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  1. "Desert Trip" Concert: October Coachella

    It's amusing when someone with a point of reference somewhere in the 90's tries to explain history to someone who lived it. To each his own.
  2. "Desert Trip" Concert: October Coachella

    I don't listen to terrestrial radio. And by almost any definition of classic rock you'll see the genre is pre-1980-85 GnR didn't even sign their Geffen record deal until 1986.
  3. When you are sexist and in the news each day

    But let's follow this through to a logical conclusion. The fact that Trump is on wife #3 seems to not bother anyone and I really don't give a fug myself since I've still got him beat. But if Hillary Clinton or any female Presidential candidate was on their third marriage, do you really think she'd be the nominee? If you have a hard time answering that question for yourself, you're as blind, deaf and dumb as a rock.
  4. "Desert Trip" Concert: October Coachella

    Who was it this year? I don't recall any "classic rock" bands on this year's lineup. GnR is certainly not considered a classic rock band if that's who you were referring to. And they're doing it because the demographic for Desert Trip is 2 generations removed from those who attend Coachella and they will make as much from ticket sales for these 6 bands as they did for the 50 or so at the Coach.
  5. Yep. And in North Carolina, where the GOP and their "smaller, less intrusive" ideas of government reign supreme, unless they need bigger government to dictate what cities and counties can and cannot do, there exists a General Statute: 153A-145.2. Limitations on regulating soft drink sizes. No county ordinance may prohibit the sale of soft drinks above a particular size. This section does not prohibit any ordinance regulating the sanitation or other operational aspect of a device for the dispensing of soft drinks. For purposes of this section, "soft drink" shall have the meaning set forth in G.S. 105-164.3. (2013-309, s. 3.) So, because NY tried to limit drink sizes, North Carolina knee-jerks (seen this recently?) and quickly passes a law which says to the state, "Don't even think about trying this at home." Sure, limiting the size of a drink may be stupid, but passing a law that does not allow a law to limit drink size is just as, and possibly even more childish, inane and moronic. And, by the way, the law never took effect in New York, but that didn't stop NC, who's law banning the attempt to ban remains on the books. Bloomberg was a registered Republican from 2001-2007 and now considers himself an independent.
  6. "Desert Trip" Concert: October Coachella

    Wife was going to surprise me with tickets, but we're in the middle of dropping some serious cash into a kitchen reno and spending a few thou on a frivolous trip like that would not be fun for me. Besides, I've seen 5 of the 6 acts who will be performing.
  7. Best Hair Band songs

    I consider myself very fortunate I spent the majority of the 80's overseas and didn't have to endure much of the hair band era. Anyone else see David Coverdale at the Rock & Roll HOF recently? He went in with Deep Purple. Holy fug at the plastic surgery! And his current wife is probably 30 years younger than he is.
  8. When you are sexist and in the news each day

    Nobody has held Trump accountable for the bigotry he's consistently displayed toward the Muslim world, the Mexican people or women. Nobody held him accountable for making fun of a reporter with physical disability and nobody has held him accountable for a campaign "platform" that is built on no public policy, no foreign policy and no financial policy, only his policy of racism, sexism, nationalism and xenophobia. One can only hope the voters will catch a glimpse of the scared, insignificant little man hiding behind the curtain, just like the Wizard of Oz, and hold him accountable for his behavior and persona. Because once you peel that away, there's nothing much to speak of.
  9. 3 nights, 6 bands, October 7-9 in Indio, CA. Two bands will play each night and do a full set each. Not the usual festival with several different stages and music all day and night, this is a single stage event. First night: Rolling Stones & Bob Dylan Second night: Paul McCartney & Neil Young Third night: Roger Waters & The Who $399 3-day general admission all the way to $1500 reserved seating.
  10. Best Hair Band songs

    Nothing more to say...
  11. And McCrory wasn't bad as Mayor of Charlotte, either. And look at the massive douche he is now.
  12. Yeah, well Trump was once voted one of the most hated people in NY, too. Short term memory, I guess.
  13. A shovel and a couple bags of lime help, too..... learned that from "Goodfellas."
  14. How convenient of the right to forget a Republican majority Senate confirmed Loretta Lynch as the Attorney General and thereby, boss of the DOJ. How convenient of the right to also gloss over the fact they felt it perfectly okay for the state to dictate to the cities, but it's not okay for the Feds to dictate to the states....
  15. Oldie but goodie

    Nope. I'm not implying anything. I said Jesus F. Christ is a fictional character. Nothing about you. Are you offended or just jealous?