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  1. iPhone X/iPhone 8

    Yep, had it on my Note 3 back in the day. Trading in my Note 5 for the 8 and getting it half off. Yay wasted money!
  2. Gameday Menu

    Eating wings, beer, and some asparagus with Jeremy that he says has a flavor that's a bit nutty. Kinda weird that he's so jazzed up about them, but to each their own. Asparagus pee in the BOA bathrooms, here I come!
  3. It's the Scrubs theme (I'm no Superman) due to the layered meanings behind it.
  4. 49ers Fans - (Semi NSFW)

    Not dead, just delaying writing annual reviews.
  5. 49ers Fans - (Semi NSFW)

    :( Panthro double timing us. Thought he'd be more of a Tom Rathman fan than a Montana fan, though.
  6. Getting out of Retail/Manual Labor Jobs

    Someone say octocat?
  7. Van Roten

    Chris Scott replacement/Geoff Hangartner in training.
  8. Official Carolina Huddle Cuts Thread

    This alone saved you.
  9. The Very First Ever Panthers Practice

    Yep, at Winthrop. I recognize a high school coach of mine in the second pic.
  10. 8062 Days Ago

    The football was subpar, but man that was a fun game to watch.
  11. What is Pie?

    I wear cargo shorts cuz it's easier to stuff boo in the big pockets.
  12. What is Pie?

    My Duluth quickdry cargo shorts are more life-changing than my wife, kids, or the Higgs boson.
  13. Happy Eclipse Day everyone!

    I'll be working until the power goes out and the roving hoards of cannibals show up.
  14. Your Nerdist is getting strong, Padawan.
  15. If it ain't Paw Patrol, Scooby Doo, Total Drama, or Star Wars Rebels, it's not a cartoon that's watched in our house nowadays.