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  1. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Fan chant/Fight Song   

    Isn't the 1990's wave most Panther fans still participate in embarrassing enough?
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  2. Anybodyhome added an answer to a question Women that don't want kids. Ever.   

    Almost 60, wife is 48 and neither of us wanted kids from the get-go. We've been together 20 years and are financially able to raise a few, but that's not the point. Her mother used to give us a hard time about having kids until my brother-in-law had 2 sons. Now I have those 2 nephews and 4 nieces among a pretty close family. The whole "lonely" thing and "nobody to spend time with when you get older" is complete bullshit. We travel all over whenever we want, wherever we want... which isn't always feasible with little ones.
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  3. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Self Checkout   

    Hey! I resemble that remark!
    But I couldn't find my checkbook if you paid me right now it's been so long since I used it. Can't remember the last time I set foot in a bank and stroll right past the baggage check counters at the airports, my boarding pass is on my phone and there's little I can't do with an app....
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  4. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic New $600 Million Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Coming To The Charlotte Region   

    So, what's in Kings Mountain that would attract such a place?
    And why a film studio when most of the film industry left NC when McCrory took away the tax incentives?
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  5. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Obama: If I ran again, I could win   

    Hillary doesn't need to say anything when her best campaign manager is Trump, Ted Cruz and a couple other of the Republican idiots who continue to say stupid poo.
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  6. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic How do You Just Pick up And Leave?   

    Check, check, check, check and check.
    And, when I decided to retire after having accomplished the above several times over, I threw a dart at a map and moved to NC on a whim. A little over a year later I attended the first Panther football game ever in Clemson...
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  7. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Rescued a Pup This Morning   

    "Master" (named after the padlock locking a chain around his neck) is officially available for adoption. He has a clean bill of health from the vet (we have all of his records), has gained 9 pounds in little over a week, has been neutered and is estimated to be about 8 months old. He is a lab mix, housebroken, cat and kid friendly and has a great temperament and personality. We have set up a 1-year Banfield Wellness Plan for him which is transferable to the new owner. He car rides very well and has a couple basic commands down pat. Contact me via PM if there might be any interest...

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  8. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Vacation Starts in Las Vegas   

    Flew into Vegas Saturday night, stayed over and were flown out on Sunday morning to the North Rim. Got back into Vegas Wednesday evening and we're staying over until Friday morning before flying home.
    Yeah, it's hot, but with no humidity it's easier to deal with than eastern humidity. One of our stops today was the Pawn Shop...

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  9. Anybodyhome added a topic in The Lounge   

    Vacation Starts in Las Vegas
    Flew out of Raleigh Saturday morning and arrived in Las Vegas around 3PM after a brief layover in Atlanta.
    Today we make our way to the Grand Canyon where tomorrow we begin our rafting adventure on the Colorado River thru the canyon for 4 days. Been to the GC looking in from above many times but this is the first time I'll see it from inside at the bottom. We helicopter from the camp at the rim down to the river- my first time back in a helicopter since ditching in the Indian Ocean in 1985 when I said I'd never climb into another one.
    4 days completely out of touch- no cell phones, no tablets or laptops, no iPods.Just us, our packs and the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.
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  10. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic self-representing in court   

    I'd suggest going in looking like this guy...

    ...happy days are here again...
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  11. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Rescued a Pup This Morning   

    The dog is mine now. Once a couple people realized my job with the city and once I got the vet's report yesterday, it's no longer an issue.
    Yes, he has intestinal parasites and needs to gain weight and strength. But he has antibiotics, special food and steroids (yes, my dog is now juicing). He has no microchip, but he does have a rabies tag. Once he gains some strength and weight, he'll be neutered and we'll find him a home. 
    It's amazing to see how an animal could have lived as he did, as hungry and sick as he was, yet have the spirit and happiness of any other puppy. I'm happy for him and he'll be tough to let go when he finds a good home.
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  12. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic North Carolina election law trial.   

    Not the phantom "voter fraud" argument again. It's embarrassing enough the right continues to believe this myth, but even more embarrassing when voter fraud been repeatedly disproven, yet the right continue to perpetuate that same myth.
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  13. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Rescued a Pup This Morning   

    Now what? We've reached out to a couple local networkers who know people who can foster and rescue and we got word that a dog matching the description was reported missing to the city animal control. I work for the city and I know the guys who work animal control. Thing is, we found this dog with a lock and chain around his neck and his ribs, spine and hips are all showing and he acts like he hasn't eaten in a month.
    I may have to buy the dog from the owner if I can't bluff them into giving the dog up or I report them for neglect. This should be good.
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  14. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Rescued a Pup This Morning   

    He's intact and I'm guessing 4-6 months based on his personality and behavior around other dogs. He's maybe 18" tall at the front shoulder.
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  15. Anybodyhome added a topic in The Lounge   

    Rescued a Pup This Morning
    So we're taking our usual 4-mile walk along the river trail with Chief and head off to the dog park afterwards so he can run around with some buds. We pull into the parking spot and my wife sees a dog lying motionless in the grass outside the gate. She asks, "I hope that's not a dead dog." Looking inside the park there are 4-5 of the usual peeps and their pets and all I could say was, "Oh, sh**."
    But as soon as I got out of the truck he jumped up and took off tail between his legs, scared shitless. But I had some treats and we coaxed him close enough to grab the chain his was dragging. He had a choker chain with a padlock around his neck, a second chain used to tie him up and a length of cord tied around his neck. Total skin and bones. But we let him sniff us out and went crazy inside the dog park playing with the other dogs. We didn't stay long, brought him home and got him cleaned up and fed him a little. He's way too skinny to heap a bowl of food onto, so we'll slowly give him a little at a time. Off to the vet tomorrow for the usual poking and prodding and hopefully we can get him adopted within the next few days as we're off on vacation next week. 
    We named him "Master" for the padlock he had the chain secured around his neck with. "(You'll note the collar my wife put on him)

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