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  1. Cam pouting at the podium

    I'd been hearing all about Cam's press conference and now I finally get to watch it... I can't believe that is what is causing an uproar.  I would rather have this real emotion 10x over than the coach/player speak.  He's acting the exact same way I feel right now...except I don't think I could restrain from dropping a few F-bombs when that mob of reporter uselessness asked me over and over how it feels to lose and let everyone down. Go Cam.  Go Panthers. 
  2. What position did you play?

    I played soccer. :)
  3. Stephen A. Smith

    This thread is an analogy for the upcoming Superbowl.  One argument is nuanced and has depth like our run game.  One side is taking advantage of a lesser equipped opponent like we will the Broncos.   If I were to take this analogy to it's full conclusion we're going to beat Denver 56-3.
  4. The Santa Clara Camera Bag Strategy

    Igo, I do some amateur photography and have shot some sporting event.  I've found that experiencing an event through the lens is completely different than experiencing it as a fan just watching it.  It's like I'm so focused on the work of getting good shots and not missing things and switching lens, etc I miss the moment a little bit.  How does it feel from your perspective on the field working as opposed to just watching a game.  I know any one of us would love to be on the field for a game but I don't think many realize just how much you work during the game instead of really "watching" the game.
  5. My favorite was after Ted scored on that first TD and on the sidelines Cam says, "I scared you". If you go back and look you can see when Ted first notices Cam he flinches hard. 
  6. Adam Schein's knees buckle...

    Most football analysts don't analyze jack squat.  They look at surface stuff, look at a few numbers and go with their feelings.  Panthers fans have been watching Cam since the beginning and if you bothered to really pay attention and watch Cam play it wasn't hard to see this coming.  Ok, maybe not to this degree but it boom or busts with these guys.  It's either "I wouldn't draft him in the first round" or "He's best best ever".  I guess being measured, sane and realistic with your "expert" opinion and base it off watching film and interviews with your subject is too much to ask. Schein has no choice but to change his opinion.  It's the current wave.  All the talking heads tried to fight against the tide but Cam gave them no choice in the matter based on his consistent play on the field.  
  7. If you want to play a drinking game during the game and get plastered really fast, try this. Take a shot every time the opposing defense puts 8 defenders in the box...and we still get 3 yards.
  8. Awesome NY Times feature on Luke

    I really wish we could get some real Luke FX on the field.  From reading lips and his gestures on the field there is no way he's that same way in between the white lines.
  9. Caption This Dab

    Why is Marshawn trying to motorboat our defensive tackle?
  10. Or grown men watching other grown men smash each other in the face trying to catch a pig skin covered ball.
  11. Hey, Russell Wilson...
  12. Hey, Russell Wilson...

    Who's that sad man sitting on the couch watching the playoffs drinking magic water?
  13. I'm no fan of a prevent D either but to those of you who say you can't play like that and win in the playoffs... We just did  
  14. Kid fans and the Carolina Panthers

    I know exactly what you mean.  I love hearing my nephew saying "Whook Creekwe" and "Cam WewTON"
  15. I was in my early 20's when we got the Panthers and over the years heard constantly that Carolina would have a real fan base when my generation's kids grew up as Panther fans.  I have seen this happening. I have a 4 year old nephew who is a diehard Panther fan and watched all the games.  Both my brother (his father) and myself are big football and Carolina fans thought we've never pushed the kids to love them.  They're just around our fandom.  My nephew has turned into a full blown football nut. He played his first year of recreation basketball this year.  The goals are lowered to 7 feet.  All the kids shoot underhanded.  You get the picture.  A few weeks ago it was their last game and my nephew hits a basket.  After scoring he runs full speed back down the count....dabbing all the way.  Yes, dabbing.  No one taught him to do this.  One arm around his head, forehead down while the other arm trails behind him as he streaks down the court. He also does the Cam superman (although not on the count).  And he tells me he has a special TD dance but won't show me until he scores a TD.  He's playing next year.  Last week I saw him he was wearing two Panthers jerseys, a Cam one with a Luke one over top of that one, a Panthers beanie which he alternated wearing with his Panthers helmet.  Has anyone else kids gone Panther crazy?