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    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    No one cares about Jerry's scandals, shut the fug up already. Damn we have some terrible reporters
  2. amcoolio

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    Like that he suggests sports gambling in the stadium
  3. amcoolio

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    Streaming on facebook https://www.facebook.com/CarolinaPanthers/videos/1993798860633110/
  4. Walterfootball is loving all our picks btw. A for DJ Moore, A+ for Donte Jackson, A for Rashaan Gaulden, A for Ian Thomas
  5. Our interior run D has been bad this season. Colts running up the gut every play and we can't stop it.
  6. All these losses to Seattle we have beaten ourselves with stupid play and bad coaching. Infuriating they are about to win like this again
  7. Horrific clock management. Hard to be excited about this touchdown.
  8. amcoolio

    Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    Allen still has a lot left in the tank. You have to remember the Bears have literally no talent on the defensive side of the ball.
  9. We must be the only team in the league that would rather run out the clock at the end of a half rather to do anything with it, in any scenario.
  10. Charlie Batch sounds like a huge nerd
  11. Anyone thinking of starting the Jaguars D next week in fantasy? How are we stuck with Shula for a 3rd straight year?
  12. Defense plays great, offense once again will be bottom 5 in the NFL Its a shame that we have to go 7-9 or 8-8 with this defense we have. When will this ride ever end
  13. Stewart is better but he is almost assuredly gone after this season, like we all knew D Will was gone after last season. The days of spending 10M a season on a back are finally coming to an end
  14. Their first string dominated to the tune of if this were a real game it could be 31-0 or worse I don't think they care as much that their 3rd string is getting lit up
  15. Its disheartening that Jacksonville, who spent a top 5 pick on a WR that completely busted just a few years ago, started from scratch 2 years ago with no WR's, and didn't sign one in free agency, and Oakland, who completely started from scratch at WR two seasons ago, have way, way better WR cores than we do
  16. "Our D line is mostly backups" yeah because our starters can't stay healthy. I don't feel good about Star playing 16 games, he probably plays 5 if that. Same with Short and Johnson, generally players who can't get on the field once throughout training camp end up like 2011-2014 Jonathan Stewart. You can tell the team is down about KB as well. There's little energy.
  17. Tanehill 12/15 102 yds 1 TD Newton 0/4 1 INT Offense in big trouble, our D-Line is a mess..... its only preseason, but this looks like a 6-10 team. Need to clean house offensively. Its genuinely offensive that we trot out Shula and his inefficient bottom 5 of the league offense with one of the best QB weapons ever for the 3rd straight year.
  18. Congratulations man. It's insane that you landed your dream job in just 4 years after graduating from App state. Thank god we finally have a real Panther fan doing our local radio.
  19. I went to school with Chris and was in the majority of his classes and worked on the same projects. App state radio and broadcasting major. It's crazy that he's now the wfnz afternoon anchor just 4 years later. I think he would prefer North Carolina over any other markets. He was a big Bobcats and Panthers fan just like I was, as well as college basketball.
  20. I thought Cam was really bad. But then again or right side of the O-line was really bad as well. But Cam just doesn't look like a good QB right now, regardless of O-line. He is staring down receivers repeatedly, extremely late on throwing the ball, and overthrowing by a wide margin when he does throw it early. He needs to quit worrying about the possible interception and make a damned decision with the ball when its in his hands. There are several examples recently of QB's with horrific O-lines who are still effective because they get the ball out and make quick decisions.