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  1. ll ask you this- 1- do you notice how lame our home crowds are for Panthers games? the empty seats, the subdued noise, the thousands of opposing teams fans ext. Yes, I do notice the home crowds since I have been at all but a handful of home games since 2005.  I can only answer for me.  See my earlier response.  I do my part as a fan and a "PSL people" and my seats are in the upper level where we say the "real fans are (LOL!)". 2- if you acknowledge this, how do you account for it?...surely PSL owners deserve a whole hell of a lot of blame for this...statistically I can prove they do. I have no clue personally.  I can only answer for me.  I have read posts on CH that offer explanations and all have seemed reasonable. Once again, I do my part as a fan.  I do believe that one reason is that the organization is very young compared to other NFL organizations.  I was very excited when JR was awarded the franchise - I finally had a football team to pull for!  My nephew is a Panthers fan because I took him to training camp and then to games.  He is 30 years old now.  From day 1 there was no question the Panthers would be my team.  3- do you care about any of these observations? I am a fan and would love to see a Panthers fan in every seat.  Realistically that just isn't going to happen.  I can't control what other PSL owners do.  I can't control who purchases the single game tickets when they go on sale.  I can control what I do.  So when I sell or give my extra tickets to Panthers fans then I have done all I can do. seriously I want to know how PSL people feel about this 
  2. I am a "PSL people".  I have been a Panthers fan since the beginning. I decided to purchase PSLs in 2005 so this is my 11th season as a season ticket holder.  Before this I would purchase single game tickets each season usually for 1 or 2 games.  First off I didn't purchase PSLs as an investment.  I purchased PSLs so I, along with family (and sometimes friends), can go to all the games and playoff games.  I also enjoy being able to provide an opportunity for someone, especially children, to attend a game - PRICELESS.  The Sunday afternoons, SNF, MNF, TNF, playoff games shared with my family/friends ---- PRICELESS! In the years we have been attending games --- we are in our seats way before player introductions and we have never left a game before the end of the game.  We suffered through the 2010 season, sat through the Arizona playoff game, stay in rain, stay in the heat, etc. I can only answer for me - I can't answer for all the other "PSL people".  As for me, I have let extra tickets go unused when I couldn't find a Panthers fan to purchase them  - at face value and sometimes even below.  I probably could have sold them if I offered them up on a bulletin board, FB, etc.  but didn't want opposing team fans to get them.  I want Panthers fans in every seat but can only control what I do with my seats.  I can't believe I am the only "PSL people" that does this.