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  1. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    There is zero point in freaking out about this. We could be less than 6 weeks away from having a new owner who will have no loyalty to Marty Hurney whatsoever. Yes, it sucks that he'll get to run free agency and the draft one last time, but there's a very good chance Tepper will fire Hurney on day one.
  2. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    Does Navarro even have a connection to the team though? Tepper splits time between New York and Miami. It would be one thing if Tepper lived in, say, London or San Antonio. David Tepper doesn't scream "moving the team" to me.
  3. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    Yeah, I mean how does anyone else expect to compete with Tepper? The only *current* owner with more money than Tepper is Paul Allen. That motherfuging debt collector Ben Navarro has nowhere near the money Tepper has.
  4. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    1. Tepper is the guy. Lock this up. What David Tepper wants, he gets. 2. Tepper is one of the most respected people on Wall Street. He's a younger Warren Buffett. 3. He's a hedge fund manager and all hedge fund managers are, deep down, pretty evil. 4. He hates Donald Trump and called him the "father of lies" during the election because Trump didn't give a dime to Sandy relief or to 9/11 charities.
  5. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    Teams you have permission to pull for the Pats in a Super Bowl over: another NFC South team, the Cowboys, and the Seahawks when they beat us like 4 straight times. That's it, that's the entire list.
  6. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    How small dicked are you to think this matters? In what world have the Eagles ever been our rivals? Who gives a poo about their fans?
  7. He's about to launch his own app, something that sorta competes with Instagram. It makes sense, stop reading into it.
  8. Okay if you want to throw that viewpoint out there like that, I would have no problem with it and I wouldn't have made this thread. It's the insane *vitriol* towards him by a bunch of loud mouths that I 100% don't understand.
  9. That might be it, might be an ageist thing. People think 65 year olds are too old to still be good coordinators, ignoring the fact that a defensive coordinator that was 68 whooped our ass in the Super Bowl 2 years ago.
  10. It's more vitriolic than usual with this for reasons I don't get. I've seen people literally wish death upon Norv Turner on Twitter or say they'll be out as Panthers fans. Makes NOOOOOOOO sense.
  11. Just who do you people want that's going to be significantly better? Norv Turner in 2018 won't be the greatest OC of all-time, but he'll *certainly* be better than Mike Shula. Some of you people need to get over yourselves. With Norv, we're going to run something similar to what we've been running, only a much better version of it coming from a smarter mind. It's an obvious upgrade and if you disagree, you're flat out stupid. Some people in this fan base are coming off like entitled little brats akin to Tennessee Vols fans.
  12. Norv is at boa..

    A little birdy just told me Norv is indeed in Charlotte right now.
  13. Predict the new OC here...

    Darryl Drake: current WR coach in Arizona that has mentioned as a possible future offensive coordinator before and worked with Rivera in Chicago like a lot of our other hires have done.
  14. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Can't tell you happy this makes me. How have we had such stinkers at offensive coordinator throughout our history? Shula wasn't even the worst we've had, maybe not even the 2nd worst, and yet he absolutely deserved to get fired.
  15. Everything I've read in the past 30 minutes says he'll be the next Giants head coach. That said, has there been a thread about possible Wilks replacement candidates here?