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  1. I'd feel like we hired the wrong guy from the Giants
  2. You might want to look at the replay if you believe 'we had the game in hand' . I did as at the stadium I miss things minnesota dropped two sure TD passes and shanked a field goal. Case also looked like Fran freaking Tarkenton out there we got away with a few and caught a few breaks they had two linemen hurt late and Panthers managed to win in spite of going into the Rivera cocoon with 11 mins left in the third it's a win against a tough team I'm grateful for that we have seen this show before when the outcome was different
  3. Aaron Rodgers may not play after all

    Rodgers plays Best pure QB in football to be the best, beat the best
  4. That Packers #26th ranked Defense...

    My concern is going conservative and that is what Shula does time after time after time qbs like Rodgers. Brees. Wilson. Play for 60 mins not 38 mins
  5. Killa Cam is my favorite Cam

    He was talking about throwing off his back foot and across the field not the go conservative play calling with 22 mins left I particularly liked the short throw to Number 19 after a very long time out in 3rd down Shula gonna Shula my entire section would have hung him if we could have reached him
  6. Haters ain’t hatin today

    You are absolutely right how Shula continues to have a job is simply beyond me
  7. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    At stadium Let’s hope they stop making case look like zeke Elliot as for offense. Same poo. Differennt week
  8. Lord. I saw two look this at howl at moon saloon a couple of years ago at 2am after the game. They were so drunk that when they fall off they almost killed themselves
  9. Panthers DTs. Step up

    we have a lot of draft picks and salary cap (soon to be more) tied up in this position and if the Panthers are to go any further, they need to step up in a big way too many teams running easily. Too much offensive traffic at the second level for the linebackers to wade through, no gap control as always, key to game, make Minnesota one dimensional. If this is done, Panthers win, if not Vikings passing game opens up with play action and with diggs, Theilen, Rudolph, it will be a very long day
  10. Hope they have Amah in the lineup active and in the lineup more than twice Cam will be running for his life. Running forward is one thing, backward something else again
  11. If anyone knows denial, it's Sean 'vicodin' Partin i still can't believe how that story just disappeared He is arrogant and classless and he didn't pay nearly enough for defensive targeting a few years ago
  12. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    Yeah just like Kamara couldn't catch and was slow through the line
  13. Because you are like me...hope springs eternal with season tickets if they win, joy for a weekend if they lose, a mercy killing for a season of being off balance from the shoulder surgery, to the draft, to the gym mess, and the rest, been a season of no equilibrium if only better coaches and players came with it as a result
  14. And you are...and we care about your thoughts why?