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  1. most likely that he's worth the practice squad but doesn't qualify.. so fug it, IR him...
  2. it's wonderful to listen to that guy talk... I'd have to say Joe Person is about to get a better job reporting for the Bucs- before any of you.. amazing, I know... But they would be hiring exactly his skill set...
  3. Comfortable with running backs?

    I definitely like Wegher's potential and am not too concerned with fractions of seconds... But I've only seen 40 times from 4.4 - 4.6.... Where have you seen he has legit 4.3 speed? I'd say he runs around a 4.5...
  4. To be real, Olsen doesn't have anything to worry about anyway... From what I've heard of Shockey he is a good friend, although he does keep getting thrown into the media.. Maybe why he hasn't involved himself in certain businesses..
  5. Sad too. Had great potential..
  6. Has Adam Gold been fired yet? Amazing someone hired that guy... And wasn't fired for doing so...
  7. I did it I bought PSL's

    You're telling me the Panthers sell beer at the stadium? Do all nfl stadiums do this? That's crazy....
  8. Yeah couldn't even get Worley to work on different browsers from the site itself... Weird.
  9. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    The major disconnect (although somewhat veiled) is that 1 player doesn't make a team.. Whether Gettleman says this or I just agree is irrelevant. These guys aren't signed up to play backyard ball and the fact of the matter is it's a business.. So I guarantee you that any players that feel this way will not need a clause in their contract because the FO will help free them regardless. This ain't sisters of the poor no more... Guys with the mentality of DWill aren't missed at all lol This almost sounds exactly like something DWill would say... And I guarantee you Cam Newton, alone, wouldn't put up with it.. You don't even have to focus on Gettleman at all...
  10. I did it I bought PSL's

    lol wut?
  11. I did it I bought PSL's

    Maybe JR said "we'll improvise and cover the expense" but I doubt it was actually "interest free".. Rarely is that true.... But congrats on getting some season tickets...
  12. Cam easily has 13 more years of football in him...
  13. oh poo.. that used to be a thing back in the 80's.. Suddenly I see a correlation between a SLIIIIIIIIIIGHT generation gap... slight.... that's all....
  14. Should #89 be Replaced?

    lol ... good point.. although I'd love that #17 if I had any speed to add to my game... regardless though..... big time comment that apparently is easily forgotten... love to hear another player that's put in his type of effort, skill and dependability.. #17 would appreciate this comment... he already said he will......... eeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............ really though.. this comes across like he's been involved with domestic disputes... But he has said he loves Carolina and the Panthers... so........ but he has also claimed his love for the Panthers and the Carolinas..... good point.......... but then again... Muhammad left for another team for more money,... sooooo, Not an accurate representation of Steve Smith........ close, to a point.. but short-sighted... felon? I mean, if you know something we don't... feel free to disclose.... I realize you stated "uncharged"... but to what extent? hahah.. ok He probly has... I would bet $$$ he will help his children do better than he has.... unless there's something I don't know... which is possible. I've heard stories.. So many rumors.. I'd love to know..... hahhahaha lol okay reasonable... but there are counterpoints..... I don't buy this... he's done more in the community than was ever reported....