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  1. I wouldn't call you a bad fan, just a dumb one.
  2. Yeah I know they're still doing the games, I was just hoping for the isolated highlights though. If not, oh well.
  3. Just realized I don't think I've seen any since 2015. I would have loved to have heard Moreno's call for a lot of different plays yesterday. Anyone know if they're coming back to YouTube or why they aren't if they aren't?
  4. Yes. He was the one that shredded Marqise Lee's knee in preseason. He's a very reckless player.
  5. Thomas Davis hits Davante Adams and gets hit with an initial suspension of 2 games. Kazee tries to decapitate Cam and gets the same fine as Torrey Smith. And Goodell wonders why everyone hates him and he gets booed everywhere he goes.
  6. Instead, he set his career high with most rushing TDs in a game on us after that hit. Defense looked afraid to hit anyone too hard.
  7. So much anger over an Internet post. Might wanna step away from the keyboard and get some fresh air tough guy. Some guys on the defense are known for being tough, but when was the last time you heard a single player on our offense (other than Cam) described as "tough"? Seriously, I await your examples. What does Cam's size have to do with taking a headshot when he's sliding? Please enlighten me.
  8. Do you ever ask yourself why Cam takes more headshots than anyone else in the league? It has nothing to do with him running more, he takes them when he drops back to pass and he takes them on designed runs and ends the play with a slide. He takes so many because this team has a soft reputation. Tom Brady never takes headshots because other teams know they can't get away with that. Retaliating when your QB gets hit means you may lose a battle, but you'll end up winning the war. Frank Garcia is a pretty bad radio guy, but one of the few things I trust him on is offensive line play and how offensive linemen are supposed to act on the field. He said he was very disappointed that none of them got Cam's back and he's pointed out for several years how big of a problem that is on this team where other guys just let Cam get decapitated and they do nothing about it.
  9. I don't know why this is so hard to understand. If you or Josh Norman or Steve Smith is jawing at someone to try to bait them into retaliating, good job. If Dez Bryant or Aqib Talib retaliates because of *verbal* taunts, they're acting stupid and need to be shamed. But if someone hits your quarterback in a ridiculously reckless way that could have severely concussed him if it was hit only slightly differently, THAT deserves an immediate physical response. Torrey Smith did his job and good for him. You'll notice his snap count didn't decrease after that play. If you don't respond to something that egregious and violent, the other team sees that as a go-ahead to keep doing it. Think back to the 2016 opener against Denver. Cam took killshot after killshot and nobody was stepping in to put those thugs on their asses. So they kept escalating and kept escalating. They saw how soft we were, so they intentionally tried to injure Cam to get him out of the game. There was no disadvantage in doing so.
  10. Only watched the first few. Flacco's lineman protected him immediately. The first QB hit happened way in the backfield where I don't even think it was helmet to helmet and none of his teammates were in a location to see it. The third example were...the Browns. Now that's a team you definitely want to emulate.
  11. Was this said to you privately or during his speech? Re Tepper: there are few people harder to read on this planet during interviews and presentations than NFL players. I wouldn't read anything into his tone at all. Thomas Davis is especially hard to read.
  12. Sam Mills Fan

    So they DO notice

    Seriously, send me a private message if you need some recommendations for some good psychiatrists in Charlotte (if you live here). You're not alone Professor and we'll get through whatever troubles you're having together.
  13. Find a single YouTube video of a quarterback taking a killshot that didn't lead to retaliation from his teammates to the guy that did it.
  14. Sean McDermott and Steve Wilks are high on the list of next coach to be fired according to Vegas. The only other Rivera coordinator to get a job was Chud and we saw how that worked out in Cleveland. Can we draw any conclusions about Ron Rivera from this or do you think this is just a coincidence?