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  1. Looked up the Vikings stuff - the funding for the new Vikings facility was approved in 2012. Metrodome roof was deflated in January 2014. The Vikings played 2014 and 2015 in the TCF Bank stadium. US Bank stadium opened in 2016. Atlanta broke ground in 2014 and opened in 2017.
  2. That is what has been reported - that the Charlotte area doesn't have enough hotel rooms even if BOA was a dome-stadium. I need to stop reading stuff about this!!
  3. I didn't like Sabates' statements about the stadium. Sounds like he really wants a domed stadium since he says BOA is obsolete (after the millions in upgrades) and for state and city governments to foot the bill. Doesn't say NC gov't or Charlotte gov't so sounds like he would move where he can get a domed stadium funded. Oh well.......
  4. Panthers own stadium with debt from city for renovations is how I understand situation. From an Observer article.... "If the team leaves after June 2019, the contract says the city would have the option of buying the stadium for $1 or the Panthers would pay the city the remaining debt payment on the city’s $75 million investment. The city didn’t have exact numbers of how much debt is remaining. The Panthers still plan on spending $7 million of the $75 million in the off season on improvements. Kimble said the city has been paying off the debt at about $7.5 million a year. That means there would be about $35 million to $40 million left on the debt."
  5. I have 2 extra tickets for sale - Section 537, row 24 $90.00 each / $180.00 for both Send me a PM.
  6. Unless you want to read yet another thread that has been run off the tracks for no reason. At least it has been good for a laugh this morning when I reviewed it! Go Panthers! Keep Pounding!
  7. We have different views of 'profit'. With the asking price, after the fees I will pay for the Paypal transaction I might have enough left over from what I paid for the tickets to pay for parking on Sunday. And no one has to buy them and are welcome to go to other sites. I wasn't going to sell them but decided to give it a go in case a Panthers fan was looking for tickets to a meaningful December game and didn't want to use the other sites because of their fees. If I don't sell them - no problem. I didn't try to sell my extra tickets for last week's game and several other games this season.
  8. I was called disrespectful because I was asking 90 bucks each for my 2 extra tickets on a Panthers message board in hopes of getting 2 more Panthers fan at essentially a home playoff game - at what I consider a fair price. If you don't like the price I am asking and/or aren't looking for tickets then just move on. What a way to treat a fellow Panthers fan. Buying and selling on this site avoids all the extra fees that are charged on other sites. In the past when I have sold my tickets on here I have absorbed the Paypal fees that are taken out of the payment transaction. I call it taking up for myself.
  9. Wasn't he. They really didn't have anything to say and held their cool. Having watched this show from the beginning they were all speechless which isn't the norm. I wonder what the interview was suppose to be about - they seemed to be taken off guard by the direction it took.
  10. Nate did a good job taking up for Kyle and Peter. I also thought it was funny when they made jabs in the charades segment afterwards. I watch GMFB all the time, I love the show. I don't think I have ever seen Kay that quiet with a guest. No wonder the Panthers released him.
  11. I watch GMFB and saw this. I commend Kay, Nate, Kyle, and Peter for keeping their cool when he basically insulted them. I will be surprised if Dwill is on that show again.
  12. I am offering MY tickets for what I consider a fair price on a site for Panthers fans because I want a Panthers fan to buy them (hopefully). If I put them on Panthers.com or stub hub then the chances are better that a non-Panthers fan will purchase. But instead a Panthers fan slams me for asking 26 bucks over face on a couple of tickets for what is essentially a home playoff game. Good grief......
  13. I have sold tickets to several games on this site this season - all for a little over face value. If you don't like the price I am asking or not looking for tickets then just move on.
  14. I'm trying to. But don't appreciate comments like the one by TheCasillas above. I'm trying to be fair but some fans think I should give my tickets away.
  15. Excuse me! This price is roughly 13 bucks over face value. And they are my tickets so will ask the price I want to ask. No one has to buy them. And you didn't have to make that comment. I was curious so just checked stubhub for my section. One ticket is available in Section 537 for under $90.00. All other tickets in that section are over $100.00. If someone would rather they can buy 2 on row 24 for 1,080.00 EACH! That is disrespectful!
  16. Who's going tonight?

    537 Keep Pounding! Hand warmer amd toe warmer supply replenished! Football under the lights!
  17. Crowd size yesterday.....

    Probably will just deal with parking for the rest of this season. I am thinking it might be the way to go starting next year. So is prepaid by lot meaning who owns the lot? Or is there a company that has lots all over? This hasn't been clear since I have been a PSL owner. Though until this season it hasn't been much of an issue. Walking to the stadium season by season we could see changes each year then boom it hit the area where we park this year! We like to walk and not sit in traffic so don't mind parking out S. Mint. That is the direction we head out of Charlotte anyway. I know it will get worse. We pass a building that has a sign with a picture of a building - looks like trying to sell that corner (where there is game parking) or maybe it has been sold. Can't remember the exact location on S. Mint. So if there is a new building on that lot one day - there goes another one.
  18. Crowd size yesterday.....

    This year out S. Mint St. in Summit Ave. area it is way worse than the 2015 season As I said in another post we have parked in that area for years! Having trouble finding a spot this year. I don't live in Charlotte and have wondered if construction eliminating lots for parking is the reason. If not that, have no clue why.
  19. Crowd size yesterday.....

    Parking this year is ridiculous. We have been parking out S. Mint St. for years. This year we haven't parked in the same place each game like in past years. For years in that area we had our pick of lots with arrival between 11:30/11:45. Yesterday sign was $20 at lot when we parked around 11:30. We spent 20 mins or so eating. Sign was $30 when we walked by it leaving for stadium. This is almost 1 mile from stadium.
  20. The chart came from Riot Report....just shared for some info he/they took time to research. I was curious about a 1st and 17 also. Riot Report tweeted that used official NFL game stats & statistics. Looking at stats by game, screen shot of stats from Detroit game. Shows how end up with 1st & 17. I appreciate Riot Report's coverage.
  21. @RRiotReport tweeted it earlier this week. I was surprised by the stats.
  22. Riot Report tweet: Just for fun, here are the play percentages Carolina has run on 1st down in 2017. Notice the 1st and 10.