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  1. Fox007 added a post in a topic Could Beast Mode be out against us week 6?   

    The Panthers tend to stuff the big power's usually the smaller fast guys with above average to good strength that give us problems.....ATLs back....much more worried about him....we even usually hold AP down but let backs like Sproles loose.
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  2. Fox007 added a post in a topic What to think of Kevin Norwood?   

    Not even our 2nd round pick has been productive....they may never amount to much but still not enough time has passed to really make any sort of assessment other than they haven't produced reason to be too concerned just yet but yea I don't know what to think.
    I guess it's more of the idea that Bersin, Cotchery, Brown are more like place holder WRs until we can field actual NFL type WRs(ones who can catch, run routes, and/or do a specialty thing really well). Like it's weird because Norwood is actually kind of old for a 2nd year player at 26(KB will be 25 in his 3rd season) it's hard to say what his ceiling is but he may be getting a bit too much slack for missing that wobbly pass that was tipped...I mean Brown and GInn have both dropped worse than that.
    Our offense really can't handle crucial drops and penalties so maybe they are just going with the most sure handed guys now and Ginn is the deep threat even with his sometimes suspect hands...always have to be able to stretch the field and his current play will make defenses respect him now.
    Like the other guys just posted above...could be a Rivera dog house thing...he may not suck but has to work his way out of the DH like Norman had to.
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  3. Fox007 added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    "Nuh uh" isn't a valid your thumb in your mouth as well?
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  4. Fox007 added a post in a topic Part of Gettleman's MO   

    Let me in on dem lotto #s yo
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  5. Fox007 added a post in a topic Part of Gettleman's MO   

    Grabbing Allen for peanuts since he has basically already been paid this year was a pretty slick move as well...shows he really pays attention to the whole picture and has a good structure in place...I hope we can keep him as GM for at least the next 10 years.
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  6. Fox007 added a post in a topic The sweet sweet tears of Bucs fans on losing Delaire...   

    I hope he continues because we sure as hell need him.
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  7. Fox007 added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have? another one of those silly fugin facts people like to ignore
    Ealy is top 11(several players tied with 6 starting at #8) in the NFL in QB hurries...lets relpace him and the rest of the NFL's can't make this poo up.
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  8. Fox007 added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    If you were paying attention you'd know the answer to your first question...Ealy being drafted ahead of those players means nothing.
    You haven't compared playing times of Ealy to anyone...none of you have offered any facts or evidence...just opinions.
    I've listed references and links with statistics on the subject...but in predictable Huddle fashion those silly facts have been ignored.
    Who said you wanted Ealy? IDGAF who you wanted, nor is that the subject.
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  9. Fox007 added a post in a topic Yeah, after what I just witnessed   

    Yea Seattle is that game where a FG or Punt could get blocked and of course they can run back some punts since they always seem to have a good returner...and ya know they seem to actually practice STs....I'd feel better if the Panthers came out and said they don't bother practicing STs because at least then we could do something to actually improve....if this is what we get with practice then got damn they are seriously inept.
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  10. Fox007 added a post in a topic Why the Carolina Panthers are Super Bowl contenders (David Newton)   

    No Hardy to do it anymore so Delaire is going to suplex that little girl Ryan and kick his ass off his own field....
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  11. Fox007 added a post in a topic Ted Ginn Jr. Appreciation Thread   

    poo imagine if he could actually catch he might have had 300+ yards and 4 TDs.
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  12. Fox007 added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    Yea Ansah is the one and a top 5 pick we've had to hit on later picks...nope not every...just most... which is the point.
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  13. Fox007 added a post in a topic Tavarres King and Marvin McNutt   

    If it was just that it would be a little odd but he could have PMed Zod something we won't ever see.
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  14. Fox007 added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    I'm not banking on anything just showing that he's in line with the rest of the DE's that were drafted with him and in most every draft. Me saying I think he could go for double digit sacks is mainly those saying "I think Brown will be fine" when he had 100 drops(course he's not doing all that much either).
    Apparently in the NFL you do...or did you not see the rest of the draft he was in? Which of those DEs taken with Ealy have had this magical impact this or last year?
    Here's a hint too...check out the 2013 draft for DE 1st/2nd round...apparently a lot of you are either super confused or just don't really pay much attention to the NFL.
    Lots of 10+ sack guys on that 2013 list right....yea no.  (good read actually)
    It's really not hard to find this info so I'd like to hear exactly who, or why these people think Ealy is behind or where are these magical dominant 1st-3rd year DEs.....not many seem to exist at all...yet we need to get rid of Ealy k.
    Guys like Peppers, White, Smith, and Watt are rare and very hard to come not sure where you guys are getting this idea from.
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  15. Fox007 added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    Nor a night.
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