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  1. God Damn theirs a lot of pent up Cam hate

    Cam creating a new fad.  Walking out on the media during a press conference...haha
  2. I'm trying to understand why he did not call more screens or quick slants to negate that rush. It was obvious from the start that they were stopping the run and he never changed it up.
  3. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Yeah i know....
  4. Anyone greeting the team back home

    He will be fine.
  5. Anyone greeting the team back home

    nice crowd Oh and F*ck the haters. Love my team!
  6. Anyone greeting the team back home

    wish i could go. Hard to living in Raleigh
  7. Racist peice of poo

    So all other "white" Qb's can yell at their players, run off field and not give a handshake, and bitch everytime a call doesnt go their way. but a "black" QB cannot? Wow doubled standard!!! P.S. yes im white   and i would like to see these twitter post of him getting blasted
  8. I'm enjoying my media black out right now. Only place I visit is this site. Cannot stand everything being said right now. 
  9. Peyton is cool. Glad he going out a winner. Talib? Can't stand that bitch
  10. Panthers Lost memes....come in here to laugh

    Lol that man. I get upset when we play like poo, but never go to that extreme!!! Wow that makes me feel better
  11. Winning with grace

    Talib and Harris need to go outside and play in traffic.
  12. If I can survive jimmy clausen season I can survive this loss.
  13. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    I blame the 3 guys on the roof watching our practice.
  14. Along the Sidelines - Superbowl Edition

    Thanks for taking the time to do this, but I'm gonna pass on looking at it. Still have that crappy feeling after the loss and to be honest with you, staying away from anything superbowl pictures related
  15. I don't know the meat and potatoes of football strategy, but even I know when the other team is blizting the poo out of you, you throw quick passes or screens. Where was that Shula?