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  1. Bucs planning to be like the Panthers

    Thats gotta be shopped. Winston can't have that belly...seriously?
  2. Chip Kelly fired

    I think he'll learn from his mistakes and become a good coach in Tennessee where the pressure isn't as high. Belichick sucked his first tenure as well. I am in no way saying he is close to Belichick but I think its too soon to completely write him off as a bad NFL coach. A lot of you are overreacting.
  3. Crazy but not so bad week

    Nah, this was a horrible week. We lost to the Falcons because of lack of effort and focus and got exposed in the process, and the Cardinals blew out the Packers. My draftkings teams got slaughtered. This is pretty much the worst week of the year!   At least the Panthers will be underdogs again in the playoffs, even as the #1 seed. Arizona would likely be favored in the NFCC even if they played on the road.
  4. Stewart hurt; Rivera "concerned"

    Panthers are saving Wegher til the playoffs to unleash him to unsuspecting foes with no game tape on him
  5. Broncos bench Manning

    He'll probably instantly become a head coach unless he wants to take a few years off to enjoy his retirement before getting back into the grind. If he doesnt, and Shula gets the Miami job, I would hire him in a second for OC. 
  6. Prevent defense thread

    Once again Ealy took most of the game off and Star has also been pretty disappointing this season as well. The linebackers and the secondary had to work their asses off in this game.    Star is performing badly in both the run and pass games. I don't know what's up with him but he needs to pick it up. 
  7. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    Our interior run D has  been bad this season. Colts running up the gut every play and we can't stop it.
  8. 49ers Trade Vernon Davis to Denver

    I would love to have Boldin though
  9. 49ers Trade Vernon Davis to Denver

    We could offer all of our WR's with Kelvin Benjamin included and they'd say no. They are in the hunt for a playoff spot and are probably the best non-division winning AFC team right now.
  10. 49ers Trade Vernon Davis to Denver

    Still for essentially a 6th round pick next year that's a steal for Davis
  11. 49ers Trade Vernon Davis to Denver

    poo. I really wanted Vernon. He's had crap QB play his whole career.
  12. Crabtree looks really good in Oakland. San Fran needs to trade us their WR's and/or Vernon Davis that they clearly aren't using.
  13. Bucs @ Falcons

    The Bucs are gonna get murdered by Julio. They have no possible way of covering him. I'm starting him in every single Draftkings lineup. Julio is due for a 200 yd 2 TD game. On the other side of the ball the Bucs only chance is to run Doug Martin 30 times. Trufant has been a pretty good shutdown corner and if he takes out Evans, then the Bucs really have no other options to throw to. I want the Bucs to win but I don't see it happening. The poster above is right, its just a bad matchup for the Bucs. They have had great trouble against opposing team's #1 option and Julio Jones is hungry.
  14. CJ is not attainable, however Vernon Davis is on the block and I think the Panthers should give a hard look at him. Might as well run 2 TE sets if our receivers can't separate.   the only problem with acquiring someone via trade (the Panthers are 1 great receiving option away from being a Super Bowl contender...sorry, rose color glasses it all you want but its true) is that the deadline is Monday at 4 and we play on Monday night. Thus we can't trade players because it would screw us for the Monday night game. So I seriously doubt we do any trading. and we will go into the post season praying and hoping that someone breaks out in the WR corp.
  15. Offensive Line + Physicality + Funchess

    Funchess has a long, lonnnng way to go. I think its obvious we need to acquire a veteran before the trade deadline but I doubt the team wants to give up any more picks.