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  1. Carlina Daarios?

    I'm the 5th... Never seen it, every time I tell someone that they look at me in a disgusted fashion.
  2. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    1. Cam 2. Luke 3. Short 4. T.D 5. Olsen 6. Kalil 7. Tuner 8. K.B 9. Stewart 10. Star
  3. OTAs start Tuesday

    Will Goku show up in time to save his friends, will Gohan take his power to the next level, and where is Piccolo??? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!!!!
  4. Comfortable with running backs?

    Am I the only one who thinks Wegher has a chance to be a really good pro??? He may he my most aticipated young player to watch this camp, can't wait to see how he's progressed with a full year under his belt.
  5. Either way short or long...this will be his last year here, he's gonna seek a starting job somewhere else.
  6. Also for the record Gettman said sometime during Superbowl week when a question about Oher came up, he made a comment that he had watched 3 years worth of previous games of his to decide if wanted to sign him. So dnt think for a second he didn't know what he had(or didn't have) in Boykin.
  7. Agreed. I never seen so many people make a big deal on a player who ultimately didn't matter. Never played a snap for us, signed a minimal contract and is on his way to his 4th team in 2 years for a reason. Boykin was simply insurance in case the draft didn't shake out the way we wanted it to. Once it did he was expendable
  8. Carson Palmer wants some

    Who that guy??? Meh....not worried
  9. NFL Top 100 - Ryan Kalil #79

    Bear suit was a different year....when he was 99 he made the comment about only one playing being better than him. He was a little confused
  10. NFL Top 100 - Ryan Kalil #79

    Love that guy....all time classic
  11. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    Age and money has nothing to do wit it, it comes down to production. Someone of you are really reaching for reasons to get rid of Ginn. Byrd is going to have a REALLY hard time making the roster over Ginn. Point blank period.
  12. Best coaching staff in the business. We don't have to worry about a player being subpar here and then going on and making it big somewhere else. If a guy can play this staff we'll get the best out of him.
  13. Panthers Motivation Monday

    Great play.....that weirdo with the camera almost ruined it though
  14. Couldn't agree more. Everything about the guy just screams fake, from his"miracle water", to his contrived statements, his goody two shoes act and his overall phonyness.