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  1. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    The hate is strong... Reporters said Wenger lost both the team and fans. Arsenal board will either have to release Wenger or make Wenger spend $400M on new players... Arsenal fans hate Giroud as well and Wenger keeps playing him when clearly he's the worst option available. Wenger cockiness basically will cost him his job. If they keep Wenger and do nothing, there will be riots.
  2. He called Worley and Sanchez.
  3. Sam Mills still crying about Josh Norman... Holy poo...
  4. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    He might, I wouldn't want to play for Wenger. If Wenger is not fired, I will expect a very shitty year for Arsenal. Apparently the Board is already in advanced stage of finding his replacement... Just not sure if it's for this upcoming season or the one after...
  5. Love the picks!

    Of course he was famous before... It called age and decline. At 34... that's way past prime time.
  6. FA | Greg Hardy

  7. Love the picks!

    Not at 34 and after multiple major injuries.
  8. Love the picks!

    Remember... We had number 1 offense last season! We are getting back Benjamin! Our biggest weakness was pass rush and secondary and both got addressed. Not sure why people are bitching.
  9. Love the picks!

    Yes, he free lance in his zone... Which is what zone cover corner supposed to do.... That's why it called zone coverage.
  10. Love the picks!

    Josh Norman was in a dog house a season before last.... Let that sink in. This guy is big, lean, antithetic, great tackler and with super long arms... He is a perfect fit for our team.
  11. Love the picks!

    We got 2 6'1 CBs with plus size arms and extreme athleticism to play in Carolina zone based D that made Josh Norman and Peanut look like probowlers... CB speed is irrelevant in our scheme... Physicality is everything! You got to remember who is in our division.. Julio Jones, Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson. With our front 7, teams will be forced to pass... You won't be able just to lob over the top... We are going to make opposing QBs work hard to pass in between our LBs and Safeties.
  12. Men's Health

  13. He's a pass rusher just like KK... That DL will open up some serious blitzing holes for our LBs...