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  1. Romo is already hurt, the Saints were trying to injure people on purpose...if you know someone has something like that you test it out when you always been played like that...if you don't know in which ways I'm talking about it's clear you never played and you don't  listen to former players talk about's part of the game...remember when Lynch was testing Lukes head? Yea part of the game not for the faint of heart so spare me.    
  2. Test that shoulder of his....legally of is a physical game man....physical game...
  3. Yea I wonder what holding them to some 14 yards does to our run defense rankings.
  4. NFL refs and reffing inconsistencies

    You aint seen nothing yet so best to get out while you only have a little bit of sand in your vag.
  5. First look at the Carolina Blue Man group (colour rush)

    Damn I'm not liking those....bring back the all black man we're undefeated may as well bust out the best NFL unis of all time...seriously those things are so sick especially in cold weather types when you don't have to worry about the heat..that's when I'd bring those out.
  6. Stewart Plants a Redskin into the Field

    Stew be dribbling ninjas like a basketball haha.
  7. HOnestly I wouldn't mind getting a few calls here and there to keep us undefeated... The league and the refs owe us that and then more the way they have perpetually screwed us year after year after year up to and including this year...we've had to beat the other team and the refs a few times already this year... People keep talking bullshit about the Rodgers choke job but fail to bring up how that was an illegal play anyway and should have been a pick penalty yea bring on the fix in our favor we deserve it don't care what anyone says. And if we do start getting favorable calls and it's clear as day we are getting set up to win then i'll just say "yup and ask me...fugin ask me" then they'll say "ask you what?" and i'll say "ask me if I give a FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK" Pats have been cheating for years and years and getting rings off it so...I don't give a poo how it comes as long as it comes...lets bring that trophy home and if we get some ref love for once along the fugin be it...don't care at all.  
  8. LOL yea hillbilly bill lookin real country bumkin there aint he yall Bet he calls it 'duck' tape
  9. Peyton Next year if he makes it

    You guys need to NFL better...the fug would the Jaguars pick him up for one year when they have a decent young QB they just spent a 1st rounder on....up your NFL game for the entire fan bases sake bruh.
  10. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    Yea Smitty talked poo after the games though and we liked it a lot right? Ice up son? Rules and Regulations? Come on now :) I personally like all of it and Smitty was the poo at it haha...still love me some Smitty. Cam giving the ball away is pretty brilliant, especially works toward helping keep our fans in the seats since they know they can get a ball from Cam....makes fans want to come to the game and after seeing that for years and years maybe it could become a tradition here and keep fannies in them seats.  
  11. On to Dallas and a Turkey dinner

    Eh that wasn't much compared to most Cowboy fan stuff....I mean we did come back from 3-8-1 to make the playoffs ourselves right? I think they have a legit reason to be happy to have their QB back since they are 3-0 with him...if that were the Panthers in that division this year I'd be saying the same one wanted to play us at the end of last year and we were a couple of stupid decisions away from taking Seattle last year in Seattle to go to the was very close before that pick 6....(I mean poo...if we have this years Cam in last years Seattle game...we easily go to the SB) I mean yea Romo is now someone you could consider injury pron and he does have back and shoulder issues and is just a walking injury waiting to happen so his longevity isn't there and they'll need to find a QB of the future before long....but assuming he stays healthy they will be dangerous.  
  12. Is it Creepy That I Like the Arts and Crafts Romo?

    I mean you can't honestly like Cam and what he does and have issues with someone saying "you like that" to reporters who were on his poo before he won a clutch game...I don't have issues with it and he wasn't even doing it towards the opponent.(cept he did it vs the Saints which we should like) Just be careful to not be a hypocrite or anything...looks pretty bad IMO to be like oh i love Cam and his poo but take issues with someone who says "you like dat"...I don't have issues with any of that sort of Cams stuff and I like the discount double check and the Brady anger stuff and all that. I honestly guess kaeps arm kiss is pretty lame but he is corny anyway Cam actually has a national following on his celebrations... I agree with one of your other posts there where you said a lot of the reasons we may hate a player come from the media more than the Luck...I mean we could have a legit reason if we truly believe he stayed in school to avoid us but most of us should thank him since he landed us Cam and Cam is better anyway so it worked out in a 'in your face sort of way'  
  13. Cam's Hard Count

    Cam must be self scouting really well and is using his wits as well as his talents...too bad for the hater/racists who thought a black QB couldn't play intelligently....what else can they use now?...hell after all that fakesmile/towel/dancing/sign bs we are just a few steps away from them just coming out with their white hoods since  they are running out of subliminal poo now.