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  1. Jai.

    Kemba commits to Charlotte..

    Gotta love Kemba, I just hope we do right by him!
  2. Will fans finally be able to take shirt off when it's crazy hot? QTNA
  3. Jai.

    Said hi to J stew

    He was awesome for us, he'll do well in NY. I wish nothing but the best
  4. Awesome trade to address a HUGE need!
  5. These drops re killing me! Put in WR's that can catch, jeez. Throw Norwood out there
  6. Good job defense! Missed FG, time to go punch one in!
  7. C'mon Graham! Defense looks stout, at least! Keep it up defense!
  8. Hopefully Williams is alright!
  9. #bombsquad I really didn't see the offensive PI.
  10. Almost time for kickoff, I'll check in throughout commercial breaks! #KeepPounding