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  1. Fox007 added a post in a topic The Official South Carolina vs North Carolina CFB Game Thread 6 PM ESPN   

    Carolina got this.
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  2. Fox007 added a post in a topic Newton's instagram continues to be unique...   

    I remember hearing how Cam denied taking pictures with some girls because they had drinks in their hands...after the ladies put the drinks down he then took the picture with them.
    Cam seems to have a brain for avoiding the type of picture that could paint him in a negative light or bring negative attention or give the wrong that makes this pic interesting(the only negative thing would be the fake trigger pose).
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  3. Fox007 added a post in a topic Gettlemagic Teeth pulling : Sticking to Youth Movement. year will theoretically be the most powerful year for the offense now that we have an OL, KB coming back from injury, another another draft/FA.  Course then it will be his 6th year and Olsen isn't getting any younger same with Kalil.
    Funchess is really young so if he pans out we could have him for a very long time...we just need to see what we actually have in him....He could be KB, KB lite, or Dwayne Jarrett(shudder).
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  4. Fox007 added a post in a topic King Suggests RGIII to Backup Cam   

    My man.
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  5. Fox007 added a post in a topic King Suggests RGIII to Backup Cam   

    LOL you remind me of the sales guy that works at my wouldn't happen to also be Jewish would you?
    He sells software(our products) and says similar poo like this around the office.
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  6. Fox007 added a post in a topic King Suggests RGIII to Backup Cam   

    Say Hell to the fug no to

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  7. Fox007 added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    fug it lets just use the 2 TE base set Cam used his rookie year....our TEs are way better than the WRs and Cam was sick in that offense.
    Makes too much sense for Shula to use it though...."It works? Get that poo outta my playbook"
    (see the lack of the no huddle offense)(we'll run it once a game score a TD and sit on that TD)
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  8. Fox007 added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    Considering Browns 21 gives him first team Reps...yea 9 would be serviceable in Huddle Logic.
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  9. Fox007 added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    Just stick a sticky up at the top of the forums saying "Yes I predicted T. McClain was going to be all Pro" "Yes that joke got old literally 3 years ago"
    Everyone fugs up an eval every year....must be something else getting to people that they only keep bringing that 1 thing up everytime.
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  10. Fox007 added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    Exactly these are some of the same people who kept saying that Seattle had a top 10 OL back when we had Bell and were saying it was the OL that was making Wilson what he was(they had like the 23rd ranked OL)...but if you actually watch NFL games you would know that their no name WR crew is damn good...they can catch and have great awareness before and after the catch...I mean seriously even in our game vs them they bailed Wilson out with some miracle catches from those prayers Wilson threw.
    Also Norwood reminds me of Proehl to be honest...he always hit that crazy play for a TD with Bama and had some game winning catches...Yea he's likely a #3 tops but the ability to make big plays is missing from this offense...oh and he can actually catch...something that seems to be a premium on this team.
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  11. Fox007 added a post in a topic There is a Big Misconception Going Around Right Now   

    Maybe if we keep saying strong run game enough times it'll actually appear.
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  12. Fox007 added a post in a topic Bucs, Falcons and Saints all look like complete garbage   

    Yea that homer flavor koolaid got people stupid...The Saints are going to have a good offense as per usual so they will put points up on the mid-lower tier defenses which still gives them wins. We got 2 turnovers with our awesome D and only got 1 FG out of it....our offense is going to struggle but Cam will have to put on the cape in the big game moments.
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  13. Fox007 added a post in a topic Sunday Practice News & Tweets - incl Injury Update   

    It seriously took this long for a fugin WR to figure out and say "Hey guys I promise I'm going to catch with my HANDS today"
    Where else in the NFL is this absurd WR play found....anywhere...someone point me there so I can feel better.
    I see Boykin stinks it up during practice but is a gamer and lights it up on game-day...we've seen these practice heroes before...rather have a gamer.
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  14. Fox007 added a post in a topic Starter, Depth or Cut?   

    - Mike Remmers      - Starter RT (Williams probably will be too but unlike Remmers Williams has LT                                                                   potential and he'll go there long term putting Remmers back at RT)
    - Jerricho Cotchery - Backup      
    - Corey Brown         - Sent Packing 
    - Kony Ealy              - Starter  (wouldn't be a  starter if Hardy was here and IMO he won't have that ceiling                                                     on the field but also won't have Hardy's floor when it comes to off the field bs)
    - A J Klein                - Backup  (plays STs and all 3 LB spots...easily has a long career filling in)
    -Tre Boston             - Backup   (assuming he's only a FS would easily want him over Harper if he can do SS though)
    - Roman Harper       - Backup   (for mentoring the young guns and isn't quite as bad as a lot of us keep                                                           saying(myself included))
    - Bene Benwikere    - Starter    (nickle back that is...IMO could hold down a side opposite of Norman too)
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  15. Fox007 added a post in a topic Boykin or Bersin?   

    They have to know that Chemistry and team experience will come with time...Bersin is at his ceiling.
    I actually think Bersin plays a hell of a lot smaller than the is 6'3 210lbs....anyone can answer this....honestly does he play like he's 6'3? To me it certainly doesn't seem like it. Ginn is 5'11 for comparison and he seems way bigger to me than Bersin.
    I like that he can actually catch and has very solid hands but when you really think about his size something doesn't add up there especially compared to Boykin whose 6'2 and looks way more fluid, strong, hops, and game speed.
    I say game speed because Bersin actually ran a 4.54 but looks slower than that to me and Boykin ran a hilariously bad 4.74 but doesn't look anywhere near that slow to me.
    Bersin has good route running so long as he's not tripping over his own shoe or getting mugged up by Seattle. If someone were to make an argument for something he has over Boykin it'd be only that....maybe.
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