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  1. credit card problem

    Maybe but I was broke and that PC has been dead for over 6 years now. I actually start getting into hacking 14 years ago and realized how easy it was to crack codes, passwords, firewalls and etc... I got an email from FBI telling me they know what I am doing and I need to stop immediately or be arrested. I stopped that night... Never been scared so shitless before. Did manufactury reboot and deleted everything.
  2. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Reading about Gotze, looks like it was personal decision. Maybe he was promised more playing time? Don't see any good reason for him to stay in Munich. Remember, Ozil said he's not going no where 2 days before he was sold to Arsenal. He got all summer to change his mind.
  3. credit card problem

    This... I used to play a lot of video games back in college and one German dude I played a lot with for years sent me a software that I installed just to see if it works. It was a hacking software that cracks routers and reads every credit card entered or swiped wirelessly. He told me to pull next to gas station and just enjoy the show. I realized he wasn't joking... I said fug that and delete the software.
  4. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Morata said he wants to play in EPL. Morata agent in Madrid finalizing the buy back deal which will send Morata back to Madrid for £23M. Madrid is not interested in Morata and will sell him to highest bidder for profit. Three teams are interested... Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. It was revealed today that Lukaku is Chelsea #1 target.
  5. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Arsenal received the most money from EPL... and set a new EPL record. Now spend some money, Wenger.
  6. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Lukake asked to be sold to Chelsea. Chelsea is interested.
  7. It will get repealed either way. Might not be until late this year but it's a losing cause.
  8. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Still higher than Arsenal ^_^ Wenger went all crazy 2 years ago when he was in last year of his deal, spending £110M. He's in the same position again, with the board refusing giving a new contract, looks like he will spend around £100M again. Arsenal still need a winger, defender and striker.
  9. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Mourinho will be given £250M to complete redo the squad. Since 2013... Manchester United spent £320M in transfer fees. Arsenal £150M. Chelsea £290M. City £340M. Liverpool £250M. Spurs £180M.
  10. Freddie Gray

    Cops consider themselves like a family. I volunteer for CMPD for 5 years and got a job offer as an officer. I declined it because I was way overqualified to be a cop. Anyway, I was invited to lots of cop closed door events. It just different atmosphere... It's like they all know each other. It's a family feel to it.
  11. HVAC question

    Tell em to get a different inspector.
  12. Got a relationship question...

    My top waiting period is three months then its bang bang time. No Paris... Nothing. First time bang is very important... After that it's 4-6 times a day bang.