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  1. I wish I could “cry” emoji you. I’m triggered... but yeah, the Bengals look good. I get worried about them, but then I remember Marv Lewis is their coach
  2. Wtf are these lamar jackson plays
  3. PandaMan

    Playoff caliber offense?

    Eh, I’m not worried. In game 1 of 2015 we only scored 20 against a shitty Jacksonville team. Would’ve likely had more than that last week without that CMC fumble. Game 1 doesn’t tell much. We definitely have the talent if the OL can hold
  4. PandaMan

    Early game discussion

    LMAO! Fitzpatrick is looking like prime Brett Favre
  5. PandaMan

    Early game discussion

    Lmao, then Michael Thomas fumbles after a 20 yard gain. Beautiful
  6. PandaMan

    Early game discussion

    Fitzpatrick is making some nice throws and decisions, but the Saints' tackling blows and they can't cover right now
  7. PandaMan

    Early game discussion

    Time for Step 2 of the Fitzpatrick Curse - outplay the current injured/suspended starter.
  8. We need to get an ancestry.com test done immediately
  9. I feel like Rivera has a secret love of Tongan men. He kept Fua around way too long as well. Tried to convert him to an O lineman to keep him around
  10. Plus they’re feeding Clements and leaving Ajayi on the bench. Don’t know what that’s about
  11. Damn... hate injuries, but if Keanu Neal is out, that’s good news for us. Hope he’s ok though with no lasting damage
  12. Good story about that Carter guy. His brother died in high school from an enlarged heart, and he promised him he’d play in an NFL game one day. Good for him.
  13. fug, All-Pro Terrell McClain is on the Falcons
  14. Paxton Lynch blows, if we traded for this guy I’d officially be off the HurnTrain