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  1. Bill Voth: "Panthers Are Allowing Cam To Look Like A Baby."

    Wait.....the Browns have fans ?  
  2. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    I am just sharing a different perspective  i have spent the past 3 days deflecting criticism of him  it's ok for us to criticize but not the non Panthers people 
  3. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    I understand.  We all have things we can work on and we would not like the spot light on us either constantly but we are beholden to certain obligations and Cam is no different  he has greatness in him not just athletically but as a change agent for good things. Let people see that but if all people see is that performance at the press Conf. Not good. People will stop listening  it is not the first time either   Some of his press conferences in Charlotte are not great either  this is not about him being Ghandi up there and singing Kum ba ya or uttering  platitudes and cliches...it is about him finding words to express himself    a simple 'I know you all want to ask me questions but I cannot answer too clearly now congratulations to Denver' would have been enough to have changed the whole narrative     Effective Communication is a learned and teachable skill as is body language  and he needs polish with both ias the face of the franchise   It comes with territory or people will stop caring and watching       
  4. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    IMHO They exist because he feeds it  unintentionally or intentionally  it is not easy to be who is and what he is We all get that he is a 26 year old millionaire QB  and there are only 32 of them in the world so yes from an athletic stand point he is special  ...from all accounts he works very hard at his craft .... he does kind things  ....he is not evil  However, part of that craft and job responsibilities are dealing with the press.  accept it and improve it or the same people defending him now both teammates and fans are going to grow very wary of the continued dialogue  including the people who buy tickets and Newton jerseys  if dealing with the press is something he needs to get better at in defeat, then the Panthers do him no favors in not helping him as defeats happen in life and on the NFL field   Ron needs to go through with his suggestions to the NFL post super bowl as well Again I mean no disrespect to him or anyone in the board  I understand this is a hot topic.      
  5. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it   I respect yours as well  you may very we'll be right and frankly it is more concerning if you are None of us know what is or is not said within the Panthers management and ownership  we have no idea  losing poorly  ok  I get it     The bottom line is the Carolina Panthers and what their brand represents  they pay Cam not the other way around if they were ok with anything that went on in that press conference and post that's the end of it         
  6. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    It does not follow that someone who willingly puts himself at risk for TDs or first downs  makes no attempt to recover his own fumble in the biggest game of his life.  In fact, stops the effort  one day the narrative is, Cam does things other QBs dont next day, cam is like every other QB and didnt go for the ball for reason x i have  spent 3 days trying to explain why Superman was not So Super. no excuses anymore. He didn't play well. The panthers didn't play well. Our QB should have handled the press conference better and the same coaches who stand with him afterwards had to know what would happen sending him out to the media ....maybe they wanted to deflect questions from themselves and that putrid game plan, who knows.  the flip side to it is Cam loves the photo ops with the media when he is winning. He needs to learn the camera is always on him, it's what he wants, when his son  grows up,  is what he showed, what he wants to be his legacy? If so, maybe the Broncos are right, there is  no Easter Bunny or Santa  and there is no Superman  He needs to grow up  I hope he does. people won't like what I say here but over three days of reflection it is how I feel about it all,  and quoting cam you know, 'no band aids for feelings' and all...unless its Cam's feelings. 
  7. My Last Thread - On Cam and Conformity

    He is a superb athlete  he is also the face of the franchise and paid handsomely to be such   That comes with obligation no different than any of us at our jobs   Sometimes cliches are called for out of respect   Respect for the game   Respect for others and yourself and for your organization  I don't know how I feel other than fatigued from explaining and being baited into defending the face of the franchise  its sad actually to hear the out and our hatred from other players more so than the media   one of the sports reporters actually made the point about backlash from his own fans being possible from the fatigue of defending him  I think that is possible  in the new world order of media access and entitlement, Newton can't have both ways, love the camera for his dabs and hate the camera when there is nothing to dab about       
  8. video of Cam responding to criticism

    I don't know how I feel  if cam only represented himself fine.  He doesnt. He represents the Panthers and the man who pays him i have to assume that the Panthers  are ok with the behavior or they should have made sure it was handled the way they wanted in the media room  Just tired of it all I guess 
  9. Defend the dumbest things being said about Cam

    Wow. Cardiac  was about to make the same post  I have done the same thing today  i am really tired of it its taking the joy off of the season i don't know who Cam Newton really is and I honestly don't know why I feel the need to respond.  I just feel the unfairness of it all. Since when does a bad press conference equate to someone being  a thug
  10. Has anyone else not watched anything sports related today?

    Me either. i saw the game and I don't need to hear someone else's view of it rehashed i also don't care to hear about Cam's behavior or to feel the need to justify it to the people who hate him.   going into my life beyond the Panthers mode to regain my life. coming to the huddle is safe because at least most of the people here actually care about the team.
  11. Who was at fault?

    Lot,of 'throats to choke'.  What would be the point. i am just mind boggled by the the play selection in this game the average time to get the ball  out of a QBs hands is 4 seconds so the metrics go looked like those plays were taking 5 seconds  the oline had the Denver Dline in its face in the backfield in about 3 you could surmise the Broncos are just that good, the protection was that bad or they picked up on the snap count. Either it was ugly it is almost as if they didn't game play for that Dline at all. Sadly dave needs to up his spending limit or the best of Newton's years gone  newton took quite a beating . Someone said at halftime he almost went to Denvers locker room 
  12. Snakebit, bad decisions and betrayal

    IMHO, I'd say our offensive coordinator and oline coach had little awareness of how to counter Denver. whats that you say, Remmers can handle speed rushes by himself? I know, how about the same up the middle play on every first down. Yeah, that'll work Wait if that doesn't work, I know, let's do a lateral against the fastest d in game and  better still, how about those long developing pass plays it was a horrifically bad offensive game plan and thePanthers paid for it and anybody who thinks all those little extra hits on Newton didn't take a toll, not informed   
  13. The tape will not lie the oline schemes handled the protections and play calling for a team as fast as Denver just baffling  plays that were there to be made weren't  personnel handled in oline. Terrible by them  dollar general Dave needs to move up two classes in personnel if panthers are to complete  As far as Cam goes  he is a QB  not Ghandi   He needs to own himself  I have no thoughts or comments in his behavior at all   He is a 26 year old man  we all answer for ourselves at that age   
  14. I hope DG learned something tonight

    I think the point trying to make is a hundred million dollar QB with questionable pieces around him and he his starting his 6th year. as for Shula, he is here to stay probably would be better for Newton if a true OC would be brought in...I have always felt that but when the team makes the Super Bowl, coordinators aren't going to be changed