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  1. I hope DG learned something tonight

    please get rid of these fan favorites is all i ask, i like these guys but there are plenty of upgrades that can be made in the wr core. we get jericho to catch and he does all but that, tolbert coughs the ball up twice, and we need to find a scat/homerun threat type rb as a backup, stewart doesn't do well with 8 in the box like a faster rb could do IMO. For the love of god get rid of harper
  2. Mike Shula is in full control of the offense

    some of you don't understand football, how shula get's the blame is beyond me......the execution on offense was as piss poor as ever and that couple with our ST players playing two hand touch and a punt returner is majority the reason we lose.   we ran the ball and kept coughing up the ball, we pass and either wr;s dropped the ball or the o line IN MAX PROTECTION got abused. Dickson and Fozzy whiffing on assignments doesn't help either. These are the games i wish we had a steve smith type personality on the field someone to light a fire in the offense's ass, instead the offense just continue to fall apart.
  3. I'm Not Mad About this Game

    Mad no, disappoint, highly. the way we lost no football fan could be proud of, multiple self inflicted wounds.   it may be just a football game to many but others put time,money, and pride into this team that's not something you can easily forget, especially when your team performs like ours just did.Hats off to the guys who dish out some serious cash this season, i know you're as disgusted as i am with this performance 
  4. Hate to say it but.......

    funny if you look at the falcons game we lose same type of call from the refs, no excuse this team has more then enough experience to know better then to let the refs dictate the game, instead they collectively laid down.   really really really disappointed, all this team had to do was not play the worst game of it's life to win, and that's exactly what we did offensively. people thinking it will be a easy road back are crazy, we're in the nfc and you always need luck to make it to the superbowl....should have took advantage of this opportunity but yet we fielded quite possible the worst recent offensive performance besides the broncos in superbowl 48
  5. Key Factors in the Loss

    Ginn was the best wr, followed by funchess then philly......too many drop passes and that fumble by tolbert was just pathetic, no need to try and bulldose the defender on that play 
  6. done w/ the nfl. peace out huddle, also ban me mods (meltdown inside)

    can't blame you bro, i'm as humble as it gets but i constantly have people blow my phone up or fb whenever we lose    and your right it takes the resolve of ghandi not to flip the fug out, respect for being a man and admitting it 
  7. We'll be back in the Super Bowl next year folks

    can't promise it the nfc is constantly getting better, that's why we should have got our ring today, by far an uphill battle to get to the superbowl in the nfc 
  8. Mike Shula is in full control of the offense

    the Shula hate is dumb, we weren't going to light Denver up. But the play-calling was good enough to put 24 on the board, just a failure by a handful of players, sucks when you have our defense play there ass off and our Qb can't get help from neither wr,rb, nor o line 
  9. Mike Shula is in full control of the offense

    again i ask HOW THE fug DO YOU BLAME SHULA?    did some of you watch the game, we left blockers in for max protection and wr's dropped the ball, even then denver's d line still beat everyone not name kalil like a drum,and TOLBERT,you get lucky with the first fumble and fumble again trying to run someone over instead of getting yards. Pathetic.......Cam and Ginn showed up but the rest of the O said fug it 
  10. Our biggest weakness came back to haunt us

    For people saying we needed to rid smith to get to a superbowl where you at? Ginn and our Rookie Funchess were the best wr's we had today, can't wait til kelvin is back 
  11. Mike Shula is in full control of the offense

    idk how you blame shula, wr's drop numerous balls that would have got us within the 10 yard line, not to mention tolbert giving the ball to the broncos....panthers did exactly what they need to to lose, implode 
  12. What position did you play?

    High-school WR amd FS, College currently FS and CB,WR
  13. Dude kept us relevant for years, hopefully next year Bal is healthy and you get a shot at a ring, you deserve it    Can't tell if there are more smitty haters then Cam haters nowadays   the smith had to leave for us to make it to a superbowl is retarded, locker room cancer retarded, we did make the superbowl,NFCCG,and playoffs several times with him on the team......It was a money issue point blank 
  14. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Not getting the denver hate, especially not expecting a blowout but a confident win.     there defense is good and will be one of the best we've faced, if we can run the ball and get 1v1 situations with there lb trevathan our offense will be able to move the ball.   This game will come down to our defense vs there offense, which in denver's case we match up extremely well. DT while a good wr,isn't near as good as wr norman has faced all year, sanders is by far the best wr on the roster this year IMO and he needs to be watched at ALL times, who ever is covering him needs to have safety help, meanwhile we have a very favorable match-up with Luke vs Owens/Davis, and of course we have to shutdown there run. Sanders and there run game is the only two ways i can see denver moving the ball   24-10 Final Panthers Victory
  15. typical overreaction thread