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  1. Scrumtrilescent

    Possible Tepper Press Conference Tomorrow

    He's a pie man if there ever was one.
  2. Scrumtrilescent

    Infinity Wars spoilers discussion

    I can't wait to take my kids to see this this weekend and watch them freak out...totally going to play into it and get them all riled up. "Spidey's dead, gone forever. Yep."
  3. Scrumtrilescent

    Infinity Wars spoilers discussion

    The deaths are "real" but then they'll be reversed which we all know. So what he said was true, from a certain point of view. /Obi-wan
  4. Scrumtrilescent

    Amazon is not what it used to be...

    Me, too. Plus, LOTR. Grand Tour. Bob the Builder. And I use the poo out of AWS EC2.
  5. Scrumtrilescent

    Avengers Infinity War!

    I thought so...but that's a lot for one movie to cover. Although I'd watch a 4 hour movie (4 hours without kids!?!?).
  6. Scrumtrilescent

    Avengers Infinity War!

    Wonder if they are going to keep with the story and use Adam Warlock in the next movie. Makes sense since he was introduced in GOTG2. Don't see them using Living Tribunal, Mephisto, etc.
  7. Shitposting punishment today: /multilayered drive-by post
  8. Scrumtrilescent

    Lost in Space

    We've seen three episodes, should be binging the rest over the next week or so and then see if the kids like it. I can't see Parker Posey and not think of all her Christopher Guest roles so that adds another layer to her batshit crazy to me.
  9. Scrumtrilescent

    Screw You Disney!!!

    Taking my team to see Infinity Wars on opening day. Draft at night if I make it that late. I'm a grown man who has a 12 year old heart. These movies rock, for me. And that's all that matters. For me.
  10. Scrumtrilescent

    Bidding reaches 2.5 Billion, Rubin out.

    Glad to hear Goodnight got in the conversation. Straight shooter, kind of gruff, but direct and empowers most of his staff to do their own thing and doesn't micromanage. He knew my name after only a week of working there. Never knew if that was a good thing or a bad thing. The Panthers may be owned by a science geek. :woot:
  11. Scrumtrilescent

    Had some Alphabet soup and...

    More for me to fart out.
  12. Scrumtrilescent

    Had some Alphabet soup and...

    That's better than me looking into my she crab soup and seeing hours of farts since I forgot to take a lactaid.
  13. Scrumtrilescent

    A logic thread

    Sorry, I deal with fuzzy logic all day long. These absolutes make me itch.
  14. Go Banana Slugs! I do *insert science-y terms*, so I've worked with a lot of UCSC people.
  15. Haha. We never told you about the CofC football team. Sry.