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  1. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic It's a Trap!   

    It would be a real good weekend to end it early and get some young players like Funchess and artis Payne going with reps before that brutal 4 to 5 game stretch
    i suspect the Panthers will win but winning easily or convincingly just does not seem to be in Rivera led team's DNA
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  2. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Saints Fan Representing Yesterday   

    The 3 in front of me were pretty bad, along with showing pics of Cam in his pink jacket on their cell phones and making remarks with a 6 year old girl sitting just in back of them
    i just  said 'look at the score board' each time they displayed their intelligence, which was often
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  3. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Bias Confirmed   

    The excuse given was Cam was out of the pocket
    i guess being  hit out of bounds is ok when out of pocket 
    some of the ball placements yesterday very questionable as well
    cam isn't a liar. Hochuli however .,.. 
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  4. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Is it a two horse race or will Atlanta fold?   

    If Harper and Tillman remain as DBs and that DL continues to not get pressure, the Panthers best pray they have a decent enough offense to run the ball and grind that clock away.
    For a team that hangs their hat on defense, due to injuries, age, and non performance, the Panthers D is looking a bit suspect.    I'm not sure Luke would have made that much difference yesterday.
    If a team can't pressure and contain  Luke McNown, oh my....how will it deal with Ryan, Luck, Rodgers, Wilson?
    Frankly, as much as I want to be impressed with Shaq Thompson, I"m just not.  They could have used another DL or OL vs Shaq.  I just don't see a #1 on him.  The Panthers D goes at that Dline goes and they weren't great with Charles Johnson.  Where are all those 'special things' Shaq was supposed to bring...just asking.
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  5. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Cam Newton Post game   

    Those refs yesterday were simply unbelievable
    the Vegas line was 10 points
    seems to me those refs wanted to make sure that didn't happen. 
    Ask yourself, if that had been Brady, luck, Rodgers or any other qb than cam newton if roughing the passer would not have been called
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  6. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Charles Johnson Injury   

    I think we have seen the end of CJ
    age, salary cap does not meet to salary
    DL  in onee year, gone from A position of strength to,position of concern and its that DL that makes the Panthers defense go
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  7. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    Wounded animal is a dangerous animal
    panthers need to handle their business early today and keep the pedal to the metal to take hope out of that wounded animal early
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  8. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Of Periscopes and Sitting Ducks: how to torpedo the New Orleans Saints   

    The one simple thing I've noticed with Ryan's D scheme and Newton, Ryan  seems to have a pinch put on Cam with the DEs to where Cam is set to throw as Cam's tendency seems to run backwards to get away from the DEs instead of either stepping up in the pocket for a quick throw or to step up through the middle to run.
    If I were coaching Cam this week, which I'm not, I'd try and make him aware of this as it is a tendency and tendencies are what D Coordinators thrive on.   When you feel those DEs collapsing the triangle on you, step up to the space they left, look for a quick toss to your outlet, step in to the gap left, right or middle, but  don't go backwards.  Nothing good comes of that.
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  9. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Monday Night Countdown: Andrew Luck needs more around him.   

    I guess in a few weeks we get to see who is better, Panthers or Colts
    i believe Panthers even without Benjamin
    Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see Cam outshine Eyeore
    btw, loved Lucks leadership on the sidelines, throwing things around after his latest turnover. I know announcers, he is just passionate.  If Cam did the same, bad leadership. 
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  10. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Around the NFL taking note of Panther fans   

    it is still  frightening Philly!
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  11. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Around the NFL taking note of Panther fans   

    dear God, that picture is wrong on so many levels   The human body can sure be ugly
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  12. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Guess who's dropping passes and guess who's making it look easy   

    you are so right..and how long last year did it take him to change out that defensive back field. 
    Put Norwood in for a couple of plays for god sake. Same with Funchess
    gellteman believed in Funchess enough to give up draft picks to get him. Picks that could have been used on o line depth.  
    What are  they waiting for...Christmas?  Bellinchek picks someone up day one, day two they are on the field
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  13. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Shula "discouraged" by lack of points....   

    don't hold your breath
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  14. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic Shula "discouraged" by lack of points....   

    The Panthers as I have said before have an offensive coordinator that no one else wants for the same position
    nothing will change offemsively until that does
    and sadly one day Newton will erupt as Newton has out  grown Shula and Shula is not the OC to challenge OR to hold him accountable, to,push him,  to make him see a different game and Newton needs that
    look at the other great QBs look at who they have...now look at who Newton has
    when you watch Newton, do you really get the sense that he believes in the plays being called?
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  15. raleigh-panther added a post in a topic The offense is worse than I thought   

    A win is a win.
    It is where we are in December not September 
    if only Olsen doesn't get the penalty. 
    If only Ginn does not drop the pass
    if only Cam sees This or that
    at some point, the lack of ability to score in the redzone needs to be fixed, hopefully before we start playing teams that  with QBs who are not no names or second year QBs
    take away that interception by Norman, and it's really poor production for a NFL offense. 13 points for a NFL offense is abysmal by any measure 
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