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  1. I don't listen to WFNZ as much as I used to because of the amount of podcasts I'm subscribed to, but I've always liked Kroeger and it's exciting to see big things happen to a lifelong Charlottean that's grown up as a Hornets/Panthers fan.
  2. Isn't this going to be the first training camp he enters without a bit of injury in 4 years?
  3. Marshawn Lynch Frank Gore LeSean McCoy That's it, that's the whole list. Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson have more and haven't retired, but they're currently unsigned. There's a decent chance that when the season starts that Cam will be Top 5 among active players with rushing touchdowns. Lynch was drafted in 2007, Gore in 2005, McCoy in 2009, Cam in 2011.
  4. Sam Mills Fan

    MLS to Charlotte?

    David Tepper has the kind of wealth that if he wants an MLS team in Charlotte, there will be an MLS team in Charlotte.
  5. Sam Mills Fan

    Tepper approved

    Not official official until later this summer though.
  6. Cam Newton is tied for 60th all-time in most rushing TDs by any player, including running backs. He has more rushing TDs than any Panther ever, including DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. If he scores his average number of rushing TDs this season, he'll surpass the number of TDs by O.J. Simpson and Herschel Walker. Depending on how much he'll continue to pound from the goal line as he moves into his 30s, he has a decent shot of ending his career in the Top 25 rushing TDs all-time...as a quarterback.
  7. Like I said, we saw the same thing with Greg Hardy. I don't know if it's misogyny, celebrity worship, or both; but this forum has a long history of defending people associated with this team no matter how awful a person they are outside of games or board meetings.
  8. Right, it would have been damn near unthinkable that the 22nd largest metro area in the US could have ever gotten one of 32 teams if not for Mister.
  9. Some of you guys (most of you in fact) excuse Jerry Richardson completely just like you did Greg Hardy...LOL
  10. Sam Mills Fan

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    I'm sentimental by nature, so I'd like for it to stay at Wofford. They don't deserve to be punished for what Jerry Richardson did. That said, I bet it does get moved. I'm thinking either Columbia or Greensboro.
  11. I'm surprised Jerry Richardson even wants to show his face again. Sleaze personified. Good riddance and I hope I never have to hear about him again.
  12. I can't wait for this to finally officially end so I don't have to openly see how morally repugnant a solid majority of people on the Huddle are...I prefer it when you guys manage to keep it clamped down.
  13. Sam Mills Fan

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Brother Doc, when did I call you a psychopath. I'm talking about the mentality that this site had back in the day that you were a heretic if you said anything negative about Jerry Richardson. I literally don't know anything about you beyond the couple of posts we've had back and forth, no need to take things so personally.
  14. Sam Mills Fan

    Thank you Big Cat!

    What percentage of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein's victims went to the police? Hardly any. That doesn't mean Richardson is a rapist, but it also doesn't mean that all women that fall prey to this kind of stuff rush immediately to the police...*especially* not when the person in question is the elderly billionaire owner of the Panthers, your boss, and someone who had psychopathic devotees on places like Carolinahuddle.com.
  15. Sam Mills Fan

    Thank you Big Cat!

    "Thank you Big Cat!"