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  1. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    Brah, the offense quit on Sunday. How about you aim your passion and ire in that direction. Panther fans are reacting to the poo product that's been on the field as of late. If you sat there during that game clapping and smiling having a great old time because we scored 3 points and lost to a team that did nothing on offense, go ahead and schedule yourself a CAT scan.
  2. Fire Shula plane banner

    Remember the "We Want Moore" chants back in the day for Matt Moore? Fox said sarcastically in the post-game he thought the fans wanted more of the QB play we were already getting. When we're looking to fly banners, sign petitions, and start chants, we're headed towards dark times.
  3. Fire Shula plane banner

    Forget the banner, just hire a kamikaze pilot to head for the press box.
  4. So, a matter of time before the Panthers relocate as well?
  5. Has Rivera Quit on the Team

    I wish he would quit the team
  6. I wish I could get excited for this game, but can't. I was ready to watch #embracethesuck tonight, but we caressed the suck this afternoon, so I'm good.
  7. I don't trust Richardson to piss outside of his pants, let alone make coherent personnel decisions. Time to put him in a home and hand over the keys.
  8. He might as well be done. When he was out there we still looked like ass. A neck injury is nothing to mess around with, and a center will always take abuse into the neck area after the snap. Thanks for the good times Ryan.
  9. watch the only firing tomorrow will be the social media director.
  10. This franchise has never had a head coach who can drop some truth bombs, show fire and emotion, hold the players and coaches accountable, and sport a pair of testicles. Capers, Seifert, Fox, Rivera - one owner. We're fugged until...
  11. Look at the pathetic excuse for a run game we have. We're a one dimensional team from the start of the game. Defenses have Shula's kindergarten game plan figured out before kickoff.
  12. As long as that big ass NFL shield is at midfield, JR is satisfied. Fuging pathetic emasculated leadership from the top down.
  13. Ron Rivera is a loser.

    Remember when we would lose games but still score points?
  14. Relax

    There's optimism and then there's delusional. What have you seen today to give you a shred of hope for the next 7 minutes??
  15. Just lost 25 yards of field position for not fielding that punt ffs
  16. Need a turnover and short field
  17. We piss away the best drives my god
  18. Glad I waited all week for this shitshow. They are about to go up 21-3 and get the ball to start the 2nd half.
  19. Someone check Rivera's pulse. If he has one, do anything in your power to stop it.
  20. 3 sacks allowed and can't run for poo. Garbage oline