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  1. Had some Alphabet soup and...

    More for me to fart out.
  2. Had some Alphabet soup and...

    That's better than me looking into my she crab soup and seeing hours of farts since I forgot to take a lactaid.
  3. A logic thread

    Sorry, I deal with fuzzy logic all day long. These absolutes make me itch.
  4. Go Banana Slugs! I do *insert science-y terms*, so I've worked with a lot of UCSC people.
  5. Haha. We never told you about the CofC football team. Sry.
  6. The Stones at Ericsson in '97 because it had to be their last tour. Had to be.
  7. Hi there

    Hi. OK, bye.
  8. CMC improvement pretty drastic

    The analytical part of my brain is weeping at that graphical representation.
  9. Ludwig knocked a dude out

    To me the weirdest thing is three sets of legs...but only two torsos.
  10. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

  11. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    It's Tuesday. Good enough.
  12. Fitz's catch radius, body control, and hand strength were the best I've ever seen. Watching him and Calvin Johnson at the same time was a treat. But Jerry is still the greatest.
  13. Let Panthro tell you about his stint.
  14. Should I Quit?

    Tell them you learned all of your videography techniques from the Pats anyway, so it's appropriate.
  15. I forgot Dak had offseason shoulder surgery that nixed most of his offseason practice time as well.