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  1. And Kase Klosed oh wait
  2. No, it always starts with human capital.  Even Panthro who is in sales will confirm this...  It's everywhere like that.. Most companies will pay top dollars for good salesman... Ask Panthro if he'd switch a job and do 3x work for 1/3 of his current salary... There's your answer. Look at all NC teacher who packed their bags and left to other states for more money. Same concept.
  3. I'm not sure who u interpret what I just said... But ur interpretation is wrong. Any business... You want a better talent, expect to pay more.  You want to lowball, you will get rejects from other places.
  4. Captain America: Civil War

  5. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Major blow for Arsenal... Coquelin out 2-3 months...  Coquelin completely destroyed Manchester City last time they met but now its Flamini and he's not that good...  Apparently Wenger will buy a starting CDM in the first few days of window.  Wonder who...
  6. Orrrrrrrrrr you can buy a house around Ballantyne and have your kids go to Ardre Kell, Providance or Marvin... :p
  7. I should copy and paste my post in every cop murder thread... When you pay $35k a year to a cop...  Do not expect to hire a top of the line individual with good decision skills.  Most smart people will never accept $35k a year job working nights and weekends and putting their ass on the line... so you get the bottom of the barrel...  You get people with anger issues and people with bad decision making abilities... people that would fail in most everyday jobs or people who could not pass federal government evaluation test.   You want better cops?  Pay for a better talent.  
  8. Thanksgiving meats

    My birds for tomorrow...  Turkey, Duck and 2 hens...  Finished brining few hours ago and now drying them up for crispier skin.  Home made BBQ sauce and rub above for ribs. Gotta be up in 5 hours... Deciding if I should get some sleep or just wing it.   
  9. Thanksgiving meats

    Done marinating the meats... Right now, I let it sit in the fridge for 10 hours so the skin gets nice and crispy.
  10. Good times... Found out that iBBB is actually my cousin... I kept offering drinks to Josh even tho Zod told me he don't drink like 3 times.  And PhillyB...  I think his mind was somewhere with Charlie Sheen...  I walked out and see PhillyB head down staring at a pile of puke... Good time.
  11. Russia is deploying missile cruiser near Syria... So if Turkey decides to shot down another fighter jet, Russia will attack Turkish fighter jets from the cruiser... This can start a very serious conflict.
  12. Russians were bombing rebels, not ISIS.  NATO are absolutely furious with Russia over bombing of rebels.  Russia fuged up by flying over Turkey...  Turkey been bitching about Russia crossing their air space for over a week... Russia poo on Turkey warnings, Turkey poo on Russia.
  13. Putin said Russia never showed any aggression toward Turkey and  pretty much called this an act of terrorism. Putin warned Russian citizens to leave Turkey and do not travel there because Russian people can be targeted. Putin also promised severe consiquances for Turkey actions. In return NATO put all forces on alert and transferring more troops to Russian border for security purposes. Its becoming a fuging mess.