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  1. 2015/16 UEFA Champions League

    You want Wenger? I'll pay for shipping.
  2. Selective use of logic: Guns and Bathrooms.

    Guns don't shoot people... People shoot guns.... Duh...
  3. Might be Jobless

    Knees are starting to hurt
  4. Might be Jobless

    fug, was told I'm going no where...
  5. Might be Jobless

    You can join me, we can go for a beer together. I might be jobless within 1-2 weeks. My company have a whole turnover... Even CEO got fired lol
  6. Trump vs. Hillary

    I will vote for..............
  7. Update on the toddler body count

    I also added laser and some other poo... This thing weights like 10-12lbs. It's good because the heavier it is the better it reduces the kick. I want to switch red dot to tactical scope and use sight for close range. I heard one guy using expended barrel at shooting range (it looks like a star)... I had an instant bonner. Btw, I built this thing myself. 80% of it came from amazon.
  8. Update on the toddler body count

    Say hello to my little friend
  9. Gettleman eating

    "The Last Supper" By David Gettlemen.
  10. Update on the toddler body count

    Depends on a continent
  11. Update on the toddler body count

    Well, I do have a shotgun in a safe but that's for extreme purposes. If someone breaks in, I will lock myself in a room. You come thru break room door u go bye bye. It's a biometric safe, takes 1 sec to open.
  12. Update on the toddler body count

    Right! I bet you were shooting at chickens!
  13. Update on the toddler body count

    Now that's a hunting trip! Do you keep the steaks?
  14. Update on the toddler body count

    I fuging love that picture. Just FYI. Was waiting for a moment to post it lol.