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  1. Last playoff game I went to was 2003 against the Cowboys. We won that game. I think i'd be great luck to us if I could go back. Love my Panthers and would love to go. Thanks and please pick me so I can give us a leg up. Go Panthers!
  2. You go home and see this on your couch

    I would talk to him about how he's going to lose to the Panthers but tell him I think he's a cool guy anyways and ask him why he's on my couch.
  3. Top 3 Reasons The Panthers Lost Today

    Too much egg nog
  4. My view of the OBJ helmet to helmet

    I believe he will and should be suspended the rest of the season. It's a new day in the NFL and this was fuged up.
  5. Panthers Full Games Footage for Future Videos    50 bucks but yeah it's awesome.
  6. Kurt Coleman

    Trolling would be voting Teddy Williams for ST.
  7. Cams Kicks

    Is this fine worthy? Didn't Marshawn get fined for wearing gold cleats last year? 
  8. Panthers pro shop doing extra business today.

    I have heard some girls like ice up their vagina during intercourse. I think that's how that pussy Matt Ryan got his nickname. 
  9. Dear Connor Orr

    Maybe he's a closet Panthers fan and knows he's a poo picker so picking against us is really picking for us. God bless you Connor Orr!
  10. Panthers pro shop doing extra business today.

    Occams razor-Her boyfriend is a panthers fan and wanted a panthers hat for Christmas. /thread.
  11. Sunday TV coverage map

    I think it's safe to say that per capita we win the time slot. It's like the nation is starting to really enjoy watching us... this is uncharted territory.
  12. I haven't read all the posts but the guy who threw the ball is a panthers employee. Greg Almond I think his his name and he's been on the sideline every game for about the last 10 to 15 years. Smh
  13. This got me teary-eyed

    Hes looking as healthy as ever and he's already outlived the prognosis of his surgery.