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  1. Scrumtrilescent

    The kickoff at the end of the game

    He kicked it off. I remember OBJ was standing almost on the end line to catch the kickoff...and I agree, it was way too close and I think if the last dude had waited a bit more to have his guys catch up, they had a few pretty good lanes with OBJ waiting to get the ball back. Way too close at the end.
  2. Scrumtrilescent

    Crowd Yesterday Was Electric

    May be a recency bias, but it felt like one of the top 5 biggest visiting crowd sizes I've ever experienced.
  3. Scrumtrilescent

    Best thing I've seen on Twitter all day

    Let Igo tell you how it becomes "tangy."
  4. Mortimer, it's only the beginning. For real, I about punched myself when my wife and I were eating brie and figs during the storm. Hurricane party, 1% style. :(
  5. Scrumtrilescent

    Analytics- way of the future

    Wonder if he's looking for a Director of Data Science and Analytics. ....I know a guy.
  6. Scrumtrilescent

    Hurricane Florence

    Modeling is getting better, no one says it is there yet but its an iterative process. It's as if machine learning is a real thing. No, I don't do weather models but I do similar scientific modeling so I'm going on a hunch (or Bayesian inference...hahaha...bad joke, tip your waiter) that field is similar to mine when it comes to the process, goals, and pain points.
  7. Scrumtrilescent

    Cams Housewife Look

    Fetch? Bringing Clueless back. As if.
  8. Scrumtrilescent

    Cams Housewife Look

    Cam's not gay, he just does Johnny Depp better than Johnny Depp. I think it's pretty fly. People still say that, right?
  9. Scrumtrilescent

    Cams Housewife Look

    Waited for him to pull out a White Russian during the press conference.
  10. Scrumtrilescent

    "Two States, One Team"

    I am those people.
  11. Scrumtrilescent

    Steve Smith is at practice

    I heard he killed a guy with a trident.
  12. Scrumtrilescent

    Duck and Geese hunting

    Geese and ducks are dumb, mean creatures who deserve grisly deaths, to make many people satiated, and give Tiny Tim something to do on Christmas morning.
  13. Scrumtrilescent

    I have a question about Avengers Infinity War

    In the comics, he wants to impress Death who has put him in the friend zone. In the movie, it's social darwinism on a grand scale since he sees civilizations outstripping resources and he wants to cull the herd.