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  1. How did that garbage dump of a franchise ever manage to win a Lombardi?
  2. Until one Vikings fan can explain why giving Chris Spielman, the brother of the current GM of the Vikings, unfettered locker room access was fine, but limiting Olsen to the booth only isn't, they can all collectively STFU.
  3. Chris Spielman has worked at least one game in the Fox booth for us this year. Would you like to know who Chris Spielman's brother is? That would be Rick Spielman, THE GENERAL MANAGER OF THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS.
  4. Holy poo I'm a moron. You're not right on the first part, but you're right on the second part. 189.5/379 is .5. I was doing 189.5/378. Cancel this thread ugh.
  5. Because a tie is like .5 of a win, we'll move over .500 as a franchise for the first time since 1997 with a win over the Jets. Get ready to pop the champagne everyone.
  6. Pretty dumb timing to make this thread. Everyone knows we're going to beat Cutler and McCown and roll into New Orleans at 8-3. Everyone knows the Saints will lose to the Redskins or Rams and also roll into our matchup at 8-3. Maybe wait to make this thread until after our December game against them?
  7. Here are the quarterbacks we've lost to in regular season since 2013, when our defense got good: Russell Wilson EJ Manuel (bad) Carson Palmer Drew Brees Ben Roethlisberger Joe Flacco Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson again Drew Brees again Mark Sanchez (bad) Matt Ryan Teddy Bridgewater Matt Ryan again Trevor Siemian (bad) Sam Bradford (what is he, borderline bad? But he was playing very well when we played the Vikings in 2016) Matt Ryan again again Jameis Winston Drew Brees again again Alex Smith Derek Carr Russell Wilson again again Matt Ryan again again again Jameis Winston again Drew Brees again again again Carson Wentz Mitchell Trubisky (bad) So there is a recipe for beating the Panthers: have a good quarterback or an elite defense. That explains every single loss on this list, except for the Bills and Bears losses in which we murdered ourselves.
  8. The Panthers haven't lost to 2 bad quarterbacks in the same season since 2012.
  9. Was about to post the very same thing. Good teams are allowed one loss to a bad quarterback per year. I think we're a good team and we already used up our loss to a bad quarterback when we lost to Mitchell Trubisky. If we don't roll into New Orleans 8-3 I'll be disappointed as hell.
  10. Fire Shula Banner.....the reason why

    You guys in your little Huddle clique that think you're so edgy and trollish for thinking this is a good idea would be absolutely ripped by the rest of the league and really all of mainstream society if this little stunt happened. You need to take outside the Huddle bubble and realize a lot of the stuff people suggest here is stupid as phuck.
  11. Discovered a New Playoff Machine

    I have us finishing at 11-5 and a 6 seed. Remarkably close to what I was predicting at the start of the season.
  12. Fire Shula Banner.....the reason why

    Spending $100 on a banner is literally as useless as setting it on fire. Anyone that donated is a certifiable idiot, full stop.
  13. Fire Shula Banner.....the reason why

    Instead of spending $1,700 trying to get the offensive coordinator of a 6-3 team fired, may I interest you in the following charities instead: St. Jude: https://www.stjude.org/give.html American Red Cross: https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation Loaves and Fishes: https://54671.thankyou4caring.org/ Men's Shelter Charlotte: https://www.mensshelterofcharlotte.org/ways-to-help/wish-list/ Safe Alliance: http://www.safealliance.org/donations/ Charlotte Rescue Mission: http://charlotterescuemission.org/ways-to-give/needs-list/ Charlotte Refugee Support Services: https://www.refugeesupportservices.org/get-involved/donate/ Redeeming Joy (anti-sex trafficking in Charlotte): https://www.redeemingjoy.org/donate Charlotte SPCA: https://www.charlottespca.org/donate/ Urban Ministry: http://www.urbanministrycenter.org/helping-the-homeless/ways-you-can-help/donate/financial-giving/ Samaritan's Feet: https://www.samaritansfeet.org/donate/ American Cancer Society: https://www.cancer.org/involved/donate.html Susan G Komen: https://ww5.komen.org/Donate/Donate.html Second Harvest Food Bank: https://www.secondharvestmetrolina.org/donation Mitey Riders: http://www.miteyriders.org/support/donate/ Christopher Reeve Foundation: https://www.christopherreeve.org/donate WFAE: http://wfae.org/donate-wfae WTVI: http://www.wtvi.org/support-us
  14. The Top 7 on this list are all Hall of Famers.
  15. Tied for 10th anyway. Kind of an odd list, but it's: 1. Walter Payton 110 2. Jim Brown 106 3. Barry Sanders 99 4. Leroy Kelly 74 5. Steve Van Buren 69 6. Lenny Moore 63 7. Terrell Davis 60 8. Mike Alstott 58 9. Tiki Barber 55 10t. Emerson Boozer 52 10t. Cam Newton 52 He's tied with 3 other players for 66th all-time period, 7th among active players. Where do you think he'll end up?