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  1. Well, poo, I was hoping for the HB. One year deal though?
  2. Have fun being around all those guys getting a ring except you DW.
  3. Just here to find out if Panthers are still *seriously* interested in the Honey Badger. Guess I'll check back later.
  4. Better but need an enforcer back at safety for me to be comfortable.
  5. Brees staying in NO

    Let's send him to an early retirement.
  6. Andrew Norwell to Jags

    Gettleman just drove up the price and all but assured Carolina couldn't (wouldn't) keep him. Well played Nip Shorts.
  7. This guy? Haven't heard his name in a while, has he been injured?
  8. When you eat alphabet soup I bet you choke on the D.
  9. He was drunk as fug
  10. Now that Ed won't be flexing on TV every Sunday, watch those guns shrivel right up.
  11. I want to cut out the Directv as their costs have skyrocketed since I signed up about 5 years ago. I'm all for a streaming option, but the problem I have is DVR. My family and I rely heavily on recorded broadcasts. Do any of these emerging services have a way to record shows or at least access something like a game after it was aired live?
  12. Hi there

    It's been that kind of day. Hope you're good sir.
  13. Hi there

    What's up Huddle. Still in off-season mode but check out the topics from time to time. I hope everyone's doing well, and if not, then eat a bag of dicks.
  14. Oh the irony. The one person Marty doesn't ridiculously overpay brings him to his knees.
  15. Let us know what happens with the Irish chicks.
  16. So how many other teams have had three different DC's in as many years with the same head coach?