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  1. Sure you can. Why let four different allegations go on a tear about your personal life regardless of guilt when you can just give them hush money. Many corporations have hush money they pay out to many employees over issues like this. You and others will believe what you want. The people around JR are standing by him, so I have no reason to believe he isn't sincere. So I'll go with the folks that know him better than we do.
  2. I'm just presenting the options. Like it or not, those are easy options.
  3. PDiddy is a Criminal with a background

    Yep anyone thinking this is more than a publicity stunt is extremely naive.
  4. San Antonio, Oklahoma, St. Louis with right ownership. There are options.
  5. Logic is not allow here, sir.
  6. Serious Question

    TIL: All I have to do is make an allegation against NJPanthers12 and he'll have to give up everything he's worked for in his entire life, regardless of guilt. @NJPanthers12 After all, you're okay with others doing it.
  7. I'm pretty sure this entire situation will end up with nothing being found and those who were just so deadest believing that Richardson did something will claim conspiracy. People don't like being or admitting a mistake so that's the future.
  8. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Common sense and decency IS due process.
  9. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    I'll be in the minority by waiting until facts come out. Already enough witch hunting on the internet.
  10. Mario and Pep

    You were implying that he could have been better with Mario (had he been here WITH Mario in his prime) and that's great but I was responding saying he was here with Rucker...and Rucker was/is better than Addison. Sorry I didn't make that clearer.
  11. Mario and Pep

    He was here with Rucker though and Rucker > Mario.
  12. Mario and Pep

    We had Pep in his prime. Was sweet.
  13. So do you want Kenny Britt?

    No thanks. 5 years ago? Sure... If ya not good enough to play in Cleveland then Canada is a good option for you.