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  1. Tin foil hat time (Im starting to Believe it though)

    Willingly accepting a result on strictly face value and not questioning the possible gears in motion is more irresponsible than so called conspiracy theories and is the reason why we Americans get manipulated by crooks and theives.  So there is absolutely no reason for people to manipulate outcomes of elections either?!? Basketball games? Football games? Government contracts?  Yes, there are always a reasons Money being one and Control among others.  The honest world some people want to believe in does not exist. You need to be more aware  
  2. How about we Become Sore loosers and Screw with Godell...

    Enjoy that title. Your team deserves it but that call was VERY questionable that's why we can continue to question it.  Congrats though
  3. How about we Become Sore loosers and Screw with Godell...

    He had already completed the catch at that point.  He had secured the tip of the ball and rolled over and was already down.  Head ref on the broadcast as well as the rest of the world saw it. Broncs fans can be some sore winners can't they. Go drink more Budweiser. Budweiser.....Budweiser.....Bud
  4. I'd spend the money on a free agent DE. I'd take Hardy because he's a proven commodity in the system. Bygones be bygones, we're talking about another Super Bowl run mind you.  Draft the best OL prospects you can get at 30 and whatever, maybe double dip and sign a better than average vet or two. Cam had to bite his lip yesterday he was hot! The protection was awful. Keep in mind that everyone in the NFL has just seen what you did with what you got and FA's will want to play here.
  5. Panthers homecoming video courtesy of Ed Dickson.

    Kinda hits you in the feels
  6. I'd take Hardy too, so would coach, but JR?!? Hopefully this bad taste in his and our mouths would change his mind a bit. For the money protection for Cam must be paramount
  7. Colorado has a lot of extra cash these days. If so inclined NC's tobacco infrastructure and mountain boys could out produce them, but yeah, that's why. tehee
  8. I don't like how we have to pull our punches but douches like this get to do whatever. We don't seem to be allowed to be aggressive come playoff time. Wouldn't want to spoil the NFL narrative of Seahawks vs 49ers or the Sherriff riding off into the sunset.
  9. NFL Rigged?

    Not too good at trolling huh? Weak
  10. NFL Rigged?

    Organized crime. Enough said. Not mad though. If I was reffing that game Panthers might have a couple more points on the board too. fans shouldn't be refs for their teams games, period. 
  11. NFL Rigged?

    Whiney bitch whining about bitching. Take that weak sh*t to St. Elsewhere
  12. Let's do the team a favor next time....

    NFL gonna NFL. 
  13. Offense owes defense an appology straight up
  14. Defense played their hearts out, offense played with no heart
  15. So now we know the refs are against us

    Refs just missed two encroachments and a PI against Ginn Jr!!!! fug da NFL!!!!!!