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  1. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    Keeping Hurney is like putting a clean sock on a dirty foot
  2. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    It is really time to move on from Hurney He should never have been brought back in the first place. Again, the Panthers had a sportscaster who became a GM, a GM, once fired that no other team wanted JR is out. For once the NFL needs to be helpful and tell JR, no. If you want to give him a bonus for helping you out do it, but he needs to move on just as you do
  3. One could say the same thing about Cam or Odell
  4. The Eagles remade their WRs What could happen..... The Panthers had a chance at Alshon,, but you know the rest....
  5. Luke just had surgery

    Trying to avoid leading with that shoulder.
  6. Sadly I agree with his injuries (and a neck injury at that) and the wrong side of 30, combined with missing a lot of time the past two years, this won’t end well for Ryan or the Panthers if the Patriots success has taught anything, there is no such thing as a farewell tour in the NFL and I hope whoever the Panthers GM is does what needs to be done
  7. I find it interesting that Panthers.com has the Dawson article. Panthers.com is the team’s propaganda site
  8. Ron Rivera the new Belichick

    Smoke another one bro how long do you think Mike Shula would have lasted with New England? here is a hint, he would never, ever been interviewed
  9. Take out Cam’s numbers, otherwise very misleading
  10. Hurney, the Mike Shula of GMs, not another pro team wants him but ole Jerry though....
  11. By all means, call him

    Been saying this for years in fairness , for years there was no pocket to step into
  12. Well, Gantt is saying someone's screwed

    The world, and the nfl world, will continue no team in the nfl world is going to feel sorry for the Panthers Hire Jimmy Raye if he still wants the position and move on Hurney’s issues are his issues. leave them with him there is a 2 billion dollar business to run and 30000 PSL owners impacted
  13. Hurney has legal ways to deal with the ex wife just as she has ways to deal with him He is not a child I don’t wish Hurney ill but as someone who will receive an invoice from the Panthers in about 2weeks for the 2018:season, I expect them to handle their business and be quick about it in essence, I could not sell my PSL seats rights now if I wanted to due to their incompetence There are qualified candidates out there, go get one As for Hurney, go find something else I do not want your problems to become the team’s problems we have had enough of that
  14. Yes Scott but as the old Italian saying goes, ‘he didn’t poo where he ate’ if Jerry wants call girls, up to him in his personal life but can’t do that at the office to people on paid staff to do a non sexual job