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  1. Who's going tonight?

    537 Keep Pounding! Hand warmer amd toe warmer supply replenished! Football under the lights!
  2. Crowd size yesterday.....

    Probably will just deal with parking for the rest of this season. I am thinking it might be the way to go starting next year. So is prepaid by lot meaning who owns the lot? Or is there a company that has lots all over? This hasn't been clear since I have been a PSL owner. Though until this season it hasn't been much of an issue. Walking to the stadium season by season we could see changes each year then boom it hit the area where we park this year! We like to walk and not sit in traffic so don't mind parking out S. Mint. That is the direction we head out of Charlotte anyway. I know it will get worse. We pass a building that has a sign with a picture of a building - looks like trying to sell that corner (where there is game parking) or maybe it has been sold. Can't remember the exact location on S. Mint. So if there is a new building on that lot one day - there goes another one.
  3. Crowd size yesterday.....

    This year out S. Mint St. in Summit Ave. area it is way worse than the 2015 season As I said in another post we have parked in that area for years! Having trouble finding a spot this year. I don't live in Charlotte and have wondered if construction eliminating lots for parking is the reason. If not that, have no clue why.
  4. Crowd size yesterday.....

    Parking this year is ridiculous. We have been parking out S. Mint St. for years. This year we haven't parked in the same place each game like in past years. For years in that area we had our pick of lots with arrival between 11:30/11:45. Yesterday sign was $20 at lot when we parked around 11:30. We spent 20 mins or so eating. Sign was $30 when we walked by it leaving for stadium. This is almost 1 mile from stadium.
  5. The chart came from Riot Report....just shared for some info he/they took time to research. I was curious about a 1st and 17 also. Riot Report tweeted that used official NFL game stats & statistics. Looking at stats by game, screen shot of stats from Detroit game. Shows how end up with 1st & 17. I appreciate Riot Report's coverage.
  6. Copied from the replies on the tweet.
  7. @RRiotReport tweeted it earlier this week. I was surprised by the stats.
  8. Riot Report tweet: Just for fun, here are the play percentages Carolina has run on 1st down in 2017. Notice the 1st and 10.
  9. True. But may not matter if something really bad happens....may have to have proof of ticket exchange, or that there wasn't a sell, etc.
  10. I reported an incident several years ago. Was told by acct rep to make note of seat as well as name of security person, etc. I understood they notify PSL owners.
  11. I'm one and it is in contract that owner and invitees abide by all laws, rules, etc. PSL agreement can be revoked.
  12. PSL owners are held accountable whether it is PSL owner in seats or not.
  13. No -- I have 4 seats. Sometimes I only use 2 of them. I will be there along with my brother.
  14. 2 tickets - Section 537, row 24 $80.00 each / $160.00 for both Send a message if interested. Payment through Paypal and transfer from my PSL account. (I miss the Ticket forum)
  15. I have a separate post in the forum - 2 tickets. And they are sold!
  16. Important Update

    This is what I had to do on my Samsung.
  17. Original in Spartanburg......built a new one across the street.....old one still there.
  18. Wade's for a meat and three....... www,eatatwades.com