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  1. The lethality of the Panthers

    Some how, some way... 
  2. Saints game flexed

    Flexed for who?  And what time?   Why?   
  3. Luke Bryan

    Hey, at least he didn't fall off stage this time     
  4. Johnson and Hardy

    "my team is winning..    Cap salary is a bitch in today's NFL or those PFF grades would be that much more spectacular."
  5. Johnson and Hardy

    I'm convinced all the hero's were wrong and Hardy got stuck in a fuged up situation... 
  6. Thus us why you NEVER AGAIN bitch about getting respect.   You win, you get respect.    Simple and plain.   
  7. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    At least first take opened up with glory....   
  8. J.Jones.... Karma is a bitch

    It definitely does....       That's why it's illegal to leave the scene of an accident.  So the car doesn't go wreck itself after claiming you haven't seen crazy yet.    That's how it works right?   I could be wrong.     
  9. Rodney Harrison

    I can't say much for the reason of an edit so fug it...  However,  I think Cam confused people with the Elvis Presley by pulling an old school "under the water'..   I mean, I don't know what that was in the 60s but at least he pulled the great forest Gump move that flowed through twitter..     His press conference is cool though.  Shout out to Hatty though. 
  10. Rodney Harrison

    I mean at this rate I can only come out as honest and defeated as McCarthy at this point...   (I can only reference his eog press conference)    Again, the bean casserole has been demolished but there's still the greatest food left in the fridge..  None of which has me believing that cranberry based sauced mixed with the stuffing really adds up..  No way anyone is going to just stick with tofu knowing Garrison is full of poo...   If they, for some reason, believes he (or Chip Kelly) will ever turn out to be a legit football guru....  
  11. The media

    Never needing them all to agree.   But I'll take it.       None the less,  Vegas is a great sign.  Favored, capitalized or not, was definitely disrespectful, whether I feel it's important or not..    It's Vegas.  But I don't feel it stops there.   I've been all over the east coast recently in the past few weeks and it all sounds disrespectful to me.  Take it for what it's worth.  I may be a little irritated by hearing the cosign of ignorance and prejudice associated with this team..   But damn, I swear to hyperion this greenbean casserole is the best I ever had.        
  12. Rodney Harrison

    Dungy pretty much gave Garrison poo tonight...   (typo but I think it works)    Harrison is mad the Panthers spoke up about them cheating in '03.   It's rather obvious at this point..   
  13. The media

    I may have missed all of the media members but I caught quite a few calling for the Cowboys to win.      But, really, I just have to disagree that Panther fans need to stretch things too far to find disrespect. 
  14. You're Welcome

    I'm in Atlanta and they all (from NY to... ATL) keep talking about how great Kuechly is..   Yet "why" they don't like Cam...   So all game has been full of food, fun, and full pocket passing from Cam Newton... 
  15. Skip Bayless

    You all really have to get a grip over Screaming A and Skip.    They may have had a role early on with First Take but as much as I've seen recently they are far from as obnoxious as you all make out..    Quit being so emotional..