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  1. Front Office/Coaches after G-man

    I think you are right and watching Ron Rivera on the sideline, he is like a statue, he does not interject and he does not interact. I have never seen a HC coach behave this way Even Tom Landry showed emotion or concern occasionally on the field
  2. Cam Not Talking to Media

  3. Gano also has age and injury not on his side he was questionable this week I still don't trust him under pressure. His history in DC proceeds here but he is all we have and KC got a great young prospect who is producing for nothing
  4. Lord no Snake. I wish we did he is the poor man’s Klein i have nothing against him at all but in the world of pro linebackers. Luke -is exceptional Klein is Average. Mayo, nope have to do more than cover the run
  5. I love Luke, who doesn't but it is time to draft a first or second round MLB as insurance and let that player learn from the best Concussions are no joke and we simply cannot rely on David Mayo to be the answer and sadly in this collision sport we cannot rely on Luke being out there we aren't talking about a hamstring here. Given the age of the Dline and linebackers plus this injury with Luke, there is going to need to be a defensive overhaul in the offseason BTW, pick up the Bears TE if you play FF, with Mayo in there he will most likely have a field day
  6. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    I find that interesting ad well
  7. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Is this factual? Are we talking about a grown man here and the father/step father of 3 or a 12 year old? if he meant what he said in his videoed apology, man up, say 'let's move on' and then just move on its tiring. Very very tiring
  8. Panthers 20. Bears 17 if the Panthers coaches screw this one up, leave them there....please
  9. The panthers have a history of doing just that
  10. Irritating when someone insinuates the Panthers and their fans should feel good about losing to better team this isn't horseshoes or a best of series
  11. This week...

    Don't overlook the Bears. Physical tough team that run the ball Panthers have a history of making new QBs look good
  12. Selling PSLs

    Keep the PSL and sell individual games. That why you could at least comeback for the playoffs or selected games I use the Ticketmaster option on your PSL account page. Just click sell tickets I'll be in same boat soon. Be in CA most of the year next year you have been such a long time fan, hate to see you go its not a lot of fun for airfare. Hotels. Food Etc when they lose and Charlotte is over run with Eagles fans. They are truly obnoxious
  13. Replay Officials

    Well they have this crap rule about there must be enough evidence to over turn what was called on the field we,should remember this from Superbowl 50 sadly newton got robbed without doubt and so did the Jets today
  14. Looking at the next couple of games....

    When is Kurt Coleman. Back?