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  1. cgarsmoker added a post in a topic Interesting Schedule Stat   

    I see your point but the bigger take away should be......Even when we didn't play great football, we still won.  There was a time where that never happened for us.  
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  2. cgarsmoker added a post in a topic Abbot and Costelo meet ths three Stooges   

    I'm pretty sure the answer is.....BOTH.
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  3. cgarsmoker added a post in a topic 4-0 vs. poo   

    Good teams win the games they are supposed to win, we've beaten every team on our schedule so what else are the Panthers supposed to do?  We lose games and you complain....we wain games and you still complain.  Sheesh!
    Typical wet blanket post from a typical D-bag poster.  
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  4. cgarsmoker added a post in a topic NFL Live Hochuli Gate   

    And how exactly do you know what was said or what was intended as a joke?  How do you know if it was or wasn't malicious?  Instead of worrying about us "whiny bitches" maybe you should concern yourself with not being the dumbest SOB in the room that acts like he's the authority on everything.   It's ironic that you proclaim to know so much, yet you don't know you look like a fugging fool in the process.  
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