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  1. iamcline added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    2012 away game against the Falcons.  The "GTFO My Field" game.  When Roddy White caught that ball I lost my poo.  I also became quite productive.  My wife was tired of our front porch swing, and it was removed from the front porch quickly.
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  2. iamcline added a post in a topic Just called in to NFL radio on Sirius   

    Still can't move on can we?  Do we need a hero that bad?  Not like he belittled or beat-up his teammates or anything.  He was an incredible team player!!! /sarcasm
    Steve Smith is way far down the list of all-time greatest Panthers.  Forgive me if I look at his entire body of work, not just his stats.  Can't help but take into account getting ejected from games, assault, general douchebaggery towards anyone who didn't share his opinion, etc...
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  3. iamcline added a post in a topic Prepare for chill bumps.....   

    Used to be NFL on FOX but now I get more pumped over the SNF theme.
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  4. iamcline added a post in a topic Alexander Semin bought out... Thoughts?   

    My favorite player.  Gone.  Will sign with Pittsburgh and win the cup.  I will cry.
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  5. iamcline added a post in a topic Beginning of the End For the Redskins?   

    Redskins team name isn't going anywhere.  This trademark deal is just a silly ploy by the Government.
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  6. iamcline added a post in a topic Should NFL contracts be guaranteed?   

    No.  They ruin the overall product.  Guaranteed contracts can handicap an organization for years if a player decides he just doesn't want to play to his level anymore.
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  7. iamcline added a post in a topic Harbaugh vs Cowherd   

    No "vs." about it.  Colin owned Harblah.
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