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  1. I find it quite ironic that a journalist with an obviously inflated ego is bitching about a football player with a big ego.  Look in the mirror Sally and tell me what you see.   
  2. I see nothing wrong with pointing out the double standard and bias when it comes to Cam. A good example would be Saints fans who hate Cam for his celebrations now but loved it when Joe Horn pulled out a cell phone from under the goal post padding.  It's hypocrisy at it finest and people hate it when you call them on it.   
  3. This has been the longest week I can remember......I can't stay focused on work or get anything done.  I'm ready to get this game going so we can get the win and I can get on with my life.    Bring it home Panthers.....Dominate the foe and keep pounding until the final whistle.  
  4. If we win

    Tell me when they make commemorative Diet Mt Dew can, then I'll get excited.   
  5. Cam Defenders

    The OP has a post to pie ratio of 1798/98......How the hell did he get 98?
  6. Cam Newton disappointed me

    What charity work do you do?  I doubt you've ever done anything at all.....even if you did, I'm sure it's all for some self serving interest to impress someone and not sincere at all.  You're a phony, you're insincere, you're a self serving narcissist.  See how easy it is to say that about anybody? The truth is, you dislike Cam because you're desperately jealous of him.  You have no talent, you can't be him so you despise him.  You tear him down in a vain effort to build yourself up.  You think you know how he should act, how he should celebrate, how he should conduct think you know these things because you're so damn jealous of who he is, and even more, who you aren't.  The fact is, Cam Newton and most Panther fans don't care about small people who hate on our QB or our team.  In fact, we LOVE that you're so intent on revealing the "hidden truth" behind the motivations of our QB.  We LOVE knowing you hate Cam.  We LOVE it because we all know how you will feel every time we win.  We feast on the tears of people like you.....Keep posting because your little rants give us joy.  And when Cam is dabbing in the Super Bowl, just know, I'll be thinking about you.  LOL
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Let me make sure I understand.....Cam does charity work but he's a dick because it's all for publicity.  If Cam didn't do charity work, he's a dick for not doing charity work. Cam's a dick because he gives footballs to kids at the suggestion of his QB coach but if he didn't give footballs to kids, he'd be a dick because he dances in the endzone?  Basically, you say Cam's a dick regardless because you pretend to know the motives behind what another man is doing.  That, my shallow little friend, makes you the biggest dick of all.  
  8. Guess what I just dug out of my drawer!

    I thought for sure the answer was going to be a crusty, stained tube sock.   
  9. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    I'm sure they are still around but now they're just laying in the weeds, waiting patiently for Cam to make a mistake, and they'll be back in full force.  Hell, some of them popped their heads up when we lost to Atlanta.  
  10. California is pulling for Cam Newton to win...

    Taxes like that is why the Super Bowl will be played in China on day.  
  11. I love seeing stuff like this.  The community support for our team is fuggin awesome.  
  12. VICE: Fighting ISIS

    In the book, the "Butcher" was killed on Kyles second tour.  I think Arsen was thinking the current Shiite President was the "butcher" because he has an affinity to execute via the power drill like the "butcher" in the movie.  The real "butcher" was killed by a Seal team.  I'm simply pointing out, they aren't the same person but they both did inflict power drill brutality on their enemies.  
  13. VICE: Fighting ISIS

    I don't think it's the same guy but he does use the same methods to intimidate the population.  He prefers to use a power drill to the head to execute his victims.  The "Butcher" in the American Sniper movie was killed by Chris Kyles Seal team.  He was also a fan of the power drill, I think the Shiites are doing the same thing now as a way to get even by dishing up some of the same type of brutality against the Sunnis.  
  14. VICE: Fighting ISIS

    I'm in no way defending Bush or his major blunders but Obama also make a huge mistake based off that episode as well.  He ignored the Iraqi election results and granted the previous Shiite President another term even after he was on a vengeful rampage during his presidency.   I don't get into politics too much because I can't really support candidates of either party and I don't trust them to do any thing other than cover their own asses.   
  15. I'm more concerned about whether Bruce Arians has any other genius maneuvers up his sleeve like losing on purpose to gain the 2nd seed in the playoffs to avoid Seattle.