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  1. raleigh-panther

    Ian Thomas - Not just a receiving target

    He is a better blocker than Olsen from what I see and it’s not really close as much as I love Greg there is something g to be said to the boost Thomas gives to the ri. I g game and Cam not keying on Greg all the time then again, just like when I’m at the blackjack table in Vegas and winning, I don’t want anything to change at the table, it’s the same way to me when the Panthers are winning
  2. raleigh-panther

    We're 2 - 1 and our Defense

    Could be but ..,,Remember comparing offensive weapons., the Panthers had an all pro TE and ever absent but fast receivers Byrd and Samuel out as well who is to say that Bengals defense could have had them i am much more concerned , as I’m sure you are as well, about the safety position then anything else particularly playing the Saints, Falcons and the NFC East
  3. ...and being In the right place at the right time is HUGE for a rookie and puts him ions above our secondary of the past three years
  4. Funny I thought it was a nfl rule to stop sales of alcohol in the 3rd qtr drive. By some incidents in Oakland if it isn’t a game after 4pm I typically drive home anyway
  5. raleigh-panther

    Joe Person is good at his job

    I never, ever hear tough questions during the press conferences, ever Example from last week, during Tuesday presser could have asked about time management 1 poor situational play calling before the first half end that instead of running clock, resting the defense, and you know, getting,points, basically gave the Falcons back to back scoring drives end of first half beginning of second 2. Wasting of time on that last drive. Very easily gave away at least 30 to 45 seconds that could have changed the outcome. Yet another year under Rivera, the offense loafs around like they have 15 mins instead of 30 seconds it is maddening Listening to the presser, one would have thought the Panthers won the game
  6. If he isn’t there after the bye, well put him on Ir and move on again. Bring up,Mose. At least he can catch
  7. Saw pics of him at practice. Still no Samuel
  8. raleigh-panther

    Curtis Samuel

    The season marchs on with or without Samuel and Byrd as much as I’d like to count on them returning and staying for the season, I don’t feel it. Really should have kept Barner. Can’t afford to have Moore back there returning kicks Byrd gets hurt if the wind blows. Samuel. Who knows
  9. Bengals are solid this year i don’t trust the defense...at all...if a defensive team can’t get up for a top division rival, had no answers for what they saw..nope don’t trust them in all Rivera’s years here, never heard the term ‘’lazy ‘’ before I don’t know who it was meant for Poe or Butler, but it was one of them. DTs didn’t do their job. Mayo did the best he could but doesn’t have speed for OLB. Maybe we are seeing why the Falcons let Poe go who knows Bengals 31. Panthers. 28
  10. raleigh-panther

    Curtis Samuel

    Again he and Byrd take up roster space for 16 weeks to play two can’t have that in the NFL
  11. I am on Club level only problem I see is people movement not sure how getting people in who want to join and out for people who want to leave is going to work hopefully they have a plan for people moving as trying to get out of club after the game, well it’s a little challenging as is at least the owner is trying something new
  12. raleigh-panther

    Switching gears, bengals up next

    I’ll take the Panthers 31 to 28 the Panthers offense is doing fine. The special teams are decent if the defense can’t be fixed with gap control, then some people need to sit down and pull in some younger pieces and I am truly not sold on Eric as the DC, not that they care about my opinion there were a few shots of him behind Rivera and he looked lost Maybe he needs to be up in the booth other thing, if the panthers had not gone absolutely stupid with situational football before the half which gave Atlanta an extra possession plus the possession in the second half things might have been different They need a balance of run and pass o keep that aging defense off the field I don’t know what it is...we had one Coordinator that was all run and another that seems to be all pass (last hame) ...And the schedule makers did the Panthers no favors...another team with 10 days rest
  13. Playing on a hyperextended knee didn’t help all of us on this board would be on crutches and pain meds
  14. There are too many too count from the first round, Benjamin, Butler and players not with the team I still remember Steve Logan saying ‘Benjamin is lazy in route running and fundamentals an not very bright. He will bust in the NFL. Stay away from him’. Well...prophetic