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  1. So goes the scuttlebutt on Twitter. That would be 5 straight times and 8 of the past 9 on the road.
  2. Tyrann Matthieu officially a FA

    As we lament how bad our receiver situation has been, let me remind you all that the best safety we've ever had was Mike Minter, a B-grade safety that never made a Pro Bowl.
  3. Tyrann Matthieu officially a FA

    Just saying: if Hurney were to find a way to get him here, I wouldn't say a single bad thing about Hurney for at least a full calendar year.
  4. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    If you want to troll the Huddle, you need to just stick to one story. Don't say your friend got this both from chatter in the building *and* this magical Big Board that doesn't exist, just choose one or the other. Trust me, I've done this before and I'm pretty good at it. Also, I've seen dozens of these "leak" or insider threads throughout the years and I can't think of a single one that turned out to be true, can anyone else?
  5. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    You people are more gullible than people that post on Infowars.
  6. Oklahoma City has a smaller media market than Greenville-Spartanburg. Seriously, look it up. I know a lot of you guys have that Charlotte Pro Sports chip on your shoulders. We've been through a LOT of poo. Being pessimistic worrywarts makes sense. But the team isn't going anywhere. The billionaires follow the money and the money for the Carolina Panthers flows through Charlotte, North Carolina.
  7. Have you heard of any Oklahoma-based group looking to get a team? Any at all?
  8. Lol I just read a Politico piece about Peter Navarro, one of those snakes in the White House. You are correct.
  9. Again, it ultimately doesn't matter if it's Steph Curry, Zod, or George Shinn and Ray Wooldridge that buy the team. The Carolina Panthers being in Charlotte is what will make the new owners the most money. Period. There's no financial incentive to move the team and there's nowhere TO move the team.
  10. Why would he join a group if they were looking to move the team? He beat the drum at the damn Super Bowl for chrissakes.
  11. You're saying Curry has zero ties to Charlotte or am I misunderstanding?
  12. Predictions: 1. Rubin/Tsai/Diddy/Curry/locals, 2. Tepper, 3. Navarro Want: 1. Rubin/Tsai/Diddy/Curry/locals, 2. Tepper, 3. Navarro However, even though the Rubin group has the most money, never underestimate one of the richest hedge fund managers in the world from getting something he wants (Tepper).
  13. If all your only criteria is "just don't sell it to someone who would move the team", I've yet to hear any rational explanation as to where and why the team would move. They're in the league's top half in revenue and always have been, even during the losing years. There's no city out there that makes any sense. They're not going anywhere.
  14. Yeah guys, I'm sure a group with Steph Curry in it would be just itching to move the team. *eyeroll* And to the person that said he didn't know how much Tsai and Rubin would spend, the net worth of those two plus Diddy is worth something like $16 billion, even more than Tepper. They would become the group with the most money. I'm fine with any of these players except Peter Navarro.
  15. Joseph Tsai entering the mix is a game changer. He has that Alibaba money. Tsai and Rubin together could outbid even Tepper. And, guys, seriously, f Peter Navarro. If you think the word of the wealthiest debt collector in the world means a damn thing, you don't understand that world.