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  1. Did this happen in NC or LA? If LA, don't care. If NC, care slightly more but not enough.
  2. For a smart TV, sounds like a huddler penned this gem: https://charlotte.craigslist.org/ele/d/netflix-and-chill-with-this/6611882464.html Trying to "Netflix and Chill" with your tinder date but you don't have Netflix and let's be honest ... you're really not that Chill either. I have the solution for you!!! buy my Vizio M50 4K smart TV. Got this my senior year of college so I could play Mario cart with the boys on week nights and finger chicks on our family couch on weekends. Needless to say mission fugin accomplished thanks to this Mint condition TV.Take your game to the next level and enjoy apps such as Hulu, Amazon TV and Netflix with the press of a button. And Don't worry, if you play your cards right, you may be pressing some lucky lady's (or dude's) fart button with your tongue later if you buy this sexy TV from me.In the words of my late senile grandfather:"Who the hell are you?? get the fug out of my house!!!"That's what you're going to be saying to yourself in the mirror every night if you don't buy this Tv!I know you're tired of squinting at your poo little 32 inch monitor while drinking a bro-tein shake and playing Destiny 2. Sell your body for ca$h and come take this damn TV out of my room.Pros-it's 50 inches -4K quality-it's a smart TV-yes you can hook your laptop up to it and watch any kind of "videos" you want to -super high refresh rate aka it's great for gaming.Cons-I won't have a TV anymore-I have to meet you in person Won't take anything less than $400 for it. Also I'm not trying to drive to your apparment so I can see all the empty Mountain Dew and Doritos you have laying around so if you want this bad boy you gotta come down to the D-Block (Dilworth).- Reed
  3. Chaos

    Tony Parker To Charlotte

    another infusion of that "Spurs" philosophy about how to be a team, I hope it translates to W's
  4. There are some people in this thread that cannot be parents based on their comments, but are judging the hell out of people. Completely disconnected from reality if you think bad parenting is letting your children be in awe of and idolize their favorite athletes. Do you remember Michael Jordan, or did your parents not let you watch sports as a kid because it might warp you as an adult. Jesus Christ.
  5. Chaos

    No UDFA Hype this year

    Taye Biddle gonna crack the starting lineup this season.
  6. Did I hear MF's? Yep, he ready.
  7. Get the screen grab of DeSean Jackson's wtf look, also priceless.
  8. Chaos

    Rumor : Kemba to LA

    What the actual fug. Big Baller orchestrated his son to LA, he’s not leaving. Plus, give me Kemba all day.
  9. Thanks for the mammaries CJ
  10. The management of the Hornets licks dick
  11. lol I wish we did have a player named Brad Berry.
  12. Great analysis, but no way did Benjamin consult any stats to form his conclusion. His pride was hurt and he's saying what any young guy would say to keep their own confidence up. He knows damn well he was lazy and took his quick stardom for granted. Good luck to him in his next chapter.
  13. Chaos

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    See, this is what pisses me off. Cam did what about anyone would do if some punk bitch teen was talking smack right in their ear. But let's roast Cam nationally because he's a lightning rod for controversy. Y'all are right, the journalists won't bother enough with the context that he puts these camps on for kids, and some of these same kids have the lack of respect seen here. That's my muthafkn quarterback, to hell with the world.
  14. Rolling with the untucked dress shirt like a baws. I like this guy.
  15. Chaos

    This is the worst time of the year

    Fap for the next 30 days straight and TC well be here before you know it.
  16. I don't know about Tepper's level of football knowledge, but we all know how bad Amini sucks, and he'll soon know if he doesn't already. I hope he stomps that mediocrity mindset right the hell up outta here.
  17. Chaos

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Keep Pounding DG
  18. Chaos

    NFL Logos Ranked

    I heard once before we had the greatest uniforms of all time as well.
  19. First owner to join a fan message board? Jeremy, he looks like Huddler material to me, reel him in.
  20. DeAngelo with that fake ass smile. Fug him.
  21. seconded, a great mountain locale brings cooler temps and slightly thinner air to enhance training. Plus a quick drive from Charlotte.