is great.
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  4. Fox007 added a post in a topic Guess before you click...which non NFCS team has Cam played the most?   

    I'm not tired of them as they are a pretty good measuring stick usually...this year they are suffering from the "me, me, mine" attitude and all that comes with having those types of characters around a SB team.
    Hopefully our dynasty will keep together well as we usually take in and nurture attitude and character like that of Thomas Davis, Cam Newton, and Luke....this year will be ring #1
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  5. Fox007 added a post in a topic Josh Norman Moving Around   

    Reading comprehension isn't your forte and I know you didn't read those articles which shed some light on the discussion but you do know free lancing doesn't mean every play all game right? Tell me you at least know that?
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  6. Fox007 added a post in a topic Josh Norman Moving Around   

    Yes he does and it's not hard to find articles discussing 4 games in how much has he done? A hell of a lot less than he used to. But really only the coaches/players know for sure on each play but...
    Perhaps you should watch all the videos Rivera puts out...or maybe some people can just pick up on tone or RBTL better because no coach is going to come out and get too specific but with him they have gotten as specific as I've seen. 
    Norman himself has talked about the doghouse stuff with Rivera(from 2014): 

    If you want to say it’s a doghouse, shoot I was buried in it. Being in it? I was buried underneath it.”

     Then they talk about how he stopped free lancing as much in these.
    And Rivera the way he is I wouldn't be surprised if Norman is still doing things that bothers him but his play has been so good what is he going to do...
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  7. Fox007 added a post in a topic Josh Norman Moving Around   

    No it's the way it happens. He free lances a lot which leads to big plays both ways. If you rewatch the Bills play it looks almost exactly like his Pick 6 where he was trying to take the ball away from a WR who wasn't his man...They(and Rivera) stated it several times that the pick 6 he had was not his responsibility but he took advantage of the QB's eyes and made a play.
    Not hard to see how that could backfire some times and yes if he is still doing the same thing as 2 years ago it's prevalent, the difference is it's going for a TD our way(which is a pretty damn big difference). Also if Manuel had thrown that short pass it would have been a pick 6 because he's doing the exact same thing this year, which is watching the QB eyes and not the WR (not always but that's how those plays have gone).
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  8. Fox007 added a post in a topic R. Wilson: 0-10 w/l record when opponent scores 25   

    Yea...stats like this lol...
    Hey guys did you know most teams have a losing record when the other team scores like 40 fugin points or like 200 points or something.
    Hey man you know that the Panthers are undefeated when holding opponents to 0 total points. stats yay
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  9. Fox007 added a post in a topic Josh Norman Moving Around   

    Some people just have to be beaten over the head with it before they see or understand....dood says we've played 4 QB's who suck and who shouldn't' be starting but yet doesn't acknowledge that they don't have the talent  to make Norman pay for his's like he makes a case for Norman being set up but then just says "na he's Norman and a Panther so fug all the other options".
    I mean even the great EJ Manuel made Norman pay on a game winning TD when Norman jumped a route...dood is making plays and he should continue to do so but he is making high risk high reward plays....sometimes that route jumping is going to go the other way for a TD...He's playing the same as he always has it's just paying off for now....which means yes he does some bone headed stuff. I'm just glad he's not ONLY doing bone headed stuff and is mixing it up with some of the best CB play in the NFL and that the Panthers have ever head.
    But yea Norman gonna Norman...that much is apparent.
    What sucks/is weird is that I don't think that GMan and Rivera are going to pay him 10+ mil a year so...wonder if we try to trade him at some point....I thought the offer was fair and even at his current play I wouldn't go more than 8.5 mil a year...
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  10. Fox007 added a post in a topic Sean Payton interested in leaving New Orleans   

    I'd offer him a lifetime supply of vicodin to be our OC
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  11. Fox007 added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    The Saints are the all time stat padding team in the history of the NFL...mole man loves his stats whether he wins or loses.
    I remember in one game where we were beating them he went for a short completion instead of trying to score because he was within a few yards and 1 completion away from an NFL record.
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  12. Fox007 added a post in a topic When did Gary Barnidge become a good TE?   

    He was always a good receiving option...we just never put him out there to ONLY catch passes...if we had he would have produced but we wanted more blocking and all around game.
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  13. Fox007 added a post in a topic Could Beast Mode be out against us week 6?   

    The Panthers tend to stuff the big power's usually the smaller fast guys with above average to good strength that give us problems.....ATLs back....much more worried about him....we even usually hold AP down but let backs like Sproles loose.
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  14. Fox007 added a post in a topic What to think of Kevin Norwood?   

    Not even our 2nd round pick has been productive....they may never amount to much but still not enough time has passed to really make any sort of assessment other than they haven't produced reason to be too concerned just yet but yea I don't know what to think.
    I guess it's more of the idea that Bersin, Cotchery, Brown are more like place holder WRs until we can field actual NFL type WRs(ones who can catch, run routes, and/or do a specialty thing really well). Like it's weird because Norwood is actually kind of old for a 2nd year player at 26(KB will be 25 in his 3rd season) it's hard to say what his ceiling is but he may be getting a bit too much slack for missing that wobbly pass that was tipped...I mean Brown and GInn have both dropped worse than that.
    Our offense really can't handle crucial drops and penalties so maybe they are just going with the most sure handed guys now and Ginn is the deep threat even with his sometimes suspect hands...always have to be able to stretch the field and his current play will make defenses respect him now.
    Like the other guys just posted above...could be a Rivera dog house thing...he may not suck but has to work his way out of the DH like Norman had to.
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  15. Fox007 added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    "Nuh uh" isn't a valid your thumb in your mouth as well?
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