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  1. I like Butker's moxie. We are gonna miss him. In the end though, he's just a kicker.
  2. John Fox won last week rushing 40+ times to only a few passes. Since he won, he is probably giddy in the pants and wants to push it further and run 50+ times. He’s a lot Iike George Lucas, stubborn as hell. So we know Chicago is going to run 50 times in this game. It will be very disappointing if we lose knowing they will only run the ball.
  3. Shaq should play the Von Miller role. He'd be so good at it. That TD was on Byrd not Shaq. Byrd was an idiot on the play.
  4. Their DL is sick. Cox is an all-pro. He looks like he ate another man. Doesn't matter because we weren't in position to draft him, but I know we were high on him. Can you imagine a Cox/KK duo at DT?
  5. It lingers because our best player's career is in jeopardy. I could care less about the loss at this point. We got outplayed and got manhandled on the offensive line and still had multiple chances to win without our defensive quarterback for the 2nd half. Coaching is partly to blame, but for the first time in a while I can see where the coaches are coming from when they preach execution. Some players ran some lazy routes, or didnt fight enough for yards when they caught the ball. Multiple drops. Some terrible safety and linebacker reads. On the Nelson Agholor TD, Byrd decided to triple cover someone instead of help Shaq. Trai Turner got destroyed by Cox most of the night. Cam played well most of the night but missed a few wide open players again. Its crazy how much you see when you have seats a couple rows from the field. I wish I could go to every game.
  6. 4-2

    We ain’t winning poo if Luke is done for the year Honestly I don’t know how our defense is this bad WITH Luke. Teams are easily getting 3 to 4 yards a rush even when we make contact in the backfield since the Bills game. Our safety play is also really bad. On the Agholor TD Byrd took one of the worst cuts I’ve ever seen in my life.
  7. We won but Ron Rivera is a LOSER

    Great game but what was the deal with Samuel kneeling on a kickoff at the 14? Why does our special teams continue to be dumbassery every single year?
  8. What Lions fans are saying

    I just dont see it. The Lions have one of the league's best D's, our offensive line is trash with the injuries, and we haven't exactly stopped the run the past few weeks either while they are actively trying to run the ball. They remind me of the 12-4 Panthers team from 2013. I think this game is one of the hardest we have left this season. Not feeling it
  9. WR Depth Chart

    Wonder what it would take to get Travis Benjamin from the Chargers if they lose again this week. He's exactly what we need
  10. I don't know, with all these injuries and now Cash on IR, just feels like another wasted season is coming
  11. So the Kaaya thing

    Hurney/Rivera don't have the balls, but I would take a QB in the 1st/2nd round if only to push Cam into playing better and focusing and let a young QB develop for a few years watching from the sideline. I agree that unless there are major staff changes I don't think Cam is looking to resign here. Hed go to NY or LA
  12. Andy Lee with some beautiful punts
  13. Patriots -8.5 Sunday

    Honestly I would take the Patriots -14. Sure our players are playing very poorly including Cam but our coaching staff is miserable. I don't have any faith in Ron and Shula cooking up a gameplan anymore. I think we got by in 2015 based on sheer talent and execution. Well, the talent and execution aren't there now but the coaching staff doesn't know that. I think we do ok defensively. 24-6 Patriots
  14. On the Barnwell podcast today, they can't believe Shula is running the same offense with personnel that clearly isn't fit for this offense. They also credit Kalil being out being the main factor because he tells Cam all the protections. Why are we not adapting to the personnel we have. We have slow, poor accelerating wide receivers in an offense that requires an AJ Green and a Brandin Cooks. We are running the same offense from our 15-1 season. WHEN IS RON AND COMPANY GOING TO REALIZE THIS!
  15. Cam's focus definitely isn't there. We have the exact same offense, the book has been out for over a year and our coaching staff still preaches execution and missed protections. Seriously! A coaching staff is supposed to adapt to its strengths and weaknesses. And its unlikely this coaching staff is going anywhere, so we are stuck with this for a while. While I believe in Cam he has peaked under this coaching staff and its all downhill from here. Honestly how can someone try to prove me otherwise?
  16. Shula and the oline suck. But it’s time to stop making excuses for Cam. He is missing wide open players and not just with his arm but with his eyes too. You really can’t defend him any longer
  17. Even with that CMC play, no sense of urgency. Its maddening. Trying to run out the clock down 18 late in the 3rd quarter.
  18. If we punt the game is over. Teams who punt on the opp. 40 when down in the 2nd half always lose. WTF are they thinking.
  19. Time to panic

    I don't understand how our offense can be so bad. At least the defense has showed up at times this season and can be due for a bad game, but the Saints literally have nobody in the back 7. I'm pretty sure Alabama has more talent at LB/DB than New Orleans.
  20. Turning it off.... time for movies I guess. Defense's resolve is crushed because they know the offense can't score.
  21. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Honestly we should just spend the entire draft on OL/DL next offseason. Teams that can control the line of scrimmage win no matter what other talent is on the team. The Giants and Bengals are absolutely ruined this year because they ignored their lines. We can't waste Luke and Cam's primes like this.
  22. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    The Falcons are gonna be tough again this year. But, a blueprint to beat them is out. Their defense gets tired more quickly than normal, especially in no huddle, and folds because they rely on speed to mask their deficiencies. Unfortunately we are completely unable to attack that, because we like to use the full play clock and STILL rely on slow developing plays with lumbering slow wide recievers. I don't know if it's Cam or Shula/Rivera, but this Falcons team is a terrible matchup for us. Not sure if we can beat them this year.
  23. Panthers vs McCoy

    We always blow it against the Bills. We also suck against McCoy. I think we can win but I have no qualms loading up on McCoy on DraftKings. I will just be happy to win. Gone are the days where there are bad or unsatisfying wins. Our team is still very rusty and we have clear weaknesses on both sides of the ball, so who cares how we win, we just need to win.
  24. The Official ARMAHGEDDON thread !

    I really don't understand why we needed to keep Fozzy Whittaker over Armah... Armah has shown more this preseason in just a few plays than Fozzy ever has with us. And he's younger, and a draft pick. Seriously? I know we didn't need that many RB's, but cutting him for a 3rd string QB? The Panthers must really really like Kaaya.
  25. Carolina, Tampa, Atlanta all have a chance to win division, all 4 teams could be worst in division I think the Bears are decent and the NFC North is just as strong