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  1. There is a God! What other explanation could there be for this not only being true but there being photographic evidence of it as well. What a great off-season.
  2. Drunk and Bored Here Ya Go

    I'm going to have nightmares of Ron with that hair, no doubt about it.
  3. Good thing our loss to the Patriots in SB38 was before the era of the smartphone capturing everything. The Kasay kick out of bounds would have shown widespread apoplexy.
  4. Who the fug is this

    It figures this douche didn't cite the Cameron Jordan context behind it all.
  5. Karma is real

    This is rich http://rebrn.com/re/according-to-nacholeber-on-kfan-apparently-sean-payton-was-mocki-3953685/
  6. I like Bradberry , but to up his edge as a #1 corner, he needs a dose of crazy. He's too mild-mannered to get in the head of the other team's #1 WR. When you look at top CB's around the league, there is a swagger element that Bradberry lacks. I hope he finds it. There is a part of being a lock down CB that is the mental game.
  7. In the spirit of Divisional Round walk-off winners...
  8. Best Twitter Reactions

    Lazy ***, put away your Christmas stockings
  9. this was set up back in April when the Saints drafted a kid by the name of Kamara, which basically spells karma. Enjoy it bitches
  10. Look familiar?

    The number of years between those two plays is the number worn on Diggs' jersey. Coincidence, or psychic phenomenon...
  11. And then everyone jump in the campfire
  12. They honestly shouldn't run that spot during playoff football when the Panthers have been ousted. I'll never buy CPI security.
  13. Break Matt Ryan's legs please. You're Philly, you're dirty sumbitches, do it.
  14. Torry Holt on Norv Turner hire

    Why in God’s name do I find this so funny? I think I need sleep.
  15. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    He should be brought home like Old Yeller went home. Or “sent on a trip to Belize” for the younger generation.
  16. Remember this was the first of a two game suspension for Smitty following the Ken Lucas incident. We won both to start 2-0, needed miracles to win both games.
  17. pro bowler graham gano

    Enjoy your last three days of the 2017 season.
  18. Curtis Samuel- who is he really?

    Ready for next year's offense, I know that
  19. Damn, he must of held the door for Shula leaving the stadium right as he was walking in. Savage af
  20. Here's to 3 more games next season!

    Harrison Smith, Xavier Rhodes, and company gonna shut the air attack down.