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  1. Curtis Samuel (via instastory @Panthers)

    Don’t know about discounting. I just know what I read about that ankle with bone, ligament and nerve damage Freak accident sure but even freak accidents can be debilitating. The hamstring from rookie Camp on..,I don’t know if he can stay one the field in the Pros
  2. I am so sick of the Seattle Seahawks and the damned Redskins
  3. Dallas, at home, week 1

    Welcome to our world. Only team to have to open to the team that we lost to in the Super Bowl
  4. Worley likely released per Les Bowen

    Stupid is as stupid does
  5. Worley Arrested

    As gettleman had a mantra to ‘stay away from trouble’ when drafting players surprised this guy slipped under the radar in college. Usually these things show early
  6. Panthers are not as strong at LB as this board thinks it was clear Favis had lost a step and Luke is one concussion away from done or should be if it happens front 7 counts in the defense. Ron’s defense
  7. Hayden Hurst Visiting Panthers

    Yep and people seem to forget, other than Sanjay (can’t believe I’m saying this) about Shockey and Olsen in Cam’s first season greg is also starting to break down For Rivera’s system D has to have a strong front 7, given Luke’s concussion history and davis’ situation and probable retirement combined with questions about the edge rotation and longevity of DE, don’t be surprised if the first rd is either olb, DE, TE. Best available impact player of those 3 just my feeling Even mlb is not out of the question Yes I know how great Luke is but we also know about concussions First round should be about impact and ready to play but who knows what will happen. I just hope if someone projected to go higher starts dropping, panthers understand why before jumping to turn in the card
  8. I have loved Thomas and always will however, I believe training staffs are to approve or at least be consulted prior to the player ingesting supplements He is at fault and had to know what he was doing. Sad to me Another perspective, brutal game and players do things to manage pain and stay on the field particularly with age and wear and tear. We all know this. They are not supermen
  9. Panthers can’t find someone in the US to play back up guard ...really...poor Newton
  10. Realistic Draft Tiers for Panthers at 24

    I have said it for a couple of years, will say it again , this team needs a Rd 1 or 2 TE this offense would take off with that and TEs not nearly the risk of WR tired of the Rd 5 and up projects and journeymen like Dickson
  11. Goodnight Charlotte if Goodnight

    Charlotte didn’t have a pro stadium at one time. Things change
  12. It is what it is

    That man took years off my life I can’t get back
  13. TE2 is getting worrisome

    Gettleman had many chances to draft a TE and didn’t go draft a first or second round TE. There are two great candidates in the draft this year. One is almost a Jason Whitten clone meaning. TE that blocks and catches and isn’t 6th and 7th round projects i wanted hunter Henry when Butler was taken along with the kid Tampa got last year
  14. Hypothetical Question.. Secondary..

    What a dreary list Gettlrman at defensive backfield I believe is similar