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  1. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Chicago   

    I love Chicago. One of the best food cities I've ever been to; San Francisco being at the top of that list.
    Oh, and the "Windy City" thing? Yeah, it's for real.
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  2. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Bad ass movie quotes   

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  3. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Bad ass movie quotes   

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  4. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    Both of these young people worked for my wife when they were younger. Their families are from the Martinsville area where my wife managed a country club for 13 years and both of the kids spent their summers working; her as a lifeguard and he in the pool grill/snack bar.
    My wife called me at work this morning, which she never does, and as soon as I heard her voicemail about needing to talk, I knew something was wrong. Both of the families are members of the country club and my wife knows them very well. My wife is terribly upset and I told her this morning I am okay with not having kids. This is not the phone call any parent wants or deserves.
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  5. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Want to vote for Trump? Not in NC   

    First of all, the idiom is toe the line, not tow the line. The phrase derives from track-and-field events in which athletes are required to place a foot on a starting line and wait for the signal to go. Race officials used to shout “Toe the line!” where now they shout “On your marks!” Since entering the language, the idiom has developed to mean do what is expected or act according to someone else’s rules or expectations.
    Second, this is keeping in line with every other feeble attempt the Republicans have made over the past 8 years to get things back on their side. "Just say, 'No' to everything Obama tries to do." Voter ID laws, Benghazi, the list goes on and on over the past 8 years which clearly define the Pubs as a party of scared shitless, conservative, rich white guys. 
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  6. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Wall St taking it on the chin   

    Was wondering how long it would take someone to blame Obama.
    Right when I was getting ready to blame Carly Fiorina.
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  7. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic This "running game" everyone keeps bringing up   

    And he's what, the #2 or 3 RB?
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  8. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic This "running game" everyone keeps bringing up   

    The only evidence of a running game I've seen so far has been in the 3rd and 4th quarters of these pre-season games. And we all know the Carolina Panthers 3rd string offense is the best offense we've seen so far.
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  9. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Why keep Cotchery and not look at Wayne?   

    Terrell Owens says he's still in game-shape, too...................
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  10. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Not-So-Recent Trump Bankruptcy Development   

    Recently spent a few days in Las Vegas, where his hotel is one of the most expensive and high-class places on the strip. But the state of Nevada won't give him a gaming license and his hotel is casino-less because of those bankruptcies.
    But he can run for President. Sure, makes perfect sense to me.
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  11. Anybodyhome added a topic in The Tinderbox   

    Not-So-Recent Trump Bankruptcy Development
    4 bankruptcies by Trump-owned corporations... and his campaigners are saying, "We need a businessman to run this country."
    Are you fugging kidding me?
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  12. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic The Wyndham   

    I have weekend passes but will not be attending thanks to the crowd and this course not being able to handle this many people. They were freebies and my wife worked at Sedgefield for several years early on in her club management career. I've played this course the day after the tourney and many, many times under normal country club conditions- it's like playing 2 different courses. 
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  13. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic Another Job Related Thread   

    Commonly referred to as a Sales Administrator. Assigned to support and assist the sales force with product information, major contract quotes and sales samples. I'm guessing the business is contract-based and the sales force essentially has a territory and a list of companies/stores who sell the product. The sales people will call you when they need information, assistance, etc.
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  14. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic If you own a house in Ballantyne area   

    "...roads are not there to support the traffic."
    Welcome to Charlotte. This is not limited to Ballantyne, the infrastructure in Charlotte is as much a nightmare as it is in Atlanta. And the worse part is Charlotte made the same mistakes as Atlanta, and Atlanta made their mistakes many years before Charlotte. 
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  15. Anybodyhome added a post in a topic The next big Scorsese-Leo Project   

    Not a big Leo fan as I think everything he's done in the last 10 years has been over the top.
    Go back and watch some of his early stuff (Gilbert Grape, This Boy's Life, Marvin's Room) when I thought he was really good. Then came Titanic and, as one paper put it, 9 of his last 14 films he's played an over-the-top rich fug. 
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