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  1. Rookie Camp MVP - Damiere Byrd

        Chinese perhaps?????
  2. Rookie Camp MVP - Damiere Byrd

        That comparison about Byrd's legs, brings to mind Steve Smith and the  large,powerful he has for  legs for his size.
  3.     Having low round picks do no good, if we draft them and they they never start.We drafted a LB,WR and OT that should project into above average starters,plus a possible backup RB and a LB that should at least upgrade our special teams.
  4. The selection of OT Daryl Williams was good move,i have seen a 2nd rd rating on him, by several so called draft experts.
  5. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

        Yet, you seem to feel qualified to judge a professional football player,one that was being severely harrased by a bunch of jerks,,led by a known headcase?
  6. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    Panthers OL Coach John Matsko and Asst. OL Coach Ray Brown, will be able to tell in short order if OT Jonathan Martin has what it takes to make the team. It would be great if Martin can be coached up and finally live up to the potential he had shown, before he was drafted in the 2nd round.
  7. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

        Remember,Google is your best friend.
  8. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

    In Panthers GM Dave Gettleman, i trust  Gettleman has proved he is no fool,so if he saw fit to sign CB Teddy Williams to a 2 yr, $ 2.3 million contract,he must have seen something  postive, after working him out.
  9. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

    CB Teddy Williams has certainly bounced around from one team to another in his short NFL career. I found it interesting that he didn't play football in college but had record breaking sprinter speed,running track. If he has still retained his speed and is a sure tackler,he would make a good gunner on the special team.
  10. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    Signing OT Michael Orr was a step in the right direction.The 6'4" 315 lb Orr, did good as a Raven, with Joe Matsko as his coach.Let's hope the toe repair and change of coaching will let him upgrade his performance here in Carolina.
  11. Panthers Final Decision On Hardy : No Thanks

      I would rather see Greg Hardy go to an AFC team that has playoff hopes. If he signs with a bunch of losers like the Falcons, his off the field wildside could come out agan,causing him all kind of problems.
  12. Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

    I am still concered about us getting a veteran LT to start while we groom a rookie or two for the OL. From what i am gathering, the picking is mighty slim for free agent LT's.
  13. Ted Ginn Jr could return to Panthers

    I would really liketo have Ted Ginn Jr back with the Panthers to help our return and passing game. I hated it when we had to let him go last year for salary cap reasons. Ginn is 29years old and could hel develop our young receivers and return men.
  14. Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

    I hated Notre Dame LT Ronnie Stanley 6'5" 315lbs, decided to stay in school. Stanley was rated one of the top 5 OT's in the early 2015 draft report by WalterFootBall.Com. He would have been a good selection for us, or if someone drafting before us selected him, it would have let another good OT fall down to us.