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  1. Laughing at you morons that are still going on about this. What is this, is Cam freaking Justin Bieber to some of you? You're acting like Bieber fans, One Direction fans, Donald Trump fans....just let it go, good LORD.
  2. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    We already have. There's a whole refugee section for them on Panthers Reddit.
  3. Archie Manning Defends Cam

    " ‘I wish he’d have handled it a little different. "   Interesting.
  4. Been posting on here since 2005 and haven't posted a negative thread about Cam since like September 2013, but yeah, I'm just like PanthersUnited lol. People are SO SO sensitive when it comes to their personal idols.
  5. I appreciate you remembering that, but it's fine. I'm not here to make friends.    What's going to be amusing is when we're back in the Super Bowl next year and Cam plays great and completely sells his body out to recover a loose fumble and has a great postgame press conference, these same people giving Cam every excuse out there are going to 1.) Cover themselves with splooge in excitement when Cam dives for that ball and recovers it and 2.) Will praise how far he's come in postgame press conferences. They'll do this without realizing or caring that they're retroactively going negative on how Cam did things in SB 50. And that'll be fine! It'll make things that much sweeter for those of us that rightfully did criticize his SB 50 performance at the time.
  6. A lot of people keep saying Cam fumbled on 4th down. He actually fumbled on 3rd down.
  7. Then try to dislodge it from whoever has a better angle. This is not hard. NFL players jump for balls like a good 3 seconds after it's been recovered trying to dislodge it after it's already been recovered. I haven't heard one actual player defending Cam on not going for the ball.   Imagine what you would be saying if Russell Wilson or Tom Brady had done the same thing. Making excuses about their "distended pelvis"? Come on.
  8. I posted it in its own thread because it's getting ridiculous. Bill Voth, that guy getting called a white cracker....people have collectively lost their minds with hate at media people saying negative things about Cam. It's gone off the deep end. Cam can handle it, people need to calm down.
  9. Cam is the fiercest competitor on the team as far as I know. You don't get THAT pained where it looks like you're ready to commit suicide after the game if you don't want to win as much as humanly possible. Yes, anyone that thinks he didn't want the ball enough is a fool.
  10. I don't think it's a sign of poor character nor do I think Cam Newton is a person of poor character. Just the opposite, the extreme opposite.
  11. The excuse making for Cam Newton's poor play and poor showing post-game on Sunday has been incredibly grating to people not looking at what he did through a homer lens. You can make all the excuses for why Cam didn't jump on the ball, why Cam threw errant pass after errant pass, why Cam sulked and walked off the stage postgame....none of that changes anything. Cam was not good Sunday. PERIOD. That doesn't mean he sucks or shouldn't have been MVP or isn't the best player in the history of the Panthers or a possible future Hall of Famer. Pointing out when he has legitimately messed up doesn't make you a "white-as-a-bleached cracker" either. If we can call out Teddy Williams or Jerricho Cotchery for messing up, Cam's fair game too.   I think a lot of the mindless Cam defending and homerism is a result of us having to defend Cam from all of these insane personal attacks he's been on the receiving end of especially this year. The idiotic Tennessee mom, the crybaby Seahawks fan that wanted Cam banned from the stadium, Bill Romanowski calling Cam "boy". fug all of those people! Seriously...fug them! But that doesn't mean that Cam can do no wrong.
  12. The Huddle has become infested with Cam cultists. Not one of you have said anything negative about Voth all year until he said something negative about Cam.   Cam messed up and isn't perfect. Saying that doesn't make you a hater. No player should be immune to criticism, this board has become a laughingstock over the past 72 hours.
  13. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    I just googled and Mark Washburn wrote just 2 weeks ago that ratings are up significantly at the station mainly due to the Panthers' playoff run.