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  1. Fox007 added a post in a topic This forum seems dead   

    If you've been on this site for long you'd know that when we win people post less in general until the playoffs.
    It's when we lose the bitching is non stop and the talk of the draft or FA or fire whoever....persists all year in bad years.
    When everything is going right and you haven't lost what you gonna say? Yup we won...yea we did what we were supposed to do....k bye...
    When you lose you talk about that drop or that fumble that cost us the game or how Rivera still can't coach for poo or Shula sucks or w/e it is.
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  2. Fox007 added a post in a topic It's a Trap!   

    Honestly the Bucs have a good defensive line and can rush the passer....if it's one way they can win it is with their passrush...
    I know a lot of fans on here don't watch the entire NFL but if you've seen the Bucs you should know that their DL can give them a chance...their ONLY chance really...especially if our own passrush isn't getting there again this game.
    We did handle the Texans but their DTs aren't as good as Tampa's and pressure up the middle is much worse..we'll see I just hope our own passrush shows up this game because WInston is good for 2-3 pics if we can get in his face.
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  3. Fox007 added a post in a topic Let's all think before posting PFF grades...   

    Never cared about nor referenced PFF grades(that I can remember)
    Same with QBR...meaningless to me.
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  4. Fox007 added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    Honestly people need to stuff that bullshit "nobody" is available one on this board called this nor did they know the contract situation of JA and how the Bears basically already paid for him....
    Now I believe we tried a bargain bin thing with Norwood who still could pan out...and we see how Lockett is performing for Seattle so Norwood may just need more time to develop but moves like this JA trade make me think we could get a better WR but the question is "at what cost?".
    If the answer to that question is higher than GMan is willing to go then we have to trust that he's looked and isn't willing to pay whatever price whoever is asking.....but yea players are out there.
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  5. Fox007 added a post in a topic Expectations: If the Allen Trade can produce 1/2 what the Olsen Trade has...   

    People seriously fugin overstate the age of players...Brady is fugin 38 and Peppers can still ball at 35...Our own Smitty just had a monster game at 36.
    Medication is better than it was 10-15 years ago, Doctors/Surgeries are better than they were 10-15 years ago, HGH and other poo you have yet to hear about is better than before it existed 15 years ago....just STAHP it.
    RBs tend to decline after 30 but it doesn't make them useless and scheme/location(team) matters a hell of a lot more than people think about or pay attention to.
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  6. Fox007 added a post in a topic This defensive line please.   

    CJ, Short, Hardy, Allen
    Yep I'm that guy
    But seriously I agree that would be our best pass rush line at the moment...and probably even with CJ back since he didn't do much either.
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  7. Fox007 added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    Sick trade by GMan now pilfer AJeffrey from them even if it takes a 3rd.
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  8. Fox007 added a post in a topic The Cam Bias- Precedence vs Evidence   

    So basically Brando is a racist POS motherfcker no wonder people like TheRed are always on edge about poo even when a lot of times its nothing there.
    I swear these last few months got me swinging more toward the mentality that these fugers are some serious POS racists.
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  9. Fox007 added a post in a topic Video of the Cam no-call linked in this thread   

    It's a late hit and yes Brady, Brees, Manning, etc get those calls so fug Ed and his POS self.
    People want to confuse devastating hit with personal fouls but that's not the case...just because the hit wasn't a snot bubbler doesn't mean it wasn't a penalty...they call "barely" holds all the fugin time and that was a late push and by the letter of the rule it should have been a flag.
    If you want to defend Cam I'd be posting that link all over facebook or wherever and just stating that you think its a foul or whatever. 
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  10. Fox007 added a post in a topic Think about this D-line when everyones healthy...   

    Think about the whole team when everyone is healthy....3-0 w/o KB we would have all taken that poo.
    Add another draft and a round of FA and this team looks pretty damn sick going forward.
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  11. Fox007 added a post in a topic NFL Live Hochuli Gate   

    True but if you've been here for the entire lifespan of the site that would only be an average of 3 posts per day.
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  12. Fox007 added a post in a topic Bias Confirmed   

    "Because you were running" is not a valid excuse to NOT throw the flag....a late hit is a late hit no matter what so Ed is still a moron, a jack ass, and a cheat.
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  13. Fox007 added a post in a topic Shula called a better game today than McDermott   

    Durr wat? pretty sure you fudged that.
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  14. Fox007 added a post in a topic Whining.   

    I like how some fans on here actually were dissing McKown and the Saints fans who said he had mobility...then he avoided damn near everything and his mobility and accuracy almost beat us...gotta give him props for having a good game and actually being pretty athletic out there.
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  15. Fox007 added a post in a topic Shula called a better game today than McDermott   

    Literally no one could dislike Shula more than i do but he called a damn good game today overall....his redzone still sucks donkey balls but that's why Cam audibled and just bootlegged into the endzone instead of having to settle for a FG.
    Rivera still couldn't game manage a pee wee game but yea when Rivera/McDermott suck Shula had a good day...I'd like to see a complete game still but 3-0 is 3-0 even with these injuries.
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